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  1. Christ the redeemer is obvious but it really is a must see for the beautiful Art Deco statue and the amazing view. Sugarloaf is another obvious but must see for the view. The relatively new Museum of Tomorrow is in a beautiful building but I found the exhibits a little boring. The history museum was very interesting but as I’m sure you heard it recently burned down. My background is theatre so I really enjoyed taking the tour of the Teatro Municipal and have enjoyed 2 different Ballet performances there. I’m not a foodie so I can’t speak to the restaurant scene but I will say I have good meals at the cafe on the corner of Candido Mendez across from Club 117 (I cant remember the name right now). If you are looking for great live Samba music I can recommend Bar Da Boa in Lapa. I have spent many lively nights there.
  2. In my 8 (and counting) solo trips to Brazil I have never felt uncomfortable or in danger. In Rio I use the metro exclusively and often walk around (even during Carnival) and have never felt worried. I have witnessed 2 purse snatchings in the Centro area (where bystanders caught and beat down the theif one time) but that is about it. The only late night stuff I have ever done in Rio is some clubs in Lapa where the streets and clubs were teaming with people but still felt safe. If you are used to NYC you should not feel unsafe in Rio or São Paulo. Of course it goes without saying that you should steer clear of the favelas and their surroundings. You will have a blast!
  3. You sound just like me my first trip. I use the itranslate app which is is really good for speaking in to your phone and then having your words translated audibly and in written text. Then I just hand it to the guy and he speaks his response. Works great. You need WiFi which 117 does have but you need to get the current password from someone on staff. Their WiFi works best on the smoking patio in the back. I wear my clothes at all times in every sauna I have been to in Rio, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. I do not feel comfortable exposing my out of shape body and keeping my clothes on has never been a problem. I’m a big guy and I have never felt looked down on by any of the men working in the saunas. In fact I have had great sex with most of the hottest guys at 117 at one time or another. I agree with the earlier post saying as long as you are clean and respectful (and you have the money to pay) you will be thrilled with the guys who will want to do business with you. I was in Rio last year during carnival and there were big crowds at 117 the week i was there. You will have a fantastic time. I was supposed to be there tomorrow for a week but a family medical emergency made me have to transfer my plane ticket to March. Damn, I was so in the mood for Tuesday night at 117! Oh well, only 7 more weeks! haveca great trip and let us know how it went.
  4. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to my trip especially looking forward to 117. I haven’t tried the new sauna Manhattan Rios so I might have to give it a shot.
  5. Glad to hear 117 is still hopping as I will be there in 1 more week. Can’t wait!
  6. I’m going to Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Florianopolis (as well as Rio and São Paulo) over the next month July 20-August 20 and plan to visit saunas in each city. I will try and report when I get back.
  7. Thanks OZ. No I have not been to Salvador. This trip I am concentrating on southern Brazil. I am hoping next time to go north to Salvador, Reciefe etc...
  8. I am going to Brazil in 2 weeks and I need some advice. I will be spending a month in Rio July/August but on weekends I will be taking side trips on Fridays and Saturdays to Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Florianópolis. This is my 5th trip to Rio so I am very familiar with that city. My favorite place to go in Rio is Club 117 (where I spend most of my nights) so hopefully you can tell the kind of men I find attractive (well built light skin guys with fit bodies) as I love the hot guys at 117. I am looking for advice on hotels to stay at in the other cities and for advice on the best saunas with men like you would find at Club 117 in each city. The only one I know for sure I will be going to is Lagoa in Sao Paulo but I am not sure of the best ones to go to in the other cities. I would like to stay at hotels in each city that are 3+ or 4* and are in the center of the old town or the most interesting section of each city that would enable me to take an interesting walk around the neighborhood of the hotel that will show me interesting parts of the city. Of course I also do not want to end up in a hotel that is ridiculously far from the saunas but then again I will take a taxi back and forth to the saunas so an interesting neighborhood for walking around by the hotel is important to me. I'm not a beach person, historical buildings and theatres are more my thing. One other thing, I know there was a thread earlier about clients who hang out in the saunas in street clothes instead of changing into towels. Well, I am one of those guys who really is not comfortable hanging out in public in a towel so I always hang out at Club 117 in my street clothes which has never been a problem there. Will this be a problem at the saunas in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Florianópolis? I really appreciate any and all advice I can get as I have purchased all the flights between cities so now all I need to do is reserve hotels and plan which saunas to go to. Thank you for any and all advice you (more experienced) guys can offer me.
  9. I am making my 5th trip to Rio this week and need some advice on currency exchange. I keep reading on here that you should not exchange dollars at the airport as you do not get a good rate but I am not really sure of where else I should go. I don’t like using ATM’S in foreign countries so I always exchange cash. In the past I have always done this at the airport (I know I’m not smart for doing this) but I really do not know where the best place would be that will give me the best rate and lowest fee so I have just settled for the convenience of the airport exchange. I don’t have to exchange the minute I land as I still have some Brazilian cash left from my last trip. I am staying at a hotel in Centro right by the Cinelandia Metro Stop and will arrive Thursday morning. Can someone direct me to the best place in that area for me to exchange my dollars? Any help, guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I hope the saunas are hopping at this time since I will be in Rio February 8th to the 14th. This is my first time in Rio during Carnival. I planned ahead and made arrangements with one of my favorite boys from the sauna to be my companion for the week and guide me through the block parties and the sambadrome parades. I still plan on being at 117 every night early before the night parties to partake of the carnal fun with some hot men joining me and my companion for threesomes every night (maybe twice a night)! I’ll report back when I return if you would like.
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