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  1. There is major noisy roadwork going on at a few intersections where I notice some hotels front Calle de la Diputació. For example, the Leonardo at #100, just a bit east of Thermas. Where there is obstruction there is impatient beeping as well. My thought was that it might be prudent, for visitors whose focus is L'Eixample area, to book a few initial nights, getting the lay of the land, before a longer commitment is made.
  2. Met with him there at Thermas fairly recently. Most of his photos are professionally stylized and posed, and in which he has a nut-brown deep tan. I had his number in my contacts in case Thermas was to have been a bust (that is another story). It took me a minute to make the connection between the ads and in-the-flesh in the darkish hall. Creamy white pre-tan as he tends to visit Brasil in (our) summer. Jr is extremely cute, looks continental Portuguese, beautiful body, comes across without guile, unassuming, and without the loud-mouth swagger of some others of his country-of-origin. He was just there the one night of my few weeks, as far as I can tell. His English limited but I sense he would be a good candidate for side-trip accompaniment. Remains in the running for best-in-show. Love.
  3. I understood the comment related to the age group mainly impacted to be linked to the assumption about garoto inventory, not intended to downplay the negative overall economic consequences. But that said, grandsons of the pink-slipped ... ?
  4. The published article is bothering me because there are dozens of researchers collaborating and not one of them, or the periodical's peer reviewers, caught the error in the Introduction, in which their incorrectly provided (or typed erroneously in the manuscript submission) figures suggesting that the 'stable, contained' prevalence in the Brasilian general population is greater than 10 times that of young men, and greater than 50 times that of male youth (late teens). By extension, the error puts the subgroup-specific by general population prevalence rates at about .037% and .0074% respectively. These would be considered puny stats outside of wildfire Ebola or SARS. In any case, a government sycophant in the current political climate with half a brain can spin the data just as easily, or capitalize on the errors and inconsistencies, promoting a dismissive attitude about increased infection rates in tandem with gay-'blashming'. Moreover, some of the references do not seem to fit the content. This is sometimes more often the case when a 'reference manager' program or OCD human editor is not utilized for numbered references as opposed to alphabetical by first author. Oh well, maybe the report will yield some heightened awareness and action.
  5. Thanks ... the journal is simply Medicine (pub Wolters Kluwer Health), not International Medicine, for those digging for it.
  6. I was grabbing a java recently where visiting in Spain. So Guy#1 is sitting near me at a table anxiously scanning between his phone and the entrance. Guy#2 eventually moseys in looking for the fellow of his dreams of the day, app-arently. Their eyes meet. Guy#1 says: [insert Guy#2’s name]? ... and extends handshake. Guy#2 does a two-second sizing up while leaving the handshake hanging, and scurries off. I was not sure about local versus tourist status. In the baths, this kind of rebuff would not be seen as particularly noteworthy or amusing. I obviously recognized the above public humiliation, but I had to suppress my smile. The poor sap had only the one freshly grinded.
  7. Viral hepatitis infection likely accounts for a significant proportion of the health decline features such as the wasting among known guys described here. The infection rates, for HBV for example, are high among MSM in Brazil, and follow-through for inoculation series beyond the initial vaccination dose is very poor. This is particularly disturbing because it is one of the few potentially serious sexually transmitted diseases that is medically preventable.
  8. I no longer work with Microsoft Word program, so I do not run my pieces through Flesch-Kincaid reading grade level. The first paragraph is actually one sentence with three points separated by semi-colons. If it were PowerPoint, they would likely be presented as three bullet points. I am going to leave it up to the reader to mentally organize the structure for their consumption, should they choose to accept the mission. Interestingly, this thread contains information about research studies. I can assure you that research summary abstracts, including all of my several publications in peer-reviewed journals, contain well beyond 64 words. As you know, the abstract sentences are often clustered together. Sometimes the meat, potatoes and veggie sides are separated out on the plate, typically four headings but nevertheless usually single-spaced. Each periodical conforms to one of a handful of stylistic preferences. I often take the time to read entire journal articles that are referenced here on the Board, beyond the news summaries. I usually do not distract myself with word count. Such reading requires more than the average 64-second attention span, a liberal estimate, that is today's trend in focused attention to written material. The 64-dollar question is: how does one package content to everyone's penultimate satisfaction? The answer is simple. One cannot.
  9. At the decision juncture, then, it is proverbially the elder who apparently should know better and be expected to model prudence by explicitly, politely, calmly, verbally, taking a pass on the offer or request; taciturn seamless condom application as though this is the most natural acceptable norm and not up for discussion; or attempting to engage in an instructive dialogue about risk and safety. This third option reminds me of the proverb: *Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.* It is a challenge because many younger people know everything whilst not knowing what they don’t know. I believe on-the-spot HIV test kits are available in Brazil. I suggest scooping up a supply so that if any one ‘garoto de programa’ importunes for bareback, the client shove one in his face saying “you will be needing this”. Or alternatively, “your choice buddy ... condom or needle prick, unless you plan to be among the 15,000 AIDS deaths in Brazil during some future calendar year”. Who is in the best position, holding the money and power, to add STD awareness and openness to education as an added precondition for playcheque? Public health campaigns are obviously failing and brothel owners be like honey badger don’t give a shit.
  10. Just a small request, please. This discussion is very interesting, but I can understand the trends (eg anecdotal reports here) better if reference is made to when the BB offer or proposal from the Brasileiro is receptive anal (he bottoms), insertive anal (he tops), or perhaps reciprocal. ————- Most ‘garotos’ I select identify as ‘ativo’ exclusively but I am flexible about ‘versatil’ role. I always at some point put on a condom because “you never know” if they will accept receptive, as long as they do not have to explicitly verbally agree. It is fascinating to witness the reactions. Usually they freak out and I have to calm down the drama. What is particularly amusing is the idea that I could subdue and pin down any of these guys. I assume their vehement protest is related to my apparent bold assumption they “look” or “behave” gay enough to take it up the ass after all. However, some will go down on it, with the condom on me, although that had not been part of the sealed deal. A renowned exclusive top at 117 I have gone with for a few years recently shocked me by allowing me to frottage between his perfect butt cheeks with his face smooshed down on the mattress, with me wearing a condom. Sometimes edging a little beyond the forbidden is half the fun. ——- More on topic, I have had no BB offers among any of encounters now having reached 3 figures. PrEP uptake that is governmentally financed is a huge hurdle among the “straight” working guys. They are required to go to the relevant health station and declare that they are either having sex with men or are doing commercial sex work presumably with male clientele. There is no face-saving box to tick off, ie, “just a gigolo”.
  11. Gay Pride weekend just wrapped today Maspalomas, so those dozen or so may have represented a temporary spike in trade. The theory is that cuz BCN Thermas was lacklustre this weekend the draw of Canaria festivities may have tapped off some working guys ... maybe, perhaps, etc etc
  12. And the weather is cool all year, weather fluctuating very little seasonally. When porting a bag or good jacket in places at risk for theft, I typically hook a thin nylon cord with the metal hook fasteners one end thru the zipper hole of the external valuable and the other thru slacks waist loop, etc. In fact, making a mad dash off the subway when I was not paying attention in an unfamiliar city this week I almost bolted without my knapsack but it came dragging along with me. An unfortunate young guy this week eating lunch in a food court near my table had his knapsack ‘lifted’ from under the table at his feet. Thief unseen.
  13. It might actually shift some of the Gigolo dancers downstairs on weeknights, then, where interaction in a massage space might be easier than a curtained nook/cranny. Not yet nailed down Bogotá travel dates.
  14. Competition for the best dick can occur at two levels.
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