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  1. I get that msg frequently. I sometimes clear my Safari history to resolve these and other BT glitches. And I just use another Apple device for content that I may wish to pop up without the full URL.
  2. I have a weakness for that look as well. Therefore, I have tricked with many of the few (as mentioned viz prevalence) in Rio but most would not, IMHO, be the greatest candidates for BFE/guide. Bruno Black advertises SP, visits Rio, and was once rated well here. Netgay.com.br or Garotocomlocal.com.br Cute as hell? You judge. There is a sweet sexy young fellow in Rio, you might see him at 117 or 202. Modern, stylized, tats, some metal, sometimes shock-dyes his cropped nappy hair blonde. He seems to hang with the Niteroi/SãoGonçalo contingent. Sorry, I cannot release his contact info. I only current know his Insta. Unlike Bruno, he has not put himself out there in the public domain. He is buds with a few other guys within forum members' narratives.
  3. It isn't generally or consistently bad. In three years I have seen the ups and downs as pretty much the same. A few bad apples and a few imperfect bad apple-bobbers trying to reorganize the tank. All weather systems move on. Temporary push-back when insulted can look hostile, and sometimes requires the same terms of engagement used by the provocateur, but often helps raise appreciation of what is possible. A recent round has learned me much, perhaps more knowledge of others than I require, and shaped the degree to which I wish to participate in the central mission of info-sharing.
  4. Air Canada is a lovely dreamliner and I just paid 450USD. Price is not directly proportional to crap. I have found GOL just fine domestically.
  5. How does the concept of person or people even apply here? The megalomaniac repeatedly sending others up on a forum such as ours, and plagiarizing material as if it represented his own thoughts, does not view them as real persons. To him, people are merely ideas, abstract concepts. Telling him to take a hike is instinctive but futile because it is attempting to engage with somebody we acknowledge as a person but who does not reciprocate interaction as if we are more than a construct. It might be different in the grandiose person's real life, where boundaries are more paramount. Probably is in this case. I am embarrassed and lose respect for other members here who enable and support megalomaniacal behaviour. Why would I accept critical appraisal or direction from any of you? Don't you read or detect anything? The weasel that only sees the scrap in front of him will turn on anyone in the interests of showing off. What is particularly alarming and divisive for the community is the security he manifests. And the ease with which he is able to draw in the naïve. A person who can truly see others on equal terms will tend to have some degree of natural human insecurity. But even the brightest megalomaniac can slip up. See how he points to insecurity as a flaw, just another idea to exploit for his own manipulation? The "loser" sign applies to all of us. Relatively speaking, he is everyone's better. That is his signature. Wake up. I have had back-talk from members here who have urged disengagement but have also joined his mocking finger-pointing at times. Can't you dig harder for a little insight? So pathetic. Change it up. Never too late.
  6. Hijacked, it seems, often means a handful of bullying bitches showing off, shaming others by trying to pass off their cheap shares of Dunce Hats 'R' US. Entirely dumpable, as they lack valid points.
  7. I live here in MTL, ax. I formerly divided my time with TO due to my consultation work straddling both. That time of year is perfect. If I am not here to show you around or kickstart independent explorations, as I usually travel in the Fall, we will be sure to connect digitally if and when your plans firm up. Are you thinking VIA Rail, Megabus for the connection? Thanksgiving is Oct 12-14 weekend when seats and accommodations are usually filled up. Use us with your Yankee greenbacks, bitch!
  8. I like the poll idea. A head count of assholes works for me. So far, one asshole; one head up it.
  9. I tried to use leftover € over CHF with Koruna-bred guys at Paragonya in Zürich, tennisace. These garatos grumbled at being put upon until I helped them realize they were getting a good deal. But they'd have still preferred francs.
  10. I think that first responders to your willing bttm's triage would prefer reais. Few would know the correct exchange. Why go thru the extra step transacting when it already whittles down the bromance? You would also be paying less dollars than a year ago and much less than 5 yrs ago, notwithstanding pay inflation, for the same service as then because of deflation in real value. They are likely not on top of that, but it means a lower figure on paper. 3 digits sounds and looks better. (Well, 2 for some insistent clients). But money is money. Suum cuique.
  11. Hunhh? Topo wrote the Spanish part. I am not capable of such elegance.
  12. I did not dare imagine it being so dreamily romantic, but it seems that when you wish upon a star ...
  13. What's next in your diminishing grab-bag? Erm, let me guess ... a cartoon depicting a big yawn. No problem: that fits my state of mind.
  14. Plagiarized cartoons dropped by uncreative self-debasing bullies override any feelings I might have but abject pity.
  15. I connected with a guy in prep for travel and get this msg along with sexy pics. Like, lordy, really appealing photos a 3rd party attested as real. Sounds hotter in Spanish, but WTF?! Ideas on meaning or what our respective roles are?
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