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  1. I'll be there Thursday! I can't wait! Save some booze for me!
  2. Days 2-7: The Honeymoon in Recife Part 2 – Odds and Ends, and the Pursuit of Maconha Some other Recife-related stuff that happened during the week: 1. Exercise Against My Will Tomas is a fitness junkie. He plays soccer, and is big on jiu-jitsu, and goes to the gym almost everyday. Ever since I’ve known him, whenever I am with him, he has inspired (forced?) me exercise with him, twice or three times in a week. Because of this I usually get an AirBNB with a gym in it. Tomas would act as my personal trainer, which he does at time in his gym in Santa Catarina on occasion. Which means, even on my vacations with him, he likes stopping by the gym, even only for 30 minutes, or go out for a jog or a brisk walk. And he usually brings me along, kicking and screaming, to his sessions. This vacation was no different. Days 3, 5 and 6 were exercise days. It would start with a light jog from the apartment to the beach. Once we were warmed up, we would use the “monkey bars” and other exercise equipment that were scattered in the sidewalks of Boa Viagem along the beach. We would take turns handling the bars and push ups and others things. But of course, in worse shape than Tomas, I would run out of steam before he did. It was a fun activity to do together, and I have to admit it has helped with bedroom activities as well (his body is swole from it, I have more energy, both our bodies are lose and warm after), but at the back of my head, I’d rather be using this 45 or so minutes to be lounging in the beach, drinking caipirinhas, and relaxing. It’s like eating vegetables: I know I should be having more of it, but it is not fun doing it. Once I teasingly asked him why he wanted this magnificent body even if he was retired as a GP. He was serious with his reply: he was doing it for two reasons - he was (1) doing it for himself because he liked seeing a fit body in front of the mirror, and (2) he was doing it for me. It was his impression that it was very important for me for him to have a great body, and once he let himself go, I would dump him. I admitted to him that of course I was initially attracted to him because he was this stone cold fox, but what is keeping me with him goes beyond the physical. I dare not ask what drew him to me, lest I already knew (money? a green card? most probably. I am not sure). 2. Getting Marked That last tattoo I got was over 10 years ago. I got it with an ex-boyfriend on a whim. That relationship lasted 3 months after that. The tattoo, obviously, is still with me. I have no regrets getting the tattoo though, and have been longing to get another one since then. The last Rio trip with Tomas we decided to get tattoos in Recife, since he thought getting it in Rio would be needlessly expensive. Before leaving, I downloaded some “templates” of the tattoo on my phone so I can show it to the tattoo place. On Day 5 it was overcast outside, and not prime beachgoing weather, so we decided that today was the day to get the tattoo. From what Tomas remembered, there were some tattoo places close to Praca de Boa Viagem, so we Uber it there. We get there and start walking and looking for the tattoo shops. We get to the area where there were a lot of restaurants and a big gas station. At the corner we saw a sign for the tattoo shop “Art Sapiens Tattoo”. We find the store front and got led to the second floor: The place looked pretty professional. The tattoo artist greeted us and after introductions we got down to tattoo designs. I sent him my templates and explained to him where I wanted it. He put the template in his computer, and with some trial and error, he was able to print out a life-size drawing of the tattoo and draped it across the body part I wanted it on. He did the same for Tomas. He charged by the square centimeter, and my tattoo worked up to be 300 reals, and Tomas’ was 900 reals. Tomas told me before this that he was going to pay for his tattoo. He balked at the price. He thought 900 reals was a little too expensive for what he was willing to pay. I offered to pay for it, but after thinking about it, he said no. He said the tattoo was for him and he didn’t want me to pay for it, and it looked like we would be at the tattoo shop for a while because his tattoo design was too big and was going to be laborious and time-consuming, and was going to cut into our time together. I still wanted to get mine though. And we were in luck because the tattoo artist had a free lunch hour to work on mine. The whole process was pretty quick and relatively painless. My initial trepidations of a painful tattoo experience were unfounded. The artist was done in an hour, and the results were stunning. Tomas was patient throughout the process. He waited with me in the tattoo room and kept me company. After the procedure, the artist gave me tips on how to take care of the tattoo in the next few weeks. One drawback, I could not expose the tattoo wound to the sun for the next few weeks, so I had to beach with the tattoo covered for the rest of the week. Tomas was attentive with taking care of the tattoo, too. During sex after the tattoo he was careful to not disturb the tattoo area, and reminded me to put moisturizer and to wash it regularly. Thank goodness it did not affect our performance in bed. 3. Art is for Lovers As a couple in a new relationship, apart from beach going, bar hopping and evenings at home cooking food (him) and eating food (me) and watching TV just like an old married couple, we have not done a lot of other stuff as a couple. We were in luck: an art festival was happening this week in Recife: The Fenearte 2019, an art and handicrafts festival that was here for 2 weeks at the convention center in Olinda. I thought this was just another outdoor market selling trinkets and crafts, but upon arriving at the convention center (which was 30 minutes from Boa Viagem, and closer to one of the saunas here), I was impressed. It was pretty sophisticated and organized. An entrance fee of 25 reals was trivial. We were treated with an exhibition of local arts and crafts that not only was from the Northeast, but also from all around Brazil: I didn’t know if Tomas was the art-viewing kind, but he had a lot of fun looking at all the artifacts. He took a lot of photos for his Whatsapp and Instagram statuses. He even video called his son to show him a few toys he thought his son would like. We bought a few trinkets and souvenirs, and a flute for his son. It was a perfect way to spend Day 6 night, our last night together in Recife. 4. The Quest for Maconha If Tomas ever had a flaw (and I don’t think it is really a flaw), is that he was obssesed with maconha, or marijuana. He admitted he was the biggest maconhero he knew ever. In his GP days, he was addicted to all kinds of drugs. He got rid of all that, but maconha remained. He said it helped him relax, and helped him sleep. When I first hung out with him in Rio, and then in Santa Catarina, he knew where to get the illegal drug, since the surroundings were familiar to him. But we were in Recife, and we were both tourists, so he did not know where to get the stuff. He was able to smuggle a block of maconha in his underwear (under his balls) on the plane to Recife. But after two days he ran out, and needed a refill. So we had to figure out how to get it. He assured me that I didn’t have to pay for his maconha, since it was his vice. He didn’t want me to spend too much money on anything else trivial. I was already paying for his plane tickets, the apartment, food, and entertainment, he said. He can’t have me spend more money on his follies, which I appreciated, but I assured him that I could help if needed. We found out though, that it was not easy to get maconha as a tourist in Brazil, if you didn’t know anyone in the city. Usage here is prevalent, but it was still illegal in Brazil. So we had to resort to these unnecessary and time-consuming manuevers: a. The easy way – pay a young guy some money to get it for you. Pro: let someone do the dirty work. Con: It can get expensive. Tomas said that it is usually the young guys who knew where to buy the stuff. We asked one of the younger employees (who was good looking) of the kiosk we frequented at the beach, if he could help us in getting the maconha. Two hours later, we got the merchandise delivered to us in a Coca Cola can, where the young guy hid the stuff, as he put the Coke can in our beer cooler in an effort to be subtle. But it cost Tomas 100 reals. 50 reals for the stuff, and 50 reals fee for the young guy. It was super expensive, he said, for a 2 day supply. He never asked that young guy again to help him out with procuring maconha. b. The hard way – go directly to the source (favela) and buy it. Pro: it is cheaper to go to the source. Con: it can get dangerous in a favela. He asked around at the beach from beach-goers who were smoking the stuff, where to go get marijuana for himself. They advised him to go to a favela close to Shopping Recife, the shopping mall close to our apartment. We Ubered it to the mall and went towards the parking lot in the back that lead to the favela. I remembered the warnings I have been given about favelas, to never go into one. But I did, with my security guard Tomas, even if I was nervous. After 20 minutes of looking around and going through alleyways and lots of asking around, eventually we figured out where to get it, and it only cost him 30 reals for the same amount of stuff shown above. This seemed to be a lot of work to get maconha. But you have to realize that the stuff acted like Viagra to Tomas. He was always horny (and got so hard) after he smoked the stuff. So it was a part of our life together. Next up, wrapping up the honeymoon, and finally, a trip to the sauna…
  3. Days 2-7: The Honeymoon in Recife Part 1 – The Outdoors 1. The Beaches The first ever beach I’ve ever been to in Brazil has been the Rio de Janeiro – Zona Sul beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. For me, they have been the standard of Brazil beaches that I've measured all the other Brazil beaches, because, duh, it is Rio de Janeiro, the tourist paradise, but also because the beaches in RJ is usually a perfect mix of things I find appealing in a beach-going experience: fine sand, clean water, presence of services (chairs, food, others) and hot boy watching. And yes, like everywhere else, it has a lot of not so good things going for it as well: too many people hawking things (from sunglasses to drugs), it can get quite expensive (the food, the chairs, the drinks), and at certain times, it gets crowded. But it is still the standard that I look for in the other Brazilian beaches I go. I’ve seen some so far: from the good (there are a lot: RJ - Arrail do Cabo and perihery, SC – Balneario Camboriu and Floripa, Bahia: Salvador – Barra and Ondina, Natal – Ponta Negra, SP - Guaruja), the bad (Sao Paulo – Santos and Sao Vicente) and the ugly (none yet, thank goodness). The Recife beach in the Boa Viagem nexus of beaches can be thought of as one of the good ones. And surprisingly, in many respects, it is superior to the RJ beaches: the sand is prettier, water cleaner and warmer, services are plentiful and cheaper, and hot boys aplenty as well. The last part is important of course. The morning after Tomas arrived, we wasted no time checking out the beaches. OK maybe we did waste some a little bit: we had to take care of morning wood. After that essential morning ritual, Tomas brewed us coffee and made cheese sandwiches for café da manha, and showering together (to save water, of course lol), we applied sunblock, wore our swimsuits under our bermudas and regatas, and we were on our way to the beach. AirBNB Point of improvement: the apartment is great, but it was not exactly by the beach. It was a nice 15 -20 minute walk to the beach, so it wasn’t too bad and perfect for a morning stroll to the beach, but this was the Northeast, and the winter sun would bake everyone eventually in the afternoon. And after a busy and somewhat tiring day in the beach, at times, a walk back to the apartment in the blaring sun wasn’t exactly a welcome proposition. Once there though, the sidewalk was filled with activity. Even some rainbow flags in some of the kiosks: The beach ambiance: perfect. Boa Viagem was superior to Rio Zona Sul because the beach chairs and sun umbrella were free. We chose a barraca (kiosk) which turned out to be super friendly and very accommodating to our needs. It was also situated near a public restroom, in case you didn't want to go peepee in the ocean, and unlike Rio, the bathrooms are free (another plus). One marked difference with Recife beaches compared to RJ, a bag for trash was automatically always provided with every umbrella. It is probably why the beaches are so clean: The food: the revelation for the week was the street food readily available in Recife. We didn’t bother with going to restaurants and just munched on street food and home cooking. The favorite for me were the Caldinhos: a type of small portion soup with all kinds of goodies in the thick broth. Tomas thought it would be something I’d like, because there were a lot of things in it (may have either: fried pork skin, seafood, quail eggs, chicken, corn, etc, you name it), they were bite sized portions that can be consumed quickly without needing table to eat it, and the flavors were strong. He also thought that I can handle the soup’s contents because of my strong stomach by virtue of me being a frequent traveler, and the things in these soups may or may not be clean enough to be handled by more sensitive constitutions. They were always 5 reals, and sometimes the vendors can themselves be flavorful bitefuls as well: Caldinho de Feijao – black beans broth and pork With shrimp: With chicken's head meat: The men: boy watching at the beach did not dissapoint. There were a couple of boys and vendors who looked good, and some beach-goers were eye-candy, but the main attraction were the surfers. On windier, more turbulent wave days, you’d see kids, teens, and adults try their skills on the waves. A bunch of teenagers were trying to surf in front of us: IMG_2394.TRIM.mp4 The teenagers were interesting. They usually surfed earlier in the day. And then they would disappear and an hour later they would appear, all nice looking and smelling nice wearing perfume, selling brigadeiros. Tomas bought me some brigadeiros from the wolf pack, and he commented that they smelled nice. I wonder what their deal was. If I was alone/single I’d be bold enough to ask if they were available. Which I was guessing they were. There was also this hottie who was trying to catch waves close to us: IMG_2407.TRIM.mp4 I was so beguiled by this surfer, that it came to a point that Tomas made snide remarks about my infatuation. Maybe I was staring too much. Don’t blame me, after all, he was hot. But it did affect us later, when arriving home after that beach day we decided to get frisky. After he came, I tried to cum but couldn’t, so while Tomas was jacking me off, I closed my eyes and fantasized about the surfer. Tomas snapped his fingers in front of my face and said that I should be focusing on him and not the “surfista” in my head. I laughed out loud, he did have a point, and he knew me so well. I sat up and made out with him as I jacked myself off. 30 seconds later I came all over his stomach. Love the one you’re with. But after that, the whole week, he would continue to tease me about the hot surfista. I showed my hand on that one. 2. The Pracinha Tomas used to live in Recife, for a year in his early 20s. Rio was getting on his nerves at that point, and lamented the presence of lots of competition in the Rio saunas, so he wanted out. He had a friend in Recife who extolled the virtues of beach living in Boa Viagem, as a more tranquil alternative to the more stressful RJ beach life, so with just the clothes on his back he took the multi-day bus ride(s) from Rio to Recife. He worked as a Garoto de Programa there and spent most of the days in the beach in Boa Viagem. He lived close to the Praca de Boa Viagem, a sort of town square in the southern end of Boa Viagem. So this was sort of a homecoming for him, and all the good memories of his wild 20s were coming back. He remembered being so happy here, with everything and everyone being so chill and fun. One of the places he went to almost every night was that park, a place to have a cheap dinner of just street food and sometimes listen to live music that would be there in the weekends. He said winter, though more tolerable than summers in terms of being outside, was less busy because there were less tourists in general. And it showed with our walk from the apartment to the park: Once we got there though, it was a lively scene. We decided to have dinner there on our second night, and other nights when he didn’t want to cook at the house. Some of the local street food that I tried: Tapioca with some beef and cheese filling (yummy yummy yummy – 8 reals): Some sugarcane juice to wash it down (very Nordeste – 5 reals): Acaraje, which is this weird heady mix of black eyed peas, ground shrimp and onions, and a variety of toppings that were super flavorful (very Nordeste – 10 reals): And a kiosk that had the weirdest collection of cakes: We tried several varieties of chocolate cakes and mousses. All 8 reals. As you can see, a good giant meal is less than 25 reals total. We never had to step into a restaurant, and why would we if the food was this good. The other side of the park had kiosks full of handicrafts and souvenirs. We bought each other matching t-shirts that said Recife in it. He insisted on matching ones so if we wear them separately we would be reminded of this amazing holiday. Thinking ahead already. We also bought trinkets, and he bought some religious idols for his grandmother and mother. Overall this was a shoppers paradise: So the week consisted of going to the beach during the day, and hanging out the park at night, with some evening strolls by the beach as well. He was showing me his Recife, and he showed me his favorite things to do in this fabulous city. I had to throw away the guidebook on this one, and just relied on his version of Recife as my intro to the city. Sure, I missed a lot of sites: the old city Recife Antigo, Olinda, Porto de Galinhas and other breathtaking sites, but it hardly mattered in the week with the boyfriend. And of course, I had to save time for the indoor activities, next… IMG_2394.TRIM.mp4 IMG_2407.TRIM.mp4
  4. Day 1.5: The Boyfriend Cometh What started as a post about my first day out in Recife turned out to be a big fat tribute to the boyfriend. Oh well. I am not known for my brevity. As I slept my way through Brazil these past year and a half, I’ve been able to find a variety of shapes and sizes to be intimate with. I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse complement of guys available in the country. Black, white, blonde, dreads, multi-racial, half-indio, half-italian, half-japanese, green-eyes, blue-eyes. From super muscular bulls, to athletic lean guys, from super twinks, to (american) football player builds. Usually super hung, most often with giant butts. Almost always super passionate. I’ve never seen such a diverse set of guys available for fun in one place. And to me the most fun sometimes is to find out what diverse mix of races and circumstances a guy had to be made up of, to produce that kind of beauty that I saw that day. The answer is always surprising, and I’m always glad I asked. And I always ask. So it is a wonder that in the past few months I have seemed to zero in on a particular type of Brazilian guy: the tall, hyper-athletic, hyper-masculine, muscularly lean, white-ish/mix-white guy. Not super-duper worked out like the steroided hulks I’ve seen haunt Club 117 or Lagoa. Usually plays a sport well, or is a personal trainer. Usualy with some facial hair. Probably white, but with enough of another race mixed in that they can hold a tan year-round. I blame my Sao Paulo friends. They have turned me into following certain Brazilian Instagram influencers, and I’ve been hooked on to these types ever since: After I broke up with my previous BF earlier this year, I felt a little down, but hopeful to become the biggest whore that I could be. I have planned a week-long stay in Rio for my birthday, and with no BF to spend it with, I asked a long-time GP friend, who in the last year has turned out to be a good confidante on all things Brazil and boys, on what to do. He has known the whole story of the ex, and knew I was stressed out because of the relationship towards the end. He had a suggestion: he wanted to introduce me to a good friend of his, someone he knew I would enjoy. After all these months of recommendations, he has not failed me yet. This friend of mine knew exactly what I liked, in sex, in company, in men. So I was interested. The guy my friend was going to introduce me to was an ex-Garoto de Programa, just like the ex, and another one of those that escaped the sex-trade by buying a car, going back to his native state of Santa Catarina, and becoming an Uber driver. There seems to be a plethora of those. He said his friend wanted to buy a MacBook Air for his 8 year old son, and wanted to see if I could help him with that, since electronics was way cheaper in the USA. In return, he said, his friend could stay with me the whole whole birthday week as my constant company. Show me the money, I told him. I of course needed pics to see if I was even attracted to the guy. Lets call him Tomas. The pics he sent back to me of Tomas did not disappoint. He looked like one of the guys I’ve lusted over like those above. He was an interesting mix: half-indio and German. I immediately said yes, and asked for Tomas’ WhatsApp. My friend gave me Tomas’ Instagram instead, which to me felt weird at the moment. (he had no Whatsapp?) No matter. I found his Instagram and messaged Tomas and he replied right away. After some intros, and more (yummy, x-rated photos), we went and talked business: There is always more than one way to pay a Garoto de Programa. There was always more than one way to do a programa. So Tomas was eyeing this MacBook Air that was 5899 reals in Brazil. I looked at the price here in the USA, and found that this particular model was last year’s, that can be bought at $900 used (about 3500 reals or so). He explained that he might be able to pay me 2500 reals, and the rest can be my payment for his services. Which just made out to be 1000 reals, which was a pretty good rate for the week. I said yes and ultimately it was one of the best weeks I’ve spent in Brazil. He was grateful for this: he didn’t really want to go back to the sauna or hit up other former customers to get the money.(And he didn't have to know that I could get it for a cheaper price). At the end of my birthday week, he finally gave me his Whatsapp number. He had a good reason he didn’t give it to me at the start: he just changed phone numbers, and didn’t want any customers knowing his new number. He says his old number never stopped ringing, and it got embarassing at times in front of family, and with his son when the son borrowed his phone to play games. After that week I always wondered what Tomas’ story was. He was clearly a popular GP, having the ability to save up for a car and able to leave the profession it completely. He was still young-ish (28), dashingly good-looking, and sexy as hell. Why give up on this very lucrative job, where he said he earned 2500 (at least) reals a week? He gave me details: he started out doing sauna work in Rio in his early 20s, and when he got the hang of it, was able to rent a nice apartment in Copa on his own, he branched out to website work (which cost him 700-1000 reals a month to list his ad on the web), and was able to host clients in his new apartment. It came to a point that he didn’t have to go to the sauna because site work was enough to pay the apartment, and then to a point that he didn’t have to advertise at websites at all (and avoid paying the ad listing and monthly fee) and relied on repeat business with favored clients, or added more clients through referrals. And sometimes he would get hired on the spot just by hanging out at Ipanema or Copa beach (in his usualy skimpy speedos, working on his tan), by fellow beach-going clients who found him hot. And he was hot. But the thing he hated the most was the GP lifestyle. There was just something about GP work that was soul-crushing for him. It was very stressful for him to do that kind of work, and he hated taking Viagra at times to just be functional on the job. To cope with the stresses, he’d turn to drugs. At first he would just overdo maconha, but he learned to do cocaine with clients who wanted to do the drug with him while on their Rio vacation. Also, at the start, he just did cocaine with clients because they were doing it as well and paying for his share, but when clients leave to return to their homes, his addiction to cocaine remained, and soon he was buying his own cocaine because he was hooked. Lots of GPs are hooked on all kinds of drugs, sure, but he said it never occurred to him that he would be one of them. So he had an exit plan hatched mid-2017: he was going to be a GP till Carnaval 2018. He’s going to get through the tough spring market, mine the Christmas and New Year Rio tourist crush for all it’s worth, and ride his way all the way to Carnaval. And he was going to quit doing drugs. After this he saved up enough money to buy a car, and other creature comforts, and was able to put Rio de Janeiro in his rearview mirror (literally). He had a son from a previous girlfriend, who meant the world to him, and he didn’t want the son to grow up wondering what his dad did for a living. And for a few months after that, for the most part, he has made ends meet by being just an Uber driver. But some previous GP clients still wanted his services, so he would oblige them once in a while if the offer was right. They’d fly him to Rio (or Sampa or Salvador, or whereever else), have their fantasy week, and he would return to Santa Catarina where noone knew he was a GP. But he said even going with previous clients was bad. He said that once you get reminded of how easy it was to earn money by being a GP, you’d be fooled into thinking that money was very easy to earn in general, so you spend it like crazy (on booze, on girls, on silly things), thinking that you can replace it as easily as well. For people who have had to go without money most of their lives, sometimes this sudden change of fortune does tricks to their minds. And he had to fight against the idea that he could go back to that life. He wanted to be back in Santa Catarina, live close to his son, and just become a regular, boring, but stable worker. Flash forward to early this year. To recap: I told my good GP friend that I wanted a week in Copacabana, with him and other sexy guys in the house, with trips to the beach or the clubs or even the sauna, to celebrate my birthday week. Enter Tomas. Tomas has been Ubering constantly to save up for a MacBook. His friend tells him about me, a sucker for handsome sexy guys. It was a win-win: Tomas could get a week-long vacation in Rio away from Uber, and he could get the MacBook he needed. For me too: I could get this stone-cold fox to get to know for a week, that wouldn’t break the bank. But apparently a week wasn’t enough. We both wanted to see each other again after that initial week. He leveled with me: he really just wanted to treat me as a client and be done with me in the week. But after the week was over, he asked if he could see me again, maybe in Santa Catarina. So I did. Three weeks later I was back in Brazil, taking that extra flight to go further south to his city. I got to know his hometown. I got to ride in his car. I got to stay in his apartment. And I got to meet his son. After that trip, it just got harder to stay away. Two more trips later, here I was, about to take an Uber to Recife airport, where I was 12 hours before, to pick him up from his flight from the same city I was in just two months ago. The sunset, like everything else in this city, was gorgeous: After 15 minutes of waiting at the arrivals area, Tomas finally appears, dashing as always, in a crisp white shirt, trendy jeans and sock-less loafers. He sees me and shows me his million watt smile. He gives me big hug, and a stealth kiss on the neck, as I stand there not sure what to do. I am not sure how I feel about public displays of affection in Brazil airports. I hug him back. “E ai, gringo?” he asks, jokingly. I call an Uber and as we wait outside he lights a cigerette. Before he takes a drag, he looks around, to make sure the coast is clear, and then he kisses me in the mouth. We are off to a good start. It was only 7 PM when we get back to the apartment, but I could already tell that we weren’t going anywhere tonight. He was always made para ficar, instead of being para sair. A quick shower together and we tried our darndest to remind each other why we were together. We got comfortable. It was gonna be a relaxed night. As a nightcap, we ordered some Chinese food (his idea) in using the app iFood. He got the Yakisoba (his favorite), I got some frango crispy with rice. They even threw in some fortune cookies, a very California invention, with the meal: Good advice for what was turning out to be an intense week. Next, as promised, Recife!
  5. Day 1: Best Laid Plans The warm Brazil weather doesn't hit me as harshly in Brazilian winters as much as in summers. It was actually warmer in Miami when I left it, than in Recife now. Uber is pretty easy to get, and the good thing is that the airport is only 10 minutes away from Boa Viagem. I love when airports have Uber paths like this, it makes things easier for first-timers: Since it was early morning still, there was not a lot of traffic or people out in the streets, which made the journey straightforward. The AirBNB owner (and the photos) stated the name of the building and the apartment number. Check-in was a breeze: I only had to give the porter my (AirBNB) name and the apartment number, and without checking my identity, gave me the keys, and gave me a quick rundown of how-tos: to park, to gym, to chuck trash. My apartment was in a high floor (upper 20s), and the balcony was facing the ocean, with some apartment buildings just obscuring the view: I hate these types of high-floor, unsecured, balconies. It always makes me want to jump off it. Everything seemed to be in order, and as a bonus, the fridge was stocked with the basics, including my precious water: 1. Too Much Planning is a Bad Thing I’ve discovered that it is best to just let Brazil tell you what you need, instead of the other way around. I knew I wanted to get some various tail before the BF gets here later today, so I tried to maximize my chances by planning for dates in advance. A week before the trip, I had my Android phone, outfitted with the app Fake GPS, to do a mock location for my Grindr. I set it to Boa Viagem, Recife, and a few minutes later, as I always say, my Grindr lit up like a Christmas treeTM. Not as much paid guys messaged me, surpisingly, in proportion to the free guys, like in RJ or SP. Just lots of horny guys messaging fresh meat. I was eager to test both kinds however, so I started talking to the pay ones with interest. Two GP profiles that ultimately hooked my interest were from a young twink couple, and a hung and sexy 24 year old garoto. Since my BF was a athletically muscular, mostly top and dominant late-20s guy, I went with the twink couple for two reasons: (1) they were the opposite (twinks, 18 year olds, bottoms to vers, more submissive) to the BF and (2) they were charming and promised more than just sex, a full day of beach, eating, and of course, sex: Maybe 500 reals was high, I don’t know. Seemed fair for a full-day, multiple session, beach and other activities type of day, for 250 reals a boy. And they were really cute and sexy, one looked like Beiber, the other looked like a young Wilmer Valderrama, super-twinks with big cocks and delicious asses. They were full-time students, but needed cash for their various extra-curriculars. In the week leading up to the trip, they kept their contact with me, doing video calls, countless messages, and telling me they were excited for my arrival. BUT, on the day of arrival, this is what happened: So the one guy didn't message me till about 10 AM, and said that he was sick, and wanted to recover. I can certainly understand that. It was kind of dissapointing for sure, and they wanted to meet tomorrow (I can’t, BF will be here). But they showed so much promise in the week leading up to the trip that I couldn’t help being dissapointed. I got messages from them throughout the week, still apologizing. Maybe I’ll meet them at the end of the trip. I guess I will just have to check out the beach with the BF, for now. The pros and cons of trying to hire non-seasoned pros: on the one hand at least you’re not hiring some hardened professional who is jaded with everything, but you get uneven results. I turned to my other pro (24 year old good looking muscular fit hung guy) who wanted to charge me 200 at first, but knocked it down to 150, and even threw in a friend, to entice me, another, 20-something good looking guy: But I was tired of wasting time on pros at this point. Because the free market in Recife, it seemed, was willing to pick up the slack. 2. I’m not the only one Home Alone I was tired, cranky, spending too much time on Grindr, and was drifting from awake to asleep in bed, as the long journey finally takes its toll. I wake from an hour or so nap and check my Grindrs. A 23 year old white boy catches my eye. He was handsome, a nice tight body with a few tattoos, and some facial hair that made him look a little older. We did the usual back and forth in Grindr, in English. Photos were exchanged (big dick, big ass, as expected from these parts). He seemed to be eager to meet, but insisted to do it in his place. I asked where and when, he sent me the address and apartment number, and now, he said. I looked at Google Maps. It was 3 blocks away in the next street, at a high rise same as mine. I asked for Instagram, cute pics, seems like a nice energetic young guy. I asked for Whatsapp, I get a message there instantly. He asks if I wanted to chat on webcam. OK, so he wanted to see me live first before committing Fine, I call him. He answered. He was shirtless, smoking, by the balcony. Looked good so far. I took off my own shirt and went to the balcony as well. I felt the sun’s warm rays on my body. Recife was starting to feel good. We talked, in English, feeling each other out. I told him I was still waking up from a nap. He invited me over again, saying he would make me coffee when I came over. I got into it. Told him I would be there in 15. I took a quick but thorough shower (groin and ass spotless), left my wallet in the room and took only about 80 reals in 20s with me, my cellphone and keys, and started walking. Lots of red flags for sure right? I am meeting him at his place (but it’s a high-rise like mine with a porter). He was gonna make me coffee (I might get roofied). I did feel that I did the necessary due-diligence to manage the risks. I think the risk I am taking in this is no more than if I went over to a trick’s house back in the USA. I had his Whatsapp, Instagram, name. And what are the chances an English speaker would kill me in Brazil (highly likely). I get to the buidling and it seemed to be newer than mine was. I go straight to the elevators and key in the floor. I text him that I was on my way. He video calls me, and I answer when I get to his floor. 30 seconds later I get to his door. I see in the video him walk to his door and open for me. We both hang up our video calls. I come in. He was everything that was advertised, and his charming banter was helping my initial nerves go away. We talk for some time. He gets up to make the promised coffee. I follow him to the kitchen and watch him put the filter, the coffee, then water in the coffee maker, and turns it on. He turns to me and gives me a kiss. And we were off to the races. We get to the living room again and take off our clothes on the couch. As much fire as you would want out of a sex encounter. No protection too. I was on PREP. He said he was too. After cumming (and towels to at least clean us off), he makes the coffee. Yes to milk and sugar. He says he was staying with his mom in this condo, and she was out for the day. He talks about Recife, what to do, where to go. I tell him about my Brazil trips. He says that I’ve been to more places in Brazil than he has. He has been to the USA, NY and FL. More fooling around. He tells me we should shower together. While waiting for the water to get hot, we make out again. It only takes that much. Another session in the bathroom. I leave his condo clean, and thoroughly satisfied. 3. Walmart is different here than back home On the walk back I turned on my Grindr. I had some active messages currently with some guys that I just left hanging since I went to the guy’s place. I send out a reply to this one guy who I thought was interesting. He said he was married, to a woman, and just wanted to get his man fix while he was out of the house during errands. He refused to give me any pics (too many excuses), but promised that he was good looking (right). He was pretty insistent. But it was his stats: 29 YO, 6’5, 220 lbs, white guy, hairy, big dick and ass, that was intriguing. He said he was at the nearby Walmart and just driving around. Another English speaker, which at this point was surprising. I could’ve sworn I left Miami yesterday. I had to weigh my options. It was 3:30 PM. I had to be at the airport at 5:30 PM, to get my prince charming. Fine, life favors the bold. I told him I’d meet him at Walmart. It was only a 5 minute walk past my apartment building. If he was fugly I'd just walk past and go in the Walmart to buy tube socks. We agree to meet at the entrance. As I walk to the entrance I see a tall guy. It was unmistakably him. Alright, I can maybe work with this. He was in his gym clothes, sleeveless shirt, shorts to his knees, trendy Nike “tennis” shoes. He was twirling his car keys in his hands. He knows what I look like and nods at me as I walk up to him. “Matheus?” I ask. He says my name. We shake hands. He was a little nervous, I could tell. I suggest to walk to the direction of my apartment building, and explain to him that it was just across the street. We walk by his car (a black Mercedes CLA, another rich guy, like lover boy earlier), and he locks it (again) for good measure. Once we get to the room he was more relaxed, but we were both sweaty from walking in the Recife sun. I try to move things along, and initiating contact, and it turned out the time with him was pretty hot too. He came right away, and in the act of fucking him, he came again. He was really wanting it. He was straight-guy hot. No visible abs but flat tummy, non-manicured body hair but pretty nicely laid out. His cock was all Brazilian and instantly hard, but he was looking to be fucked and I obliged. The hottest thing of all was me thinking he was married to a woman. His golden band was very visible. There was something about Boa Viagem in Recife that made me feel secure, unlike even in Ipanema or Copacabana in Rio. Boa Viagem seems to house the rich people of Recife. The streets were safe, lots of higher-end cars, and chill people. When he left I had to “de-whore” the apartment. The blanket was full of jizz, so I folded it up and hid it in a closet. The towel the guy used, I also hid. I straightened out things as much as I could and opened all the windows to get rid of the stench of sex that still permeated the air. I showered, and checked to see if I had any visible sex marks on my body that would give me away. Next up, hubby is here!
  6. Day 0.5: Preparation 1. AirBNB Recommendations One thing that stayed in my head from my December trip to Salvador, where I hung out with @Latbear4blk for the first time, sauna boys usually asked me where I stayed because they said that most hotels in Salvador did not allow guests to have visitors up to their rooms. While this only happened exactly once in my life (in Yangon, Myanmar - I was so disappointed, we had to do it in the hookup’s apartment), I believe @Latbear4blk was able to play with his boys in his hotel in Farol da Barra. Still, I had this in mind when I was booking Recife and Fortaleza accomodations. I never even thought about booking a hotel and just looked at AirBNB. Fortunately, most Brazil AirBNB’s allow visitors, because usually the unit is in an ordinary residential apartment building, where of course visitors are allowed, unless the AirBNB listing specifically says NO GUESTS. I stay away from these. And most nice apartment complexes in Brazil also had a pool, a gym (usually simple but serviceable), a parking spot and a 24 hours porter for security. When I look at an AirBNB listing, I check if the name of the apartment complex is mentioned, to do a quick Google search of the complex that tell you where it is exactly in relation to the beach, markets or shopping, what kind of facilities it has (some photos in the apartment’s website usually are available) etc. I asked the boyfriend as to where he wanted to stay in Recife, since he spent almost a year of his early 20s in Recife. He preferred to stay in the relatively safe and rich beach district of Boa Viagem. Looking at AirBNB for my dates, filtering for “pools”, “24 hour check in” and “gym” I was able to find way more than I could want. I put in “<$40 a day”, “1 bedroom or more” and the most important “kitchen” filter and found a more manegeable ~50 properties. I found several that didn’t specifically say “NO GUESTS”, and had the name of the property either in the listing or in one of the listing’s photos, looked at where the building was in Boa Viagem, and narrowed it down to 3. I let the BF choose which he liked. He chose the property that had a big kitchen, 2 bedrooms and baths and nice faciltiies. It was going to be our home for a week. As for dates, it was a little bit tricky. If you look at my dates in the previous post, I will arrive at 7 AM in Recife, and leave at 2:30 AM. So I book dates starting with the night before I arrive, so I can check in early the next day (making sure the place has 24 hour check-in, I checked), and then check out will be the day I leave. For Fortaleza, it was less clear to me where to stay. I did not intend to have the BF go with me in the tiny 24 hour connection I had before flying back to Miami. So I did a similar search for Fortaleza like I did above, and found a lot of nice properties along Beira Mar Avenue (along the beach) in the Meireles district of Fortaleza. Google maps showed that there were also a lot of hotels near the properties I looked at, telling me that the area was touristy. So I just book a place that looked nice and had my requirements (no NO GUESTS for example). Since I arrived in Fortaleza at 3:20 AM, I had to book dates starting the night before, and the next night as well, even if I was only going to stay for 24 hours. But for a total 2-day stay for $71, it hardly mattered that I was booking 2 nights. Was I right with my choices of habitation? Stay tuned. 2. My Choice of Companion I do not go to Brazil to look for a boyfriend. So it’s strange that I always have one. I am a very good solo traveler, but I do not like to be alone when I get to my destination. In past Brazil sex vacations I’ve tried a week of just going at it alone, and just subsisting on free Grindr hook-ups, sauna visits and paid dates with site boys, but invariably, almost alway, my experience turns into inviting some old (and new) friends to the apartment and just letting the magic of Brazil run its course. I would get less sex probably this way than if I do it the other way, but Brazil does have a way of giving you what you really need instead of what you want. In my case it was friendship and companionship, as well as a view of the culture not readily available to tourists (not to mention my Portuguese fluency gowing leaps and bounds with every trip), instead of just sex and checking off tourist spots. I find that once you get to know people well in an area, it is inevitable that one finds a companion, a boyfriend, that matches your own needs and quirks. I long stopped fighting the urge to pair up and just went with the flow. I really think that I open myself up to be boyfriends with Brazilians precisely because it is not a huge commitment: I get the benefits of having a relationship (love! sex! companionship!); I still get to live my life in California, and ultimately, and this is important, it never ultimately works out because of a myriad of things (infidelity! fights and disagreements! distance!). When I booked this trip I was dating this beautiful, worked out, green-eyed, 27 year old Mineiro who lives in Rio. He was a very popular Garoto de Programa who was able to get himself out of the sex trade by saving enough to buy a car and motorcycle, and then became a motoboy, at a favela and a sometimes Uber driver (only on busy holidays and festivals). We started dating late last year, and he also started being friends with my friends in Sao Paulo. I’d visit him monthly, sometimes twice a month (did I mention he was beautiful?). Things were hot and heavy the first few months and then it got a little weird the last month. I then got a harried Whatsapp message from his girlfriend(!), who found out about me while she snooped in his phone. Turns out he started dating her a month prior, and she had no clue I even existed. I sent her messages (prints) to the Mineiro, and afterwards, the inevitable drama, crying, explanations followed. He told me he was pressured to have a girlfriend after his sister found a photo of him and me together, being lovey dovey, in a friend’s facebook. So he had to deny this to his family and pretend to date a girlfriend to quash the gay rumors. Whatever. This was exactly what I thought would happen (in one form or another). I never really hoped that any of my relationships here would last, so this was the perfect time for me to bow out. I bid him goodbye but he didn’t accept it. I blocked him on Whatsapp and he messages me on Facebook, then Instagram. After all those blocked he texts me on iMessage. It took me about a week of this back on forth to finally get him to admit defeat. He also lost my friends in the process. I really liked the guy and maybe the relationship was going to work, but the promise of single life and being able to Grindr and sauna in peace has taken over me once I was given the opening. And just when I was planning to fully take a huge juicy bite of the single-life apple, I met another former Garoto de Programa to become boyfriends with. Sigh. Yes he is also beautiful, worked out, blah blah, everything you need out of a seemingly genetically engineered Brasileiro. I met him in March, been boyfriends ever since. A month before this trip I bought him tickets to meet me in Recife. I carved some alone time (not enough, but some) to hunt on my own. We shall see what happens with that. 3. The Journey to Recife I was looking forward to spending time with the BF in the Northeast, since I’ve only hung out with him in Rio, SP and his home state of Santa Catarina. But I also, at the very least, wanted to carve out solo time for myself, to hunt either on Grindr or the saunas. This is THE constant stuggle of my life actually, the push and pull between how awesome being in a relationship with a sexy, interesting and amazing man, and the freedom, wonder and intensity of meeting new pople. The struggle is finding a good balance of both. Ultimately I fail, but the fun is in the trying. My first attempt at balance: I wanted to see the BF on my very first day (I missed him!), but booked his flight to arrive later in the day (early evening) than my own arrival, enabling me to at least get some hours of rest and hunting. No sauna time possible the first day, but a week before my trip, I did a GPS spoof with Grindr and found a massive treasure trove of boys who were interested. This was promising. Weather forecasts for the week showed sunny conditions during the day and some showers at night. Since it was “winter” in Brazil, and the Northeast, the temperatures were a little bit cooler than summer, so it was looking good. Which meant packing mostly tank tops, shorts, and flip flops, with the odd t-shirts and pants for date nights. Ordered my usual suite of travel sized items, including 5 cans of spray sun block, which I found came in handy in Brazil, since the stuff they sell in the beaches are easily 5 times more expensive, and in drugstores at least 3 times more. Once I got to Miami I flung my way across Miami airport to get to Terminal J, which was at the very end of the South Terminal. Here is where I am thankful for my status in American Airlines: despite the very cheap economy fare in LATAM, I was able to reserve a seat (window), line up to LATAM’s priority check in, spend time in LATAM’s lounge in Miami (where there was a Copa America Quarterfinal match between Chile – Colombia watched by very lively Chilean passengers waiting for their flight to Santiago), and get priority boarding (Group 2). Once on board, I see the usual old and tired LATAM décor and colors, but fairly dependable and benign anyway. Leg room was reasonable, but found out that the flight was not full (maybe ¾ full), and therefore the seats at the back (where I was) had passengers, including me, who had the whole row to themselves. After takeoff and getting to cruising altitude, I took off my seat belt and laid flat on my whole row. I didn’t bother waiting for dinner or breakfast, knowing that LATAM’s dining offerings were not worth the giving up the extra minutes (hours) of shut-eye I will need. If I was going to spend 12 hours alone in Recife before the BF arrives, I better have all the energy I can muster. This is my 13th trip to Brazil, and by this time I know very well that rest (more than money) is the most important thing to have in abundance. Recife immigration was pretty quick and hassle free, and I actually had a nice conversation with the officer, in English. He made some remark about my passport, because it was full of Brazilian entry and exit stamps. I usually had my stock response ready (one that was fairly benign and safe), but I was excited to start my Recife adventure. So I told him the truth: that I was going to spend a week with my boyfriend who was from SC. He laughed, and found this amusing, and gave me some tips on where to go and what to do. “Bom trabalho,” I said, wishing him well with the rest of his shift. He winked, and said “I’ll see you soon.” Not sure if that was a threat or a an invitation. I zipped through customs, and the classic welcome sign greeted me: Two other things I do that is almost second nature to me by now when traveling to Brazil. (1) One was buy bottled water at the airport upon arriving. If I was going to hit the ground running, I won’t waste time looking for the basics necessities on the first day, and while I had everything I needed in my luggage (condoms, lube), not all apartments had drinking water in the fridges. If I was gonna have sex marathons, water is usually required in breaks to refresh one’s body after exchanging fluids with strangers. The other thing is to (2) get Brazilian Reals at the Banco 24 Horas. I’ve always just used my Charles Schwab ATM that was ATM fee free, international transaction fee free, and had competitive exchange rates in Brazil. The challenge was to find ATMs in Brazil that would accept them. It works *sometimes* with the big Brazilian banks like Bradesco and Banco do Brasil, but *always* at Banco 24 Horas ATMs. Again, I don't want to waste time looking for this ATM in the city, while I could be just getting laid. Airports usually had them, and Recife airport was no different. 1000 reals to start the vacation: Next up, it was a cum 4 times a day kind of day…
  7. Introductions I thought I’d recap my week in Recife (and Fortaleza) through my usual ramblings, so if you're pretty averse to my way of writing it is best to turn away. This was the first Brazil trip I’ve taken (out of 13), in which I have not had also gone through either Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, or both. I have used the smaller city Belo Horizonte before as a port of entry (from a Copa Airlines flight), which had its pros (no lines due to not having as many international flights into Confins Airport), and cons (takes a longer time for them to process foreigners because they are not used to it), but the trip after BH, I went to Rio to stay for a few more days before going back to the USA. I’m one of those people who likes to randomly surf Google Flights and Skyscanner for airfare deals whenever i am bored. I would put in dates (usually over weekends and/or holidays), sometimes almost 6 months to a year in advance, to find out if there are deals to be had. I usually get some good deals out of this method. One time I booked a Monterrey, Mexico flight over 200 days in advance for $105 round trip, and I almost forgot I had that I made the reservation till I got a United App notification, reminding me that I am able to check in to the flight 24 hours in advance. I hastily booked a hotel (Crowne Plaza) and packed whatever I could, and thanked the heavens that I still had room in my passport for MX immigration stamps. Still one of my best quickie vacations ever. It’s like finding money between the couch cushions. So this was one of those trips. Early January of this year, sometime after my New Year’s trip to Rio (my incomplete trip report here, sorry for not completing it), I found myself at work, bored, and wanting to go back to Brazil. I used Skyscanner to find out which Brazil cities other than Rio and SP had direct flights from the USA. I found these so far: BH, Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador, Belem, Recife and Fortaleza. The last two I found interesting. Recife and Fortaleza have have been mentioned here in BoyToy, with some members commenting on how beautiful the beaches and cities were, and some had some decent saunas as well, so I knew at least I would not be bored there if I did go. On Google Flights I put in some holiday dates to check for cheap fares, like - MLK Day weekend which at this point was just 2 weeks (too close) and President’s day weekend in February (no availability), Memorial day weekend in May (too expensive). Finally I put in the dates around July 4thand found this crazy fare: a roundtrip from Miami to Recife for $159. I quickly click on the LATAM link in the Google Flights search result to confirm. Sure enough, it was a real fare. Without any regard to whether I can get the time off from work or not, I booked it. If I can’t go, throwing away $159 isn’t the end of the world. I end up going every time anyway. Luckily for me as well, there were awards flights available to Miami, from my city in California (United), and back (American Airlines) through points. Which was very lucky indeed because sometimes it’s hard to find award flights around the holidays (especially around July 4th here in the USA). The good thing about point redemptions is that you can get the points refunded back to you if you decide to cancel (some nominal fee, $25 to $50 per leg), so this was some low risk high reward shit I was dealing with, which was a no brainer. The one quirk with this booking is that the flight back to Miami had an almost 24 hour layover in Fortaleza. Which to me wasn’t a bad thing, since it will give me a chance to check out the Fortaleza before heading back home. Since I was trying to visit all Brazilian states, getting two new states crossed off the list (Pernambuco and Ceara) in one week is kind of amazing. During the time of the booking of this flight, I had a Brazilian boyfriend who was from Minas. I thought about taking him with me to this trip but decided against booking his flights as well, since I was not entirely sure I will go. Sure enough, 2 month later, we have broken up. And from this booking in January, to the time I had to leave in late June, I would have taken 6 more trips to Brazil, and found another boyfriend on trip 3, this time, someone from Santa Catarina. In these 6 trips I would visit new states, to bring my total to 10 visited so far, out of 27 possible, in 12 trips. This 13th trip would bring it to a total of 12 states visited. Still not half but I have a whole lifetime to get there. And in these 12 trips, I have run into the same problem: I always intend to go to the saunas in the city I am in but never seem to quite make it there in the majority of the trips. I find myself just trying to make local friends and using Grindr for both free and paid encounters. Part of me is intimidated by saunas, another reason is simply because that I prefer to just have sex in my own (better) AirBNB bed and use my (better) bathrooms and facilities. With Brazil, it was really never just about sex with me, and the saunas do give me a hypersexual venue that I sometimes crave, but not always seek. Overall though, it’s good to have options. Also it is hard to go to a sauna with a bf. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Oftentimes I just have to go by myself before or after bf time. Next up, AirBNB recommendations, my choice of companion, and the journey to Recife…
  8. @Latbear4blk, Im really glad you and Diego are hitting it off. And I’m glad my harem is working out for some too lol. So far my Airbnb and boy recommendations have worked out for you. Maybe I should do Brazil travel planning as a hobby lol. Sorry I couldn’t be there, I am (was) in brazil, just not where you were.
  9. Day 7: Keys to the Castle After a nice sushi dinner @Latbear4blk, David and I were in good spirits. I used Uber to input @Latbear4blk’s hotel first, and then our apartment’s endereco, so that we are in one Uber going hmome. On the way I search my pockets for the apartment keys, and they weren’t there. I immediately tell David and ask if he had the keys. He searches his pockets and tells me he didn’t have it. David tells me to change the Uber address to the sauna’s to see if they were still open to see if we left it there. As we drove back to the sauna I was praying that the sauna would still be open at this hour. After all, I’ve stayed in Clube 117 till 11 PM once. We get to the location and see that the doorman wasn’t there outside the door. David got out of the car and knocked on the door. Nothing. Holy crap. I changed the address back to Barra. I messaged the owner of the apartment to see if she had spare keys. Luckily she responded right away. She recommended getting in touch with the part-time porter for the building. She forwarded me his number and I had David call him to get the keys. After a few attempts, David says the porter was not answering the Whatsapp call. He tried calling his phone the regular way, and still no dice. We left him some Whatsapp messages, and just hoped he would respond. I was pretty worried about it, and @Latbear4blk was worried about it too. He said that when we get to his hotel we could ask his hotel if there are any vacancies tonight in case we could not get into the apartment tonight. That was definitely an option, but I am hoping we could still get into our apartment tonight. My condoms and lube are there! (lol) We dropped @Latbear4blk off at his hotel, and told him we would keep him updated of how we get by tonight. We make our way to the Farol da Barra area and get dropped off. We tried to call the porter again with no luck. And by how closed off everything was, this apartment building does not have a 24-hour porter. I’m used to how they do it in Rio, specifically Copa, where there is always someone there to receive you. David has been doing his best to communicate with the owner of the apartment. Apparently she is out of town and cannot get us her copy of the keys. She suggested getting a locksmith to help with unlocking the door to the apartment. We did a Google search on “chaveiro” tried a few locations close to Farol da Barra, and lucked out on one that was willing to be here in 20 minutes. While we waited I just realized that we both were out in the street, past midnight, in very dangerous Salvador (very high probability of armed robberies, attacked, assaults etc, says google), from what I read here and in columns online. I was impressed with David though. At 21, he is very mature and tried to ease my anxiety, especially with my cellphone battery energy getting lower and lower every minute. He also made friends with two of the guys who were paid to watch cars on the street we were on. Both guys looked sketchy, and shirtless, but I have to admit, looked hot, and were kind enough to keep both of us company while we waited for the locksmith. After their initial reticence towards a gringo like myself, they were actually chatter boxes and asked me a ton of questions about the USA and my stay here. It’s not wrong to be extra cautious when in Brazil, but sometimes my over-cautiousness gets in the way of some fun. Pretty soon the locksmith came. It took him a few tries, but eventually got the door unlocked: The locksmith charged 120 reals. That was super cheap considering the alternative. We messaged the owner telling her we are in. It was 1:30 AM. After a shower, some quick release, and some restorative sleep (David sure us a champion sleep companion), we wake up at 12:30 PM the next day. David calls the porter, who was now in the building, to get the extra set of keys. We still needed to rescue the keys we left in the sauna though, so I guess we have to go the sauna again, UGH. Just kidding, I wouldn’t mind going back for another shot at what Salvador has to offer, especially with the positive experience I had last night with Ronnie. After a shower, some hanky panky, another shower, breakfast, a trip to the gym, and another shower, we were ready for the sauna. Around 7:30 PM we call an Uber and get to the sauna with minimal traffic on a holiday Thursday. The guy at the counter sees us come in and immediately knew what we were going to ask him as he hands us the keys to the apartment. We give the guy a brief summary of our ordeal last night. He gave David his Whatsapp number just in case it happened again, which I am guaranteeing it won’t, but it was good to have his number anyway. Entering the premises, we found the sauna a little bit deserted. There were some boys for sure, but not as many as yesterday, and the selection was even more limited than yesterday’s, and I thought it was pretty sparse even then. “Do you want to go?” David asks, seeing my dismay. “No it’s OK. We can have a few beers here and see what happens.” It was kind of nice just hanging out with David this way, away from the apartment, but still able to be close and affectionate with one another. The reverie was disturbed by Ronnie, the beautiful black boy from yesterday, who was just arriving. He immediately saw us and rushed to our table. “I knew I made the right decision to come to the sauna today,” he told us. Well it wasn’t a sure deal that I was gonna do a repeat with him, but I liked his company and wouldn’t mind at least being close to him on a slow night like this. I bought him a beer, and him and David had some lively conversations. After a while, it was clear that there weren’t going to be any more boys that will strike my fancy tonight. It was disappointing, but I guess present company will have to do for now. I decided to try Ronnie again since he has been a good sport all this time keeping us company. I let David know I will be doing this. He asked if he could get a massage from the guy upstairs while I was in the programa, since he over-exerted himself at the gym earlier and his swole muscles needed attending to. I told him it was a good idea since it was boring to just hang out at the bar. All three of us go back upstairs, with Ronnie heading over to the counter to get my favorite suite, and David and I head over to the massage room. David was quoted 80 reals for 30 minutes, which seemed sufficient. David disappears into the room and Ronnie appears with the key. What happened next as satisfying as yesterday, but because there was more familiarity between us, he was more sure of what to do with me, which made the proceedings even better. Lots of passionate kissing. I got rimmed and he got rimmed. Foreplay, him getting fucked every which way. I managed to cum twice, just because of his over eagerness today. I was exhausted by the end, but it was the kind of physical exhaustion that led to more energy elsewhere: my attitude, my mood, my motivation. It was the kind of sex that reminds you that sex is more than just a physical act. I was grinning from ear to ear after my time with Ronnie. The 140 reals I gave him after apparently had the same effect on him. I washed Ronnie off of me enough so that David won’t smell him on me. We both emerge out of the room and see David sitting in the TV room next to the suite, wearing nothing but a towel, his smooth skin and muscles reflecting the flickering lights from the TV. He sees me and frowns again, just like yesterday. “ That took a long time again,” he joked. “I want to marry Ronnie,” I joke back. He pulls me down to sit with him and kisses me before putting his head on my shoulder. “Let’s go,” he says. As we make our way to the counter I see Ronnie at the other end of the hall, chatting up another customer. I thought about taking Ronnie with us to the apartment, but he had more money to earn tonight, and my actual boy needed tending. I gave the massage guy his 80 reals. He tells me that he needs to work on me next. I told him I’ll think about it. On the ride home David told me that that it was a very odd massage that he got from the guy in the sauna. He said it was too strong, even with him telling the guy to take it easy. Quite indelicately he told me that maybe the guy was not used to massaging, in his words, “young flesh,” and he thought the guy over compensated with his massage on his muscular body. I laughed at his theory. I guess it was a no for me to get the massage. While my flesh is less young than David, I am not fond of strong massages. At 10 PM the night was still young. Salvador sure is pleasant on summer nights. We walked the waterfront from Farol da Barra to the lighthouse, talking about his plans for the future. I’ve met a lot of GPs and have gotten to know their own motivations in life. David sure does have a good head set on his fairly ample broad shoulders. He is more mature than other, older, GPs I’ve met. Doesn’t drink too much, doesn’t do drugs or smoke anything. He saves as much as he can, even showing me the balance of his bank account. The kid has a goal, and prostitution was a way towards this. Travel Tip: One of the big advantages of getting a hotel over an AirBNB is that if you lose your room key, you can get it back from the hotel counter easily. If you do lose the keys to your AirBNB apartment, locksmiths can help to get access to your room for surprisingly minimal fuss, although Portuguese is essential. Google the word “chaveiro” to search for locksmiths. Boytoy Tip: Holiday time seems to be a fairly slow time for Salvador saunas. At least on a Thursday night 2 days after Christmas. Next: Finally, after 3 days of being here, we go to the beach!
  10. Day 5-6: Salvador, My Savior This was a 2-week stay in Brazil, and just staying in Sao Paulo, or Rio, for the entire time, can be a bit monotonous for me, no matter how good the boy selection was. Before this trip, I was going back and forth with my choices on a possible third location to mix it up. Since it was winter in the USA, I wanted a great beach location as a counter. I narrowed it down to three locations in the Northeast of Brazil: Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador. The former two are in Brazilian states I have never been to, and I’ve heard good things about them, except their saunas, which from what I’ve read on here, are mediocre at best. Salvador saunas, on the other hand, have received some attention on here, but I was there last year, with a former boyfriend, though I have never been to the saunas there, so it was a possibility to at least hone my sauna skills. My answer came in the form of a request of a former boy I hired in Rio. I have talked about him here. David, the 21 year old dynamite from Manaus: He reached out to me just right after my November trip, in the first week of December, telling me he was already bored out of mind after just a week of staying with his parents in Manaus. He intended on staying there till after Christmas, after which he intended on going back to Rio to catch the New Year customer base at the sauna. He was one of those GPs that hates Rio but go there because that’s where the money was. He has locked in a particular niche at the saunas and has been fairly popular, from what I can see. He only stays and works in Rio 50% of the time, and whenever possible (during known lulls in the sauna popularity) he goes back to Manaus to work odd jobs here and there and stays with his parents to save on rent. So he messages me, out of the blue, to ask me when I was going to be back in Brazil. I told him when, and he asked if it was possible if we could meet. What’s the catch, I asked. What did he want? He needed a one-way ticket back to Rio after Christmas, as flights have become prohibitively expensive for him due to the holidays. How are you going to pay me back? I ask, of course. Quid pro quo. Can I stay with you in Rio, he asks? Do this for me and I’ll stay with you the whole time. That was tricky, I told him. I’ll be with friends those days. I told him about my plan for 6 days in the northeast, but not knowing what to pick between Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador. He asked me about what I thought about the pros and cons about all three. After a few more back and forths, he chose Salvador for me, based on how well he knew me and what he thought I liked. So David got his flight to Rio from Manaus from me, and I added a 6-day connection at Salvador, with me. I picked a pretty reasonable one-bedroom apartment across the street from the Barra beach. I timed David’s flight from Manaus so it arrives the same time mine did coming from Sao Paulo. During Christmas dinner we both were texting back and forth, knowing that we both weren’t going to be able to sleep before our flights. I arrive at Salvador with a lot of other people going into town for the New Year. While I waited for my luggage at baggage claim I felt an arm go around my waist, from someone who smelled familiar. I look to my left and there was David, looking all smiley and perky and seemingly happy to see me. I hug him and he kisses my cheek. He seemed to be fairly unbothered by anyone who could see such PDA. I felt this was going to be a good stay. Since we were both tired from not sleeping from Christmas dinner, we had three things to do before we rested: check in the apartment, eat at a restaurant, and have welcome sex. Check-in the AirBNB was easy: the keys were with the porter. We blasted both air conditioners in the unit because it was hot as hades in Salvador. We decide on eating at a restaurant across the street called “Barravento”. I wouldn’t recommend it. The service was too slow and food overpriced, but it was nice to use the time to catch up with David. Afterwards, and after a quick shower, we were off to the races. Sex was pretty good, though we were both exhausted. We slept soon after, with cum still all over everywhere. I have been talking to @Latbear4blk the whole time, and had to give my regrets for not being able to meet today. David and I were simply too exhausted and too busy getting reacquainted, to meet. The next day, after some restorative sleep, and some further hanky-panky every chance we got (David was super horny this trip), we were able to successfully extricate ourselves from our love nest and make the 5 minute walk to the nearby mall Shopping Barra to get lunch. @Latbear4blk played a big part with David and I being up and running today because we planned on meeting later at the sauna Clube 11. Without his motivation and insistence I probably would just be with David the whole trip, indoors, in bed, marinating in a heavy fog of sex. Sometimes I do love trips like this, especially if it was with someone as amenable, sexy, and eager as David. David did his best to get me stay in though. We finally got out of the house at 3 PM (egads), but we went to the mall to eat. @Latbear4blk was appraising us of his whereabouts, and he intended on arriving early this Wednesday night (4 PM!) because of advice in this forum. He thought he got in too early: After eating, David and I decide to go to the gym. Luckily there was one in the shopping mall as well, Alpha Fitness. 50 reals and an hour and a half later we got a great workout in, and were ready to hit the sauna: Arriving at Clube 11 (formerly Planetario 11), I was impressed by how clean and open everything was. Got the usual keys and slippers from the counter, and a towel was in every locker. I put the keys of the apartment and my wallet and money in the locker. David and I did not change into towels, and just kept our tank top (regatta) and shorts ensemble. We go down the hall to the stairs and find the stage and tables area, where @Latbear4blk was. He was already entertaining some good looking boys when we got there. After introductions we settle into our seats and survey the area. I would say that there was about 15 boys at the most in the premises, and I found about 5 that I could have some dirty fun with. I always feel bad for dragging another working boy to go to a sauna. It’s bad enough that they had to work here anyway, even worse that they had to stay here without earning any money, but David was a good sport about it. He brought headphones with him and listened to music whenever @Latbear4blk and I would talk in English and shot the shit. He would get stared at of course, since he was cute and a breathe of fresh air from the usual offerings in the sauna, and rejected advances politely. And oddly enough, he was super clingy, asking for a kiss, or full on make out session, once in a while, and in full view of everyone. He always had a hand touching me, either my hand, arm, or thigh. He seemed to be the perfect companion so far. @Latbear4blk eventually went with a gorgeous guy, which left me to survey the offerings on my own. I was admiring a slim dark-skinned guy with perfect abs and handsome face, but I was not pulling the trigger. And then I notice another slim dark-skinned guy in the upper level just getting in. He was black, young-looking, with perfectly developed abs, athletic build, and a pretty face. He was slight, sure, but something about him made me get the courage to invite him over to our table. Plus I really wanted to leave so as not to make David more bored. Let’s call the guy Ronnie. Upon arriving he immediately leans over for a kiss, and then notices David with me. “Namorado?” he asks David and I if we were boyfriends. “Sim!” David responds quickly, perhaps to claim me quickly and not give Ronnie any ideas beyond a programa. Ronnie and David exchange some pleasantries first, perhaps to check what the ground rules where, before Ronnie plopped himself basically on top of me, draping his left leg on my lap, and his left arm around my shoulder. He does not waste time. When Bingo started, I gave him my bingo cards, and he and David played the game while I basked in the perfection of his tight body pressed on mine. When the drag show started, I decided to start Ronnie’s programa. I asked for his price (a very cheap 80 reals). We quickly get a room (I wanted a suite, always a suite). Upon entering I was super impressed by the suite. It had a huge HD TV, a presentable bed that didn’t look like it has seen better days, and nice touches everywhere. This would do nicely. Ronnie and I both took a piss to get rid of the beers we imbibed earlier, and I saw a nice preview of what I was working with. The boy may be slight, but his cock sure wasn’t. And whatever affection Ronnie gave me at the bar, he doubled, tripled it in the room. He was dynamite. The kissing was everything you would want from a lover, sucked dick well and long, and surprisingly rimmed me for a long time without any hesitation, without even knowing that I loved getting that. Whenever a boy rims me without me asking, I know it was gonna be good and he was not afraid of me or my body. I got to the business of his cock and it was long, thick and hard. I could only get the tip in my small mouth. His ass also tasted great, and looked like it doesn’t get extensive use. He finally takes a condom and sheaths me up and lubes himself up. He was rocking my world. Without prompting he came while jacking himself off, without me asking. That was hot, and was enough to make me cum. After bathing together and talking about Salvador, I give Ronnie 120 reals (deserved every penny) and we both went back to see David. @Latbear4blk was back from his own programa. David, however, was worried. “Demora!” he complained, telling me I was gone a while. I gave him my apologies, and hugged him for a kiss. He pulled away, mocking me, pointing to my mouth. “You need to brush your teeth!” he tells me jokingly. I frown and pull away. “Brincando,” he finally says, and then pulls me back for a kiss. Best non-boyfriend ever. We were ready to leave, and its good that @Latbear4blk is joining us for dinner. It’s always nice to meet with forum members and get to know people behind the screename. We decide on a sushi restaurant (David’s favorite), and just google a place that was open at 10 PM at night. We find something on google and we settle our accounts (35 for entrance? 30 for the suite? Fucking cheap, I love Salvador). We all Uber it to the restaurant and find that the restaurant may have been too fancy for our tank tops and shorts ensemble. It didn’t matter, they accepted us in our sloppy attire and got seated, though the waitstaff paid more attention to @Latbear4blk than me or David. After drinks and conversation we got our sushis and tempura: Thanks @Latbear4blk for hanging out. Let's do it again soon. We Uber it back to Barra, with us again sharing an Uber. And then it occurred to me, I forgot our apartment keys in the sauna! And it was 11 PM! Travel Tip: Uber has a multiple stop feature, so we were able to split an Uber, saving money. Boytoy Tip: Salvador is waaaayyyyy cheaper than Rio and Sao Paulo, and this includes the saunas. Next: We can’t get into our apartment!
  11. From what I understand the top speed for the data is 256kbps unless you have the high speed add on which is $5 a day? Please correct me if I'm wrong. This obviously depends on the user but for me 1. T-Mobile service in the USA in various work site locations that I frequent is next to non-existent for T-Mobile. 2. I have a perpetual Thai, Portugal (and now Brazil) SIM that I just pop-in my phone when I am visiting Thailand/Europe/Brazil. Hella cheap, can do local calls no issues when there is an AirBNB issue. I top off the Thai SIM before my trip, all online. Portugal they speak English so easy to top off, Brazil is a post-paid plan so I have a friend pay the bill every month (120 reals). 3. Unless I am mistaken about the details for the plan, 256 kbps is too slow (sorry for being THAT kind of person). I probably shouldn't be looking at Youtube and doing facebook live or Insta stories when on travel, but alas, I do. 4. I need the high speed data at times when I work remotely and I'm at the beach (lol) answering emails and making calls. I should try T-mobile for a month to test how it works and if it suits my needs. Or at least during a 14-day grace period where you can cancel without penalty. Thank goodness for "dual" SIM in the newer iphones now If its just 18 days a year I would imagine 150 MB at a time would be enough. Just turn off autoplaying videos on mobile data on Facebook. I eat up a lot of data, and there are Brazilian SIM plans or promos where social media data usage is unlimited MBs. But for you I am thinking 150 MB is enough. But that gets you to 250 reals for the nine days, which makes getting a Brazilian SIM more economical. But if you can afford it, and for sake of convenience (not having to change SIMS, top up etc), stick to your phone company. I wish I can do less. Alas I seem to be incapable of writing short trip reports. Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for this. I am not letting it die.
  12. Day 4: Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas It’s late December; can you feel the chill in the air? No? Why, you must be in Brazil for Christmas. It was hot as hades in Sao Paulo this Christmas Eve. We had an impromptu party the night before with Leo, Alex, and a bunch of their other friends in Alex’s flat, and it ended with me sleeping on the floor in the kitchen (long story). I woke up with a pillow resting my head and a blanket over me. I looked at my phone and read Alex’s message to me on Whatsapp: “I left for the airport to go see my parents for Christmas. I left a set of keys by the door. Help yourself to anything. Merry Christmas! It was almost 1 PM. I remembered that Leo was hosting Christmas Eve dinner at his place. It was the same for Leo, Christmas is for family, and he was supposed to go to his Grandmother’s house with his mom and siblings to spend Christmas there. But because I was here, he decided to host an “orphan Christmas”, just like the orphan Thanksgivings I used to go to in my 20s in the USA. He invited a few friends over to join us for the dinner. He will cook. I will just have to show up. After I extricate myself from the kitchen floor and manage to brew a cafezinho and cook some eggs and cheese over toast, I tell Leo that I was going to go to his place to help him with dinner. I received some photos from him of his haul from the Mercado earlier today: two whole chickens, some beef ground and steaks, a bunch of vegetables, farofa ingredients, etc. Leo is not kidding around. “Sou Master Chefe,” he tells me. I laugh. That show gets around. I take a shower and get ready to head over to Leo’s place. I had a flight to Salvador early tomorrow, so I decide to pack my shit as well, with the expectation of sleeping at Leo’s tonight, and leaving for the airport from there. As I haul my suitcase down to street level I get a Whatsapp from Carlos, the garoto next door from yesterday. He asked me if I was going to the sauna today and if he can see me again. I quickly sent him this graphic, from Sauna Lagoa’s Facebook: It took him a while to answer back. Then he said: “This is bad for me. I need money because I am going to see my family tomorrow.” I was in the Uber on the way to Leo’s at this point, and I thought about what to do for Carlos. It was Christmas, I was in a charitable mood. Everyone deserves a good Christmas. I asked him what he was doing tonight, for Christmas dinner. He said he had no plans. He wanted to work tonight and take a bus to his small town in Minas tomorrow and spend the day with his family. I told him maybe we can meet tonight, for dinner, and other things, but I had to clear it with my host first. I get to Leo’s place and he was in full-tilt Christmas dinner prep. A friend of his, a 23-year-old office worker from Rio, was there helping out. He was black, cute, and had the most amazing smile. He tried some canned English phrases with me but I told him I wanted to practice my Portuguese instead. I turned to Leo and asked him about Carlos and him possibly joining us for Christmas dinner. Leo had to think about it, probably wary of inviting a perfect stranger, and one who was a prostitute, to his house for a meal. He eventually said it was fine, the more the merrier. He made me promise that Carlos was not a psycho. I told him I was not sure because I only spent an hour plus hours with him. Leo asks for the guy’s Whatsapp and he talks to the guy for a few minutes. Leo signs off on the guest, and tells me to call an Uber for Carlos when he was ready. After figuring out logistics, I was going to call Carlos an Uber in an hour. Luckily he lived in north Sao Paulo as well so it wasn’t an expensive fare. He will also take his suitcase with him as he will leave for the bus station after the Christmas party. After that, I helped with cooking, which included merging two chickens together and stuffing both with farofa: An hour and a half later, I call Carlos an Uber. 30 minutes. Leo tidies up the house a bit, and his friend continues to make food. Carlos arrives, looking smashing in a tight sleeveless shirt and jeans. He brought two bottles of Salvagem Catuaba, a sort of sweet wine-like drink made from local native plants. Carlos asked me if I had Catuaba before. I shook my head. “It’s an aphrodisiac,” Leo interjects, “not that you need help in that area.” Leo winks. I laugh. Carlos blushes. This was gonna be an interesting night. Another one of Leo’s friends arrived an hour later. A girl in her mid-20s; who brought dessert. The feast was complete now. It’s just a matter of getting everything prepared. Everything smelled so good by the time everything was cooked. Carlos seemed to be pretty comfortable and easy-going with meeting everyone in the house. And Carlos’ better qualities stood out outside the sauna. All we do is objectify guys in the sauna. Getting to know these guys out of the hypersexual atmosphere of the sauna, and seeing how cool they really are makes them even more sexier. Leo was also having a blast teasing Carlos. When it came time to ask about Carlos’ sexuality, he said he was bi but was more hetero. “Does he have sex like a hetero?” Leo asks me. “He has sex like a man,” I answer diplomatically. Carlos appreciated the response and kisses me. At midnight, after all the noises of the fireworks outside, Leo and friend served dinner. Everything looked great, and we all partook at the table. The Catuaba was chilled and was the drink of the dinner. Carlos sat next to me, and made sure my plate was always full and I got the choice cuts of chicken. Do I look incompetent when I eat? Why do guys try and feed me every time I eat with them? This Christmas was pretty chill for sure. Yes, there was a language barrier with me having to ask them to repeat themselves whenever they speak too fast for me, but everyone was pretty cool about it. Yes, I was away from my friends and usual friends back home, but I am making new friends and memories. And of course, Carlos, the garoto next door now turned guest for Christmas, was a good sport. I don’t know if it was because he wanted a big tip, or if he’s just a genuinely nice guy (possibly both), but he was giving me the ultimate boyfriend experience tonight. Not that I needed any of this at a night with friends, but it definitely added to the experience. Lots of attention, held hands, and discreet kisses between bites. It was probably his default mode whenever he spends time with clients, or maybe he likes me. It doesn’t matter I guess. After dinner, more alcohol was plied and everyone was chatty and social. After some class photos we played the game “spin the bottle” but with a twist: If the bottle landed on me I had to choose someone to ask me a question, in Portuguese, and I had to answer in Portuguese as well. If the bottle landed on anyone else, I had to ask him or her a question, in English, and they had to answer in English as well. It was like Rosetta Stone’s version of Spin the Bottle. It was Leo’s idea, perhaps to help me with my Portuguese, and probably because all night everyone was asking me how to stay stuff in English. It was a fun game, and I held my own. My Portuguese was definitely much better than everyone else’s English proficiency. Surprisingly, it was Carlos who’s English was best among the others. Perhaps because he needed English proficiency as a Garoto de Programa (I’m just guessing) for gringo customers. One of the questions I asked him was what was his biggest dream in life, and he responded, correctly in English, that he wanted to start a restaurant with his mother. A very sweet answer. It was 3 AM by the time everyone decided to get some shut-eye. Leo readied his room for his two friends, while he gave Carlos and I his mom’s room on the second floor. I felt weird defiling his mom’s room like this but I guess Brazilians have less scruples about this than Americans. We both get some hugs, kisses, and some “Feliz Natals” from everyone as we retire to the second floor. We only had 3 hours to rest and “other things” before I had to make my flight to Salvador, so it was clear there was no sleeping tonight, with Carlos here. We both laid down Leo’s Mom’s bed and talked for a while, while cuddling. Of course, cuddling turns into kissing, and then caressing. Clothes slowly come off. Carlos’ silky white skin comes into full view. His tattoo-less body was a change from other GPs I’ve been with, which made the experience feel different. I didn’t notice it before. And because I was in an actual house in a bedroom, and not a sauna, it was as if I was home back in the USA. Carlos’ cock and ass though, was all Brazilian. Cock big, thick and uncut, ass plump, firm and delicious. He excelled as much in foreplay as yesterday. But without the strangeness of a room in a sauna, the foreplay somehow was better. When it was time to fuck he got on his back and his legs up in the air. I started thrusting but the bed was old and squeaky and made a noise with every move. We tried to move the bed off the wall so it was nice banging against the wall, but it was still making noise. “No chao?” I ask, pointing to the floor. Carlos takes two pillows and lays on the floor, one pillow under his head, another under his ass, creating an easier entry angle. The floor made no sound. We, however, did. After meticulously cleaning up our mess (fluids everywhere: lube and cum), we take a shower together. We had 30 minutes before I had to leave. We get ready to leave, and then head over downstairs to Leo’s bedroom and I go in. I wake Leo up to tell him we were leaving. I call an Uber for Guarulhos. The Uber comes, Leo lets us out of his house, hugs us both and bids us farewell. I will see Leo again in Rio 6 days from now, for the New Year “Reveillon” celebration. But now, I am Salvador bound. Carlos goes with me to Guarulhos, holding my hand the whole way. At Guarulhos I check in and then we both get a little “Café da Mahna” for the road. Carlos thanks me for the wonderful time and for inviting him for dinner. He said he would have just either taken the bus to Minas or spent Christmas dinner alone if it wasn’t for my invitation. “It worked out I think,” he says. “Everything happens for a reason. I was meant to meet you at the sauna yesterday. I would like to see you again after this. Maybe without friends next time.” I concurred with his assessment of things, though my Brazilian dance card is getting pretty full. I’ll find a way to make this happen. I always do. I give him 250 reals. 150 reals for the sex, and another 100 reals because it was Christmas. He pocketed the money without counting. I call him an Uber to the Tiete Bus Terminal, which was only a 20-minute car ride. He hugs and kisses me as a goodbye. “Merry Christmas!” he finally says, in perfect English, before getting into his Uber. This was probably the best Christmas gift I have given myself, ever. I felt really really good. Travel Tip: Airfares on December 24 can get expensive, but get way cheaper on December 25. It was a $100 difference for me going to Salvador from Sao Paulo. Boytoy Tip: When in Brazil for the holidays, it would be good to get a boy’s number when in the sauna, in case the sauna is closed for Christmas or New Year's Eve, if you want company on these days. Next: Salvador!
  13. Sorry guys, apologies for not updating this in a while. Since the last post I was in Brazil (again) and couldn’t update. I’m back now. Should I just let this thread die tho since I’ve neglected it for too long?
  14. Day 2: Sometimes You Just Have to Wait For the Right Time I had a sauna day on Day 2 of my trip, before heading to the first club night described in the previous post, the one that my friend Alex helped sponsor. I was staying at Alex’s apartment, and with jet-lag and just general weariness because of the travel the day before, I woke up at 2 PM on Day 2. Alex was long gone and attending to his party. Leo was working, his last day before the Christmas celebration starts. So I was alone, left to my own devices, for a few hours. This was my chance, to get a sauna visit in without any distractions and worries that I am taking time away from my friends. After helping myself with a café com leite and making myself a mortadella sandwhich which Leo said I could make using stuff he bought for me in the kitchen, I took a shower and dressed in a tank top, shorts and slippers for the sauna. It was sort of a hot day today, the sun was pretty strong, so I dressed appropriately. I then Ubered it from Tatuape to Vila Clementino, where the sauna was, which was a 30 minute Uber ride. Thankfully, due to the holiday weekend, traffic was light, and I got there at 5 PM. Before I embarked on my Brazilian adventures, I’ve always had the impression that Sauna Lagoa was “the best sauna in Brazil.” Judging from the forum’s entries at that time, and various discussions with forum members, it seemed to me that Sauna Lagoa was the gold standard of saunas in Brazil. My first ever sauna experience was in Club 117 in Rio, and I would never forget that first time I turned around to go in the sauna after checking-in at the counter. What I saw was wall-to-wall muscle gods milling around, trying to catch my eye. It was surreal, and hot, and probably colored my first impression of Pointe 202, the second sauna I visited. It was a relative disappointment, with not as many boys and the ones there were not as hot. I later realized that there are good nights and bad nights, in every sauna. But 202 has never recovered from my initial impression, even if I’ve probably have had more fun there than in 117. I am not as knowledgeable about the whos and whats of the sauna world in Brazil, probably because I am still a newbie relative to y’all. Visiting Sauna Lagoa for the first time last year yielded a different experience. I thought the sauna’s layout was way different than that of 117 and 202. I thought Lagoa’s floor plan was more open, less claustrophobic, and had way more facilities for comfort and play. On a good night, like my first time, it was impressive. There are more “genetic freaks” per capita than what I’ve seen in Rio. And by genetic freaks I mean muscle gods with impossible musculature. I got one such creature that first night. He was handsome, tall, and with muscles upon muscles upon muscles. I overpaid, and the sex was just OK, as a gullible first-timer would, but overall I was happy with what I did. After a few more visit to Lagoa, I noticed that I had a pattern to my visits. I would first hire a “genetic freak”. Someone usually handsome and cocky and had a huge cock, large ass, and perfect pecs, abs and giant legs. The sex would usually just be OK, nothing spectacular. Kissing just so-so, sucking so-so as well. I would even say that the guy was just be going through the motions. I’d be happy with the hire tho. I think the point of getting a genetic freak was less having to do with getting great sex, and having more to do with worshipping and admiring their hard bodies and cocks. I don’t mind this kind of hire. It happens though, that when a genetic freak turns into great sex AND great companionship, that’s when you take them out of the sauna and spend more time with them. Happened a few times to me. Don’t hate me, I probably require too much in sex. Something a straight guy who’s only a top couldn’t deliver. After sex with the genetic freak, I would try to hire someone who may not be as impossibly hot, but still very very easy on the eyes. I don’t want to use the term “boy-next-door” because these are boys I wouldn’t see next door where I live. The “garoto next door” usually is hot and sexy, maybe a little less muscular than Mr. Steroids, but you still get to live your dreams of having sex with a hot and handsome young guy. And that’s the good fortune I’ve had in Lagoa. I’ve always found the garotos next door to be hot and amazing in bed. This trip was no exception. Upon arriving at the sauna and getting a coffee (I am still half asleep from my 10 hour sleep), I quickly get greeted by a “garoto next door”. His name was Carlos, he was about 5’10, white, nice messy floppy brown hair. Amazing green eyes. He was handsome for sure, and had a smooth and a porcelain white body. He had nice abs, and had respectable musculature. He shook my hand and asked if he could sit with me. He sat really close. He made some compliments about my looks, and kept touching my hair to arrange it (was my hair a bird’s nest?). I told him to order a drink (he chose Gatorade). The conversation was pretty light and pleasant. Christmas plans. Sao Paulo in summer. California in winter. Then the conversation turned to sex and discussing about a possible programa. I was game to have one. He checked all the boxes physically, and it seemed like he was a fun lay. He started kissing me. Very deep. Very convincing. I was sold. What was he willing to do, I asked. Deal breaker #1: he was only a top. I tried to convince him to bottom but he said he “wasn’t ready” today. Deal breaker #2: he will not cum. I like cum. A lot. I had to ask why. He danced around it. After 15 minutes of dancing around it he countered: 400 reals for cumming. I countered with a “that’s absurd.” 350? No. He came clean: it was early still, he needed money for Christmas. His mom needed money. He needs to get more than one client tonight, and if he blew his cum with me, he fears he would be too tired to get another client after me. I admired his honesty. I told him I was not the client for him. I wanted a bottom and cum. I would tolerate a top and no cum from a “genetic freak”, where I would be in worship mode, but not with “just” a garoto next door. I bid Carlos good luck and wished him many clients tonight. He had a look on his face like he was sorry, but kissed me and then he was gone. So many fish in the sea tonight though. I quickly rebound and turn my attention to the other boys in the yard. I could easily count about 7 genetic freaks in the vicinity. A tall one caught my stare and walked over to my table. “Pedro,” he says. He was wearing a towel slung low. His cock outline was inviting. He towers over me. Fairly tall. His face was pleasant. Cute. His body was insane. Stout chest, big abdominal muscles, large biceps and big powerful shoulders. Very long legs, with veins. He sits next to me and starts massaging my shoulders. After the tease that the previous guy gave me, I was ready to jump into a room with Pedro. But I bided my time to at least try to get to know this guy. I admired his musculature. Very defined. I fondled his biceps and he flexes for me. I fondle his abs. Impossibly defined. I ask for specifics: as expected he was only a top – fine, I’ll be in worship mode; kisses great and gave me a preview; will cum but asked for 200. I countered with 150. My friends taught me well. After some thinking he accepts the pay cut. We head over to the counter to get a suite. At the room I took my time. He felt good in my arms. I looked at the mirrors covering the walls of the room. He LOOKED good in my arms. We kissed for a while. He knew how to do that at least. I did my best to get my money’s worth. I sucked his fat cock good. I rimmed his sweet ass. Felt up his amazing body. It is remarkable how these guys get their bodies to get like this. It was enough for me to blow my wad. He then asked if he could cum as well. I did the honors. Sucked and jacked him off till he blew in my mouth. Again, not the most spectacular sex-wise. But I am not beyond just admiring a nice body. Showering with him was nice. I didn’t bother getting his WhatsApp, I doubt there will be a repeat. I get back to sitting in the stage area and checked up on my friends. Leo was still working. Alex was happily partying away. I order a red bull and vodka. I figure I should start drinking now, to celebrate, since my first Programa was under my belt. I survey the room. More boys were in. Some clients were milling around too. This Saturday night was a good night at the sauna. Whenever a boy would approach me for a programa, I would just say “recuperando” so they would go away. It was true, I was recuperating from the previous programa. I am getting ready to find my garoto next door. After 30 minutes of recuperating and talking to my friends (and refilling my vodka and red bull), I decide to make the rounds. I made my way to the pool area and I bump into Carlos, the guy earlier. He remembers my name and hugs me, with the biggest grin on his place. “To pronto para voce,” he exclaims, saying he is ready for me. “Ready for what?” I ask, playing coy. “I am ready to do what we talked about earlier. I can do it now,” he says. “Really? Everything?” I ask, touching his ass. “Yes even that!” Now I assuming he got his first and/or second customer tonight, and not ready to blow his wad with me. I still wanted to play coy. I didn’t have to take him tonight. Let me see what he had to say. He confirmed he did get a threesome programa, he was asked by a pair of clients to fuck them, and got double the fee. I said it was bad for me because he was tired now. He said he wasn’t. He was ready. He took my hand and guided it to his crotch. He was soft, but with him rubbing my hand on his cock it quickly grew hard. The guy was not playing around. How much, I ask. 200 for everything, he says. I counter with 100. He laughs. He says he can’t do that. I repeat with 100. He counters with 150. I tell him I still was not sure. I was still playing with him. He then says he wants 150, but if I was not happy with the sex, I can give him 100. I immediately said yes. This is the first time I got this deal from a boy. I was intending to give him 150 anyway, even without knowing how good or bad he will be. So we get a room (same room as before, cleaned thankfully). Carlos takes off his towel, and hurriedly takes off my clothes as well. He kissed me deeply. He kneeled down to suck me. He pushes me on the bed and feasts on my ass. Rimming is always a surprise when a boy does it for me. I never expect it but it’s always good when it happens. I knew he was trying really hard to earn that extra 50 reals. And the effort was a real turn on. I probably got further with him than any other boy I’ve had in Brazil. When it came to fucking he was a champ. Made sex noises. Pretty damn hot. I put him on his back. He jacks off while I am fucking him and cums all over his torso, neck, and face. I smear his cum all over, and feed some of it to him. He gladly eats it. I cum really quickly. Fucking hot. After the shower we talk for a while. He gives me his WhatsApp. I tell him he deserves his fee. The program was surprisingly long. Around an hour and 10 minutes. Felt like a breeze. He thanks me and we head over to the lockers. I give him 200, which was what he originally asked for. “Feliz Natal,” I greet him. He smiles widely and hugs me tightly. “Merry Christmas to you too,” he responds, and tells me he really needs the 200. I was glad I could help. It was Christmas after all. Travel Tip: Holiday traffic in the normally horribly congested Sao Paulo is relatively light. Boytoy Tip: A boy may be more expensive and more picky at the beginning of the night but may lower prices and willing to do more much later. Next: Christmas with friends and a GP.
  15. My experience is different. The majority are twinks for sure, and I have had tremendous fun with them, yielding to more referrals outside of CB, but I have met some super muscular boys as well, from CB. But of course, YMMV, as per usual.
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