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  1. If the democrats keep flying and flaunting the socialist (or democratic socialist) banner, they won't have a chance.
  2. Which means I can get laid by a smokin hot muscle boy at Pointe for $25 ?? Youza !
  3. Such an exotic mix! But do hot, local muscle guys work there as well?
  4. We're talking North Korea, right? Cute, happy boys frolicking about in their undies....
  5. I, for one, will be saddened by your departure from Brazil. Your posts have been a delight (except maybe the drama-filled "pricing" thread ). Thanks for sharing your trip, your adventures, your insight and your boys.
  6. Unless you're a Kardashian or on Dancing with the Stars, my only advice would be "don't".
  7. tassojunior, in case you don't hear it enough, THANK-YOU for all of the amazing contributions you make to this board !
  8. Oz, I too have experienced that totally hairless, puckering pink hole on that Cambodia boy in that pic. He was a delight. Sense of humor, sexy grin, and just a nice guy. A couple nights later I ran into he and a friend grabbing a bite to eat late night after the clubs closed down and joined them at their table chatting about the scene about town.
  9. Omarosa has always had an agenda. But within days has been a bully in that house and in this era, the other celebrities won't tolerate it. She was the lone vote to evict James Maslow last night and didn't have a clue the rest of her "alliance" had already turned against her!
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