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  1. Day 5.5: The night of too many boys There was a lot of people tonight, customers and boys. I didn’t know if Tuesday was a big night at Club 117, but it sure looked like it. Busier than that one Saturday night I went to many months ago. As a result, there was a short wait for rooms. Gabriel was waiting for room availability at the counter. He asked David and I to hang back closer to the stairs. While we waited, I was sizing David up. He was a little bit taller than I am, but not that much. He definitely worked out, and had large pecs and biceps, and strong trunk-like thighs. He had a giant ass that filled his undies perfectly. And the face, oh what a pretty face. Maybe knowing that he was from Manaus colored my suspicions, but he looked like he had some Indio in him. It was the eyes, and the lips. His nose was still the Italian nose I’ve gotten used to seeing here. He said he was 21, but his smooth face looked younger than that. Finally, Gabriel was able to get the room key. The room was at the lower level. On the way, Gabriel was telling me the price terms. 150 for the boy, he told me, and that was with gozar, since Gabriel already knows what I liked and asked the boy how much for this. At the room I notice both of them had the same sauna strategy. They were among the few who didn’t wear towels around the sauna, and instead wore briefs or swim trunks. Gabriel told me before that he likes the trunks better because it shows his giant powerful thighs and legs, and he said some of the guys that did not have worked out legs wore towels. He says he gets more clients that way, because it is more flattering. David was the same, wearing briefs to show off his giant legs and giant ass. David excuses himself to shower. Gabriel starts with me and makes out while he took off my clothes. I take off his trunks to reveal an already hard cock. I know I already had morning sec with Gabriel, but here is still with me. We make out for a while till David was able to join us. David starts by taking off my underwear and suck me. I lean over and suck Gabriel’s cock as well. Somehow I forget that I am in a dirty sauna, laying on a dirty bed. I was truly focused on the task at hand. Gabriel leans over to me and kisses me again, jacking off his hard cock. I turn over to David and turn him around to rim him. Gabriel heads over to David and offers his cock. This was good. I take the condom and lube and suit up to fuck David. He’s a pro. I had my fill and it was Gabriel’s turn. I had to watch this from all angles. Gabriel suits up, and then slowly goes in. He knows he has to go slow. David whimpers. Gabriel is halfway in. David protests in Portuguese. Gabriel is truly big. Not just in length, but in girth. Later this trip he would tell me that it is way easier for him to fuck girls than guys. He can hammer a girl to oblivion (with videos to prove it on his phone that he showed me). But with guys, it was hard for him to use “the machine”. He was just too big sometimes. And David is finding that out the hard way. He was in pain. He had tears. Gabriel kept pounding away. I was loving the visuals of course. Two muscle guys, one alpha, one sub. A big turn on to see live, like my own porno. I decide to give David a reprieve. “Desculpe,” Davis says, as Gabriel slowly pulls out. David runs to the bathroom to clean himself. Gabriel joins me in bed to kiss me and he starts jacking off. When David returns, Gabriel directs him to stand over me, and to cum on my face. Gabriel knows what works for me. Gabriel alternates kissing me and sucking my nips, while he and I jack off. When Gabriel was close he sits up and cums on my face. I release as well. David takes a while, but eventually gets to release. We all clean up in the en-suite shower. I tell David I am interested in talking to him more, perhaps on a different night. I wanted a guide to Manaus and told him that he was perfect. He tells me a few things about his hometown. Museums. A beach. The forest. The rivers. Gabriel tells us that he wants to come with us. Two GPs on a trip? Could be expensive. Could be hot. Gabriel tells us he will return the key and will find just find us in the sauna. I lead David to my locker and I give him his 150. David thanks me and asks to put his number on my phone. I give him my phone and he finds himself on Whatsapp and sends himself a message with my name on it. He thanks me again and disappears into the maze in the sauna. I make my way back to the bar in the back and see Leo deep in conversation with a GP. The GP was tall, super muscular, some tattoos. He was more indio than white. Leo introduced me to his him, Junio. Junio talks to me a little, in English, which was interesting. Leo was just looking at both of us with a stare. I tell Leo he really needs to learn English. He concurs. Leo asks me how was my threesome with the David and Gabriel. I said it was great, and told him he could have joined us. Leo just shakes his head and says “safado,” to me. Of course I was a safado. I get beer ordered and all of us just shot the shit for a while. Leo then spots a boy who was sitting at the next table. “That boy is gorgeous. I think he is a good fit for you. He is only 100. I already negotiated the price for you.” I laughed. First Gabriel was acting like the pimp, now Leo. I invite the kid over. “Gabi,” he introduces himself, in English. The kid was a knockout. He’s 20, looks 16. He was a twink, a contrast to the muscle god majority in the sauna. His face was gorgeous. A face that you would want to take care of. I fondled his torso. He was pretty cute. While I turned my attention back to Leo and Junio, Gabi whipped out his cock through his towel and massaged it a little bit. To entice me of course. I took it in my hand and made it grow. I could really make use of this kid tonight. As if by cue Gabriel comes, with skin glistening again. “I got pulled by another customer again, sorry.” Again? I ask and then i laugh. He laughs too at the absurdity of it all. He then says sometimes it is very slow and he doesn’t get customers, and sometimes it is like this night. I ask if he fucked the client. He said he did and was able to cum again too. I reminded him that he already came four times today. He said he knows, and that it is his job. He then tells me he has to go. I tell him that I have to pay him for tonight. Gabriel says to just add it to whatever I was going to pay him this trip. I was going to see him again tomorrow and he was going to stay at the apartment with Leo and I. Ten minutes later I get a Whatsapp message from Gabriel, saying that I should be careful with other GPs in the sauna. Some are crooks, he said, and will take advantage of me. I did not know if he was pertaining to someone in particular, but I replied with thanks for worrying about me. I am not sure if he is coming from a place of genuine worry, or if he didn’t want me to get enamored by another GP. Back to the task at hand. Leo asks me if I had the energy to give it another go with Gabi. I tell him that I was thinking about it, but was unsure if I wanted to just leave now to eat or do another programa. I then notice that Junio, Leo’s GP friend, had his cock peeking out at the slight opening of his towel. They were clearly getting acquainted. I ask Leo if he wanted to have sex with Junio. “Maybe. But I would never pay for sex,” he said. “I don’t need to have sex right now, and there is plenty of free boys on Grindr.” I ask him “Do you like him?” Leo says of course. Junio is sexy, built, and obviously has the equipment to make anyone happy. I had an idea: “Since you’re my friend, and I want to make you happy, I will pay Junio the 100 he wants.” Leo was unsure of the idea. He said he didn’t want to waste any of my money. I tell Leo that this is the perfect scenario. I can have a programa with Gabi here, my young friend, and he can be busy with Junio. “Otherwise,” I tell him, justifying the offer, “you would just be waiting for me again here while I have another programa.” Leo acquiesces, probably relieved that he can now get a piece of the action that was going on at the sauna. Gabi and Junio both get separate rooms for us. Leo and I go our separate ways. I have my way with Gabi. He was gorgeous, his ass tasted great, and the visuals and sensations were enough to get me excited enough to fuck a boy again in a span of two hours. Gabi was a good kisser too, and did all the requisite acts to get me in the mood. I didn’t ask him to cum. I didn’t need to see it. Maybe another time. After the deed I give him the 100 he quoted Leo. Leo was already done and was waiting for me at the bar with Junio, deep in conversation. We all go back to the lockers and I give Junio his 100. Junio shakes my hand and offers his cock for me to touch as thanks. I gladly put my hand inside the towel. That cock had some heft to it. Leo puts on street clothes and we call an Uber. While waiting I ask Leo how Junio was. Leo said he was fine. No fucking, just some oral, making out and talking. He was still uneasy with the idea of the programa. I told him we have to fix this somehow. It was 11 PM, and we were both exhausted. Just got some McDonalds burgers in Ipanema to take home to the apartment. We retire early. We were exhausted by all the excitement. Tomorrow, more shenanigans with Leo, Gabriel, and a really hot Uber driver.
  2. Day 5: Gabriel’s Offer, and the Paulista I can’t believe it is Day 5 already. A lot has already happened, and a lot still to come. Gabriel has stayed the night. It was a more low-key, introspective night than most nights with Gabriel. Sex was still there, and is his specialty, but it was coupled with deep talks and some tears about recent life events. No, it wasn’t a plea for money or an attempt to gain more pity from me. It was a talk about loss, and moving on from it, that made the night melancholic. I’ve known Gabriel for about 10 months now. I’m still peeling away a lot of layers from the onion. In the morning came morning sex, his favorite. We shower and then head over to the breakfast buffet at the Hilton, which came complimentary with the room. The buffet hall had a nice view of Copacabana: During breakfast, Gabriel asked me about my plans tonight. I told him my Paulista friend, Leo, was coming from Sampa after lunch. Among other things, I told him we were thinking of checking out his sauna, 117, tonight. Gabriel then tells me that it was his chance to show me “a maquina,” the machine, his nickname for himself when he tops other guys. I ask him if he had a Garoto de Program bottom in mind for the machine. He said it will depend on who was there tonight. He said 117 is usually good for him on Tuesdays, so it is a good time to go for me as well. So I tell Gabriel that if Leo wanted to go to 117 with me then we will see Gabriel there. Gabriel was kind of curious of what Leo’s deal was. I told Gabriel he is just a friend and he has nothing to worry about. For a GP, and a supposed straight guy, he sure gets jealous sometimes. Gabriel leaves and I wait for Leo’s arrival. Leo gets to the Hilton lobby at 1:30 PM. I gather all my things head to the lobby to check-out and meet Leo. I see Leo sitting at one of the lobby couches. It’s been 8 months since I saw him last, in Salvador, with the then BF. He is still the handsome, lean and obnoxious Paulista that I first met in Sao Paulo. Since we were not checking in to the AirBNB till 3 PM, we decided to have lunch (45 reals) and get haircuts (25 reals) in Copacabana. We headed back to the hotel to rescue our luggage and take an Uber to the Ipanema AirBNB, from the same owners as my last Ipanema AirBNB. One of the owners was already there waiting for us. Leo immediately warms up to him and they chat like they are old friends. Check-in was the same, the AirBNB guy gave us a tour of the place and gave some pointers for the area, but this time in Portuguese, as Leo did not speak English. The owner spoke fluent English, and did to me last January when my Portuguese was still in its infancy. Incidentally, Leo has learned to speak slower to me so I can understand clearly (nao rapido!). Leo and I get settled in and then take showers (separately) in the two-bedroom, two-bath AirBNB. I took the room with the queen-size bed, and Leo took the room with the two-single beds. We have never had sex before, and I am not assuming we will, ever. We have made out a lot in that gay club in Salvador (much to the chagrin of my then BF) though. So it’s possible. But it is also possible to be friends with another gay dude and not have sex with him. Let’s put this to the test this trip. After catching up we decide to walk around Ipanema before hitting the sauna at 6 PM. It was cooler today (it was winter after all), and the beach was deserted, even the gay beach: There were some people in the streets but not as busy as you would expect for Ipanema: We get back to the apartment and shower again and prepare for the sauna. Saunas weren’t Leo’s cup of tea, even the ones that were normal, non-GP saunas. Leo tells me there are quite a number of normal saunas in Sao Paulo that some of his friends frequent. But he finds the whole scene trashy and slutty. I told him that that was the whole point of the sauna, to be trashy and slutty together. He laughed, and told me he was willing to try at least one with me because I really wanted to go. He told me I was way more of a “safado” than he could ever be. I am way more horny than most people, that is certain. I decide on Club 117 tonight because of Gabriel’s recommendation. We Uber it to the location. Not much traffic tonight, I guess on a Winter Tuesday it is really slow here. As with everyone else, Leo chats up the driver and gets into a lively conversation about Rio vs Sao Paulo. It gets really fucking lively. I yearn to have that level fluency with Portuguese. We get to the sauna. It was packed. It was slow outside, but it sure was hopping inside. We get checked-in, get our lockers, and get asked about our shoe size, for the flip flops. It pays to know your Brazilian shoe size in this aspect, which is like the EU shoe size but a bit off I think (https://www.convertworld.com/en/shoe-size/). I’ve only been here once, but remembered that the lockers were at the lower level. As we got to the stairs, we immediately get accosted by at least 5 very very sexy GPs. They were looking at Leo with some circumspection. Was he a GP or a client, they wonder. Leo is young (25), handsome (Italian face) and fit. We get to the lockers and Leo immediately disrobes, save for his briefs, and puts on a towel. I, with my puritanical American upbringing, kept my shirt and shorts and just put on the flip flops and put my towels and wallet in the locker. We go back up and go through the corridor and immediately see Gabriel. He smiles widely and hugs me, and I introduce Leo to him. They nod at each other, both still fairly unsure of what to make of the other. I mention to Gabriel that he said he was going to find a bottom for us to share so I can see his topping skills in full effect. He said he will ask around but wanted to know what kind of guy I wanted. “Young, smooth, light skinned,” I told him. I figure the juxtaposition of the golden tanned Gabriel with a lighter skinned guy would be really amazing. Leo asked Gabriel if there was a place that he could smoke. Gabriel said there was a place, and led us to the bar further past the bar/stage room. The smoking room/bar was packed as well, and we were lucky to find a table and chairs to sit on. Leo situated himself and started smoking. Gabriel told us he was going to find a bottom. Leo asks me to sit down and then asks me if I wanted to order beers. I told him I wanted a beer and he stands up to go to the bar. After 5 minutes of waiting at the bar, he gets us our beers. There were some clients who were eyeing Leo as they walked past our table. Leo and I laughed everytime that happened. Some boys came up to me to introduce themselves. Leo would ask them to sit down and then have a conversation with them. You’d know when a boy asks Leo if he was a GP when Leo gives out a shriek. He was enjoying the attention, and the wonderment of people. It was fun to see. The boys who would say hi to us were all hot. The average boy here really is a tier above what I saw at Manhattan. I wasn’t really paying attention to the time, as hanging out with Leo and some boys was doing it for me at the moment. Gabriel suddenly appears, with his skin glistening as if he just took a shower. He apologized to me, telling me that as soon as he left the bar to find a bottom, a client took his arm and made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Thirty minutes later he was back here to tell this to me. “What did you do to the client?” Gabriel says “I fucked him.” I ask “Do you still have the energy to fuck a GP with me?” He says “Always. I hit the gym hard to be able to fuck multiple times a day.” He laughs. Leo just stares at him, perhaps shocked at this pronouncement. Gabriel then tells me he is going to find the boy to fuck for real this time. He disappears to the other part of the sauna. Leo asks me about Gabriel. He was still unsure about what he thought about the guy. I assured Leo that Gabriel is trustworthy. I’ve known Gabriel as long as him, I tell Leo. I show Leo my photos of me and Gabriel in Porto Alegre and Gramado. I guess Leo didn’t realize that I have spent considerable time with Gabriel. After 15 minutes, Gabriel comes back with a young, handsome, and a muscularly built GP. Gabriel points to the guy and asks me if he would do. Absolutely, he would do. But I wanted him to sit with me first to make a better assessment. The boy sits beside me and shakes my hand. “Me chamo David,” he says. How old are you? “21” Where are you from? “de Manaus”. Wow, my first guy from Amazonas. This could get interesting. He holds my hand and smiles at me. I was sold. Well I was really sold when Gabriel first dragged him here, but now, it was a sure thing. I would get him even without the threeway. I nod to Gabriel. We all stand up and I look at Leo. “20 minutes,” I tell him. Leo laughs. “Per person?” he responds. Witty, that one. I blow him a kiss and then I follow Gabriel and David to our threesome. What happened? That’s next.
  3. Day 4.5: Hakuna Manhattan So this was my exchange with @floridarob, before and after I went to Manhattan Rios, the new (ish) sauna in Rio: After a relaxing dip in the Hilton pool I decided to head on over to Manhattan Rios to see what all the hubbub was about. Since it was a Monday and Club 117 was closed, I had only this sauna and Pointe 202 to choose from. I haven’t been to 202 yet, and my only experience with saunas in Rio was at 117 that one time that I met Gabriel. After asking @floridarob where to go, I immediately Ubered it to Manhattan Rios. The Uber was following the directions, but I had the same problem that other people had with getting to this place. I was dropped off at the street behind the actual street of the sauna, and had to walk through. Interesting issue but it was not too bad. I thank people in this thread for identifying the problem: I get to the main street and there was a guy in front of the supposed entrance to the sauna. “Manhattan?” I ask. He points to the door and I go in. I get my sauna key and I was in the main area. I was initially confused by the lay out. It was kind of claustrophobic. And there were some boys who were in towels, and some were hot, but most were just staring at me and not saying hi, unlike it was in 117. The bartender/bar was what I saw immediately and I ask him where the lockers and bathroom was. He leaves his post to show me where both were. I pee like a racehorse at the banheiro and then go to the locker room and I keep my clothes on and put my wallet in the locker. I see two customers come in after me and they get into their towels. Good, I wasn’t alone. The whole place felt deserted. I make my rounds and saw about 10 boys milling around. I thought 2 were hot, 6 were boys next door, and 2 were not my type. I tried to make eye contact to start a conversation but the boys were a bit shy or circumspect of my presence so we were just passing each other by. I went up to the hottest guy in the premises (so far). He was tall, muscularly lean, and obviously had a big penis, judging from the obvious bulge in front. He had delicious dark skin, and his face was young but handsome. I shake his hand and introduced myself. He told me his name was Caio. Up close he was really striking. I could make this work. I ask we he did for sex. “So ativo,” he said, only top. I asked if he could bottom for me? He rejected it violently, as if I was asking for something awful and walked away. I guess that was it for Caio. I was striking out. None of the other guys I was seeing were doing it for me. Maybe this is not the sauna for me. The sauna definitely had more “boy next door types” than not. I saw a few more super hot ones appear but at this point I was more circumspect with asking them if they could bottom. They all looked like tops to me. As I was about to turn to this next super hot guy to talk to, this other guy came out of nowhere and put a hand on my arm, to get me to stop turning and talk to him. I look at the guy. He was really handsome. He had big bright light brown eyes, the classic Italian nose, and a smile with teeth that were really bright He was really really tan, and he was wearing jeans, a detail that made him stand out from the other GPs who were in those drab white towels. His body was naturally muscular, not too worked out, a 4-pack instead of a 6. But it was those dimples, coming out with that smile, that really stood him apart. “What’s your name?” he asks, in English. I tell him, and asked him, in Portuguese, the same. “Herik,” he says. He asks the usual questions. He had a deep raspy voice, which was very interesting, and sexy. He was very engaging, and obviously very personable. A complete 180 from the cold Caio earlier. While we were talking, a lot of garotos were milling around and stepping over us in the corridor. This sauna is kind of claustrophobic, and it is hard to cruise like this in cramped quarters. But I was eager to know Herik more, and it seems he wanted to know me too. We switch between English and Portuguese, since Herik seemed to be adept in doing so, which was different from the others I’ve talked to. His GP needs came up to the surface though. He asked if I wanted to do a programa. I said maybe, playing coy. I asked him what he does in bed. He then puts a hand to his cheek to shield the view of his mouth from the others in the corridor. He then sticks out his tongue to reveal its length. Holy shit that tongue was long. We both laugh. I was sold. I didn’t even ask if he was a top or a bottom. I asked how much for his services. He said 100. I tell him to get a cabina and some condoms and lube. We head up to the room. It was an interesting room. It was dark, there was a sink, and there were mirrors in the ceiling and the walls by the bed. Old-school sleaze but it was cool and will do the job. We immediately get over the pleasantries and kiss passionately. He was possibly the best kisser I’ve encountered in Brazil, free or paid. That tongue was really doing its work. His muscles tensed up while we kissed. They felt good. He felt good. We come up for air long enough for him to get me naked. He immediately goes for my ass, and gives me the rimming of my life. Man, this guy. Words can’t describe how awesome it felt. He was going for it, almost like he was enjoying it. He took care of my cock as well, but he concentrated in rimming. After a while I get out of my reverie and notice our reflections in the mirror. My light tan skin against his dark tan created a stark contrast. His face was deeply buried in my ass. It was hot. This went on for a while. And then I managed to do my own exploring. His cock was big, as expected, and his ass tasted great as well. But he continued on his own tongue exploration. And then he asked me if he could fuck me. I said maybe. I said I was not ready. He said it didn’t matter. He wanted it. So I let him. He was gentle, and expertly managed to get me comfortable in his motions. The reflections in the mirror was hot too. Pretty soon he was about to cum. He pulls out and comes on my chest. He kisses me deeply. He asked me if I wanted to do anything. I told him I wanted to fuck him. He puts a condom on me and sits on me. He expertly gets me to cum in the condom. We get wiped down from all the mess using the sink. We talk for a while in the room before heading out. At the lockers I decide to give him 150. He thanks me and then asks if I was heading out or gonna stay for a while. I told him I had time to kill before dinner so I was gonna stay. He asks if I wanted him to stay with me. I told him he can. He leads me to the first floor bar where there were tables and chairs. There were about 4 customers with boys surrounding them. Across from us were other boys just waiting on customers. About 20% of them I could see doing a programa with. Most of them looked bored. One of the boys was Caio, the aloof top who rejected me. He still did not have a customer. I ordered beers for both of us. Herik and I talked about his life as a GP. He tells me that Manhattan is usually where he goes on Mondays, but he can be found mostly at Pointe 202, because he thinks it is a superior sauna for clients, and he thinks the whole layout was better than Manhattan. He goes to 117 on occasion, but Ponte 202 was really his beat. He says he usually just gets 1 client a night, as he hates staying in the sauna for too long. Herik then asks if he could excuse himself, and then disappears for a while to put on street clothes. A friend of Herik’s, also a GP, was with the gaggle of other GPs across from us. His name was Cristian. One of the boy next door types. He was talking to me from across the room. I invite Cristian over and ordered him a beer too. Herik comes back and was happy that I invited Cristian over. Pretty soon we were all talking and shooting the shit. There was lively music playing. The vibe at Manhattan was definitely more relaxed than 117. We spent a good part of an hour just relaxing and talking, and Herik and I making out in front of everything, with beers flowing. Pretty soon there was a show. There was a drag queen that did a song. And then three boys went onstage and began to dance. Some customers actually joined them and it was all a good time. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night in Rio. I definitely made the right decision to come to Rio one day early. It was 9:30 PM and I told Herik and Cristian I needed to go. I rescued my wallet from the locker and gave Cristian 30 reals just for being a good sport. He was grateful and asked for my Whatsapp. He really wasn’t the type I’d pay for sex, but he was a good sport, and provided some entertainment. Herik accompanies me to the counter as I pay for the night. I forgot how many beers we ordered, but the whole bill was $65. I am not sure if this was little or a lot, but I didn’t care. Herik waited with me at the counter for my Uber. He wasn’t shy. He still was making out with me even here. My Uber comes. Herik gets in with me and instructs the driver to let him out at a street that was on the way. In the car, Herik and I exchange Whastapps. After 5 minutes the Uber got to the street, Herik kisses me one last time, and gets out. Overall I think Manhattan Rios is a pretty chill sauna. The boys were fine, definitely a tier below 117, on average. The place itself was a little bit claustrophobic, but the atmosphere was pretty fun. I was eager to check out Pointe 202 though, and may not be able to have time to go back to Manhattan again this trip. I get back to the Hilton to wait for Gabriel. I’m happy to report that Gabriel is still hot, still sizzling in bed, but this time, a little bit melancholic and introspective. Definitely a departure from his usual Carioca bombast. I guess the winter is depressing for everyone, even in Rio. Next, touring Rio, and going to 117 with a free boy.
  4. Day 4: Bye BH, Hello Rio, and first impressions I know that Brasileiros are known to be late for appointments, but after the excitement in Sauna Olimpo, I was the one late for my night cap with Paulo, the hotel worker who I had intimate relations with yesterday. It was a Sunday night, and Paulo had school at the unholy hour of 7 AM tomorrow morning, which meant he had to wake up at 5 AM, which meant he could not stay the night. No matter. We made good use of the short time we had. We went back to the hotel room and just shot the shit. Made out, talked, made out some more. Nothing too intense. Perfect for just closing out the weekend. We were too lazy to go out (it was also a little bit cold, as it was late winter). So he suggested just getting burgers delivered to the hotel using Uber Eats. After looking at options we chose Burger king (I know). We put the hotel’s address and my room number in the order. 30 minutes later we get a call from reception asking if we had an order. We gave permission and 5 minutes later the deliver was knocking on our door. 2 giant cheesy burgers with cheese, French fries and 2 cokes ($20): Paulo left at 12:30 AM, after a nice low-key intimate time. As for me, I was tuckered out. It was a 4-boy day today. I slept for 10 hours straight and only woke up because of my alarm. It was time to go to Rio. The Uber ride back to Confins airport was pretty uneventful. And it was nice to see the new freeway in daylight. The Azul airlines flight was on time and pretty uneventful. They are still the more reliable choice for me. It was the first time I have flown into Rio’s secondary airport, Santos Dumont. Going through it was a breeze compared to the much larger and busier Galeao, but maybe not having to go through immigration was a big part of it: The walk to the Uber waiting lounge was pretty long one, especially if you’re schlepping bags with you. Once there, there were a quite a few passengers waiting with you, but it seemed pretty organized: It was $5 to get to Copacabana from the airport, and traffic was pretty light, as it only took as 15 minutes to get to the hotel. I reserved a 2 bedroom condo in Ipanema for this Rio leg, but because I was arriving one day early, I decided to cash in some hotel points and stay at the Hilton Copacabana for a day: I used the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the hotel’s facilities like the pool and the gym, as well as check out the beach. If you have Hilton status, it’s a good hotel to stay at, as they offered an upgrade to bigger room and beach view, as well as some free snacks, and free breakfast: As far as security, there was security everywhere in the lobby of the hotel. I had Gabriel, my GP extraordinaire, to spend the night with me today, and he arrived at 10 PM. At that hour, he was asked to register as a guest, which was fine with me. The hotel is probably not as flexible with overnight guests and there is a need to register them, but during the day I am sure you can sneak in a trick or two. There were a lot of late hour dining options around the hotel, and Gabriel and I were able to catch up over dinner and drinks. On this first day, my Grindr exploded as expected, and it got messages from majority free boys, which was surprising. The last time I was in Rio was the first week of Janaury, and it was at least 80% GP messages. This time, late winter, I had more free boy messages, and about half talked in English, and some Argentinians on vacation as well. Most of them were hot too (no pics sorry). I should go back every winter: The GPs were present of course, and this was on the first day. Samples: #1 #2 #3 #4 There were some interesting messages from people who I expected were GPs, but did not ever broach the subject of pay. I wonder what their deal was, like this guy: And today, between the pool time and when Gabriel arrived, I went to the new sauna Manhattan Rio’s. My impressions, next…
  5. Day 3.5: Taking the bad with the good I got to Sauna Olimpo as soon as I scrubbed myself down and got dressed. It was 5:30 PM, and the place was fairly busy with the Sunday crowd. Got into my towel + cellphone attire and surveyed the terrain. Some boys who I saw yesterday were here again. Some new ones that were just OK. No one stood out at the moment. I saw Bruno again and he spotted me and gave a big smile. He gives me a big hug and asks if I wanted to have a go again. “Talvez,” I said, not committing to anything. I told him I wanted to survey the field first. He respected that and then just hung around a bit to talk. He asked me if I liked the sauna, and how it compared to others I’ve seen. I told him that the facilities were excellent, but the cabinas were not as good. He told me I could get one of the “suites” with an en-suite bathroom. I asked if he could get one for me. He took off for the counter and pretty soon was back with a key to the suite. He showed me where it was and unlocked it for me to have a peek inside. It was fairly decent. He said it was charged per hour. I told him I was going to hold onto the key for a while. We retired to the video room and watched some straight porn while talking. After a few more minutes, Bruno told me that he will check out the customers, as he wanted an early night. We both left the video room and then went our separate ways. After a few minutes I was getting bored. I wasn’t finding any of the boys inspiring. I guess that’s what happens when one has already hooked up with two boys before the sauna. I spot a young pretty guy with an average body who was hanging out with a Brazilian friend yesterday. I though he looked charming but he is more of a B-quality boy. Definitely someone I wouldn’t get in a sauna. He spotted me and extended a hand, and then sat with me. He spoke Portugues in a strange accent that I could barely understand. But I kept up and talked. Eventually we got to the subject of a programa. He said he’d do everything, and for 80 reals ($20). That is the cheapest I’ve ever been quoted in a sauna. He was a B quality boy after all, so it made sense. Since nothing seemed to be inspiring me I took a chance with this particular boy next door. I told him I already had a suite and to just get some condoms and lube. He got some and took my suite key and led the way. What followed was pretty decent foreplay. But then I decided to rim him and he obviously needed a shower down there. I told him to shower and clean his bunda before proceeding. He did as told and then came back. His ass was still not as clean as I hoped. I decided to skip rimming and just fuck. He expertly took the condoms and lube and then sat on me. It was pretty rough thrusts by him, not sauve at all. After a few more pretty violent thrusts I told him to get off me. Holy shit, literally. My condom-sheathed dick was covered in shit. Disgusting. I told him to take it off and shower some more. He tossed the condom on the floor and did as told. He came back and put another condom on me and sat on me again. I tossed him on the bed and fucked him that way. I pulled out and the condom was covered in shit, again. This boy is not gonna work out. I told him we should just shower and call it a day. In the shower he tried to make amends. He blew me till I came in his mouth. I gave him 80 reals because, I guess he performed as promised. There is no standard of cleanliness with garotos I am know of, as with gay guys, but all that shit was just ridiculous. I remember in my most recent Bangkok trip I had three Myanmar boys in a row, and all three had pristine, smooth asses. And the asses were scentless too, no trace of perfume covering up anything, and not even a soap scent. It was just scentless, beautiful ass. Not like the hellscape I just experienced just now. I decided to not let that discourage me. I sat on the bar and ordered a beer. One of yesterday’s friendly clients was back and we talked for a bit. I warned him about swamp ass. He laughed and said that the boy did have a reputation. I guess I missed the memo. After a while, he bid me farewell to do a programa with a tall and lean black guy. I played with my phone for a while. After a while, and still nursing my beer, I felt a big presence get behind me and they put their hands on my shoulders. “How are you,” the guy said, in English. “I am good, yourself?” “I am good thanks!” answers the guy. I thought it was someone I knew. I turned around and it was another boy. He was very tall, young looking, nice lean muscular body and very cute. He has very tanned skin, and his smile was amazing. I was slightly disoriented. They were the first English words I’ve heard anyone speak to me in 3 days. “Can I?” he asked, pointing to the seat next to me. “Sim,” I answered, veering to the more familiar Portuguese. “Voce fala Portugues?” he asks. “Um pouco,” a little, I said. “Ainda estou aprendendo,” still learning. We switch to Portuguese. He was highly intelligible, even if he was speaking faster than what I am used to. His voice was deep and boyish at the same time. And he smiled while he spoke. A turn on. We talked about some boilerplate topics. Names (let’s call him Thiago), where we were from (he was native Mineiro), age (he is 21). He looked his age but his demeanor was more mature. He then asked me about what my impression of Brazil was. He was pretty easy to talk to, but also was not afraid to challenge me on certain things I said. He made me feel at ease. I asked him if he was going to school. He said yes, he was studying in a university, for a science degree. He said he went here at the sauna on the weekends to make money. He was also fairly complimentary. He definitely knew what words to say to give you confidence. It was different talking to him versus other GPs I’ve hung out with so far. I could talk to him all night. But of course I knew he didn’t have all night. I asked him if he really was a GP, or just a gay guy who wandered in the club. He laughed and asked why I asked that. I told him that he was educated, a great conversationalist, and not once asked if I wanted a programa, and we have been talking for a while. He said he liked talking too, and didn’t mind getting to know me. Since we were on that topic, I did ask him about what he did in bed. “Tudo,” he said the magic words. I told him we should go to my suite. And then I remembered the suite still had the shit covered condoms on the floor. I asked Thiago if he can have someone clean up the room. Handing him the key, someone took it from him to clean the room. I ordered him a beer and then waited for the suite. After a few minutes the key was handed back to me. We headed over to the room. The room was clean again thank god. We quickly dispatched of our towels. His dick just swung back and forth while he got to the bed and lied down. This was promising. I wrap myself around him. We continued talking. But now with a lot of making out and groping. We finished our beers and then made out like bandits. Sucking, body contact. Rimming was heaven. He was scentless, and it tasted great. He was toying with me too, teasing my ass with his big hard cock. His cock was nice. Thick, uncut, healthy foreskin real estate. I told him I wasn’t ready to get fucked, but would love to fuck him. So I did. And came in the condom. Pulling out, the condom was spotless. He is my kind of GP. We shower together, still talking, laughing, kissing. He asks me for my Whatsapp. I put it in his phone. He takes a selfie and sends it to me as a first message. We put on our towels and head for the lockers. I give him 150 and he accepts, not counting the bills. I don’t think we ever discussed the subject of payment. I gave him what I thought was fair, but he deserved more. I put on my clothes. It was 9 PM. I was late for my nightcap. Paulo was waiting for me at the hotel. That’s next.
  6. Day 3: Putting the Belo in BH While I finished my *3rd* beer big gulp, I had to ponder what I wanted to do tonight. Normally I’d err on the side of exploration, because you never know what you can find in a new city. I know how to take care of myself, and I can take precautions with meeting new people, like ask the guy to meet me at the hotel before going to the bars, have a good conversation first to suss out the situation, before even going blindly to the bar with strangers. Still not a foolproof way of avoiding getting robbed or worse, but it has served me well in my, albeit limited, experience in meeting guys in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico (and to a lesser extent, since they are safer places, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay). But what’s that saying? A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush? I have a garoto de programa willing to stay over overnight for 200 reals ($50). Yes, the other guy is free but in Brazil there is a 50% chance I’ll pay for drinks (from experience). And it is not a done deal that I will like the guy. I’ve been just going off the guy’s photos he sent me on Grindr. Or maybe he won’t like me. Lots of variables, versus a sure thing, sitting next to me, looking all statuesque and ready to go. Ultimately, I had to weigh in the fact that this is Brazil. There is still the danger factor to take into account, though it is ironic that I am putting more trust on the prostitute more than on a supposed office worker (the guy on Grindr). Also, only in Brazil that I can get someone with Bruno’s quality to get to stay with me overnight for $50. I decided to sleep in Bruno’s massive arms tonight, and tell Grindr guy to just meet tomorrow, in broad daylight, at the hotel. -Years from now, when I can’t be this adventurous anymore, due to either health or financial circumstances, I may regret not going out this night in BH. Oh well- So I tell Bruno to put on clothes (does he have to) to get out of here. I finish my beer and say goodbye to the remaining new friends I had that were not in programas currently. I head over to the locker rooms to put on clothes myself. I pay for my night (3 beers, a cabina, entrance fee). It must’ve been cheap since I don’t remember. What I do remember was they did not accept Visa credit cards (they had signs in big bold letters saying they only accepted Mastercard). I paid the bill with cash, and waited for Bruno to come. Bruno comes, in a tight button down that accentuates his chest and biceps, and nice jeans and shoes. It is always jarring to see the boys in fully clothed. Not bad, just different. As he guides me to the street he asks me if I was hungry. I wasn’t particularly hungry but asked him what he wanted to eat. It was past 10PM and I didn’t know where to go at this hour. He said we can just go to McDonalds a block away. With such a fine body, he still can afford eating junk food once in a while. Having sex and pleasing clients for a living is probably a workout in and of itself. After the cheap meal we head back to the hotel. Once again, no issues getting big strapping handsome Bruno through past the reception and to the elevator. I believe getting overnight guests in this hotel is not an issue. We get to the room and Bruno immediately takes off his clothes down to his skivvies and lounges on the bed. I do the same, cuddling with him, and we talked about a lot of things, in Portugues, about his life and my life and BH and Brazil. He’s turned out to be an interesting guy. High school educated but pretty sharp and smart and funny as well. I am always a fan of getting these sauna guys out of the sauna to get the true story. We got to have sex too, now in the more comfortable confines of a hotel, versus the filth and depravity of the sauna. We took our time, and took advantage of the expanse and comfort of the queen size bed, versus the filthy and hard cabina mattress in the sauna. When the fucking commenced, we had an issue with how squeaky the bed frame was, and it made some noise with the bed banging on the wall with every thrust. Sleep was pretty nice too. I got woken up by him going to the bathroom. It was 7 hours later. He gets back into bed to snuggle some more. After an hour of cuddling and kissing and some talking, I finally coax a hard-on from him and off we went. I didn’t want to cum (saving for other boys) but he was game and came in my mouth. Afterwards he heads to the shower to clean himself off: and then I join him. Afterwards we go downstairs to have café da mahna. He was hungry and ate a lot. After some more talking back in the room, I give him 200 and a 20 for the taxi. He tells me to send him a message if I was st the sauna later. I tell him I will. We kiss and he was off. I checked the room. All my things accounted for, nothing was stolen. I have come a long way from that first overnight with Gabriel in my first trip report. With sex and breakfast behind me I dive into my work. I was motivated to finish all this once and for all, so I can meet up with Grindr guy from last night at 3 PM, as well as going to the sauna after, and then a rendezvous with Paulo, the guy I had coffee with yesterday, to end the night. This is why I had to save the cum. I had several chances to score later. I was able to finish work with some minutes to spare. Grindr guy was coming up soon, in 20 minutes. I do a quick shower and tidy up the room to give it some semblance of order. I head downstairs and got some potato chips at reception. I was a little hungry. I waited for the guy at the lobby. After 10 minutes Grindr guy saunters in. He is taller than I thought, maybe 6’4. 25 years old, Italian looks, wearing cute glasses, a polo shirt and jeans. He was smiling widely, as I stand up to shake his hand. “How are you? Nice to finally meet you!” he says enthusiastically. I apologized to him for not being able to go with him and his friends to the bars. He said it was ok, he was with friends. But he said he had too much to drink. And he had to wake up a little early today because he had a lunch with family. Sunday is family time for Brazilians, he says, and this Sunday was no exception for his family. I asked him if I was in the way of his family day today. He said I wasn’t. He was going to go back to a family dinner later anyway, and my time with him this afternoon was a good distraction. This was nice. Conversation was flowing. The guy was pretty amiable, and had a naturally cheerful personality. English was perfect, accent only discernable with certain English words. We continued talking in the room. And then he looks at my left hand and takes it. I lean in for a kiss. That was it. He had a muscular frame but not too worked out body. More natural, with a little belly but suited him nicely. To my surprise, his body was smooth. I thought he’d be hairy because of his big beard. And he didn’t lack the size. My Brazilian expectation of a big dick and plump ass was pretty impressive with this guy. The cock was nice long and thick. The ass was plump and smooth. We feasted on the buffet at hand. It took us one and half hours to finish. He came 3 times! All 3 times was when I was fucking him. After every time he came we would take a break, sometimes talk, sometimes doze off. And then he would get a hold of my dick to make me hard and we were at it again. I only came once, on minute 20. Not that I couldn’t do more, but I had far to go today. The guy left around 5 PM. I had only a few minutes before I had to shower again for the sauna. Sauna Olimpo on a Sunday, next…
  7. I keep missing you. I'll be back November as well but not those dates.
  8. Day 2.5: Sauna Olimpo First Impressions I confessed on a previous trip report that I wasn’t particularly fond of saunas in general. Among one of my reasons was that I really didn’t like strutting up and down the premises wearing just a towel. I wasn;t particularly ashamed of my body but I’m just not comfortable. When I was in 117 or Lagoa I kept my clothes on with a towel in tow and sometimes wearing the sauna’s flip-flops, if I wasn't wearing my own, and left my wallet in the locker (I felt this was the safe thing to do). I tried to do the same here, but was told by the owner(?) that I needed to be in a towel. Okie-dokie, no worries. I still brought my cellphone with me. Can’t be without that. After the initial sensory overload of everyone in towels and my inability to make out the boys from the clients, I stood in a corner and saw everything and everyone, in a better light. Alright, there were clearly some hot boys here, and the clientele were a mix tonight, mostly older, some nice lookers, and sprinkling of younger guys. The place itself was really nice and appealing. There was a bar, some tables and chairs to sit on, and ideal lighting. Going around the premises, I could make out the cabinas and doors to bigger rooms, and a series of showers. I go back to my corner and immediately got accosted by a tall and muscular guy. He was lighter skinned, and he was squeezing his ample bulge over his towel. He leaned over close and started with his questions: what was my name, where I came from, what do I want. He then started to tell me what he could do. Lots of kissing, lots of body contact, and he would fuck me hard. I asked the ultimate questions “só ativo” he says. I had to break it to him. I was also a top, and would like to fuck him. He shakes his head and smiles, and then proceeds to tell me that the other stuff is enough, and penetration doesn’t have to happen. I ask how much: “150” he says. That is too much for just foreplay, even if he checks all the other boxes: handsome, tall, muscularly stacked, and a big dick and possibly delicious ass. I tell him to check in with me again after I get a bottom to fuck. He shakes my hand and pecks my cheek. That move alone made me hard, but ultimately I did want to get my rocks off inside an ass, and not my own hand (or his, or his mouth). So the hunt continues. I get some offers from other guys but felt they were more B-quality. I was content with waiting, I had all night. I sat down on one of the beach recliners and played with my phone. Eventually another garoto made his offer. I look up and saw a “Lagoa quality” man. Let’s call him Bruno. He was light skinned, long-ish brown hair that was clearly styled and framed his handsome face perfectly. He had nice thick lips, pretty striking for a white guy to have. And his body was perfect. Giant pecs, perfect six pack, and yummy biceps. Looking at him lording over me was hot and accentuated his physical gifts. He stretched out a hand and introduces himself. He asks if he could sit beside me, pointing to the void space next to me. I put a hand on the space and patted it. He sits down and gives me a sideways hug. We talk for a while, him asking some good questions, making me feel at-ease to be close to him. He again checks all the boxes, including willing to bottom. I asked how much “150” he asks. I was OK with that to be honest, but I countered anyway “100” I respond. “Vamos” he says with out hesitation. That was easy. He asks permission to get a room and some lube and condoms. I wait for him on the lounge chair. Two minutes later he was back, and takes my hand and guides me to a cabina. I was kind of disappointed with the cabina though. Not a lot of lighting, not totally private as it was more of a booth than a room, though there was a door that locked. I was going to say something but Bruno takes off his towel to reveal his hard penis. All my reservations melted away. You can’t find anything else wrong after you see such perfection in front of you. We kiss standing up for a while, and then I tell him to continue this on the “bed”. After that, he was in control. He knew the beats to follow. He knew how to position his body for maximum client enjoyment. He knew the right amount of foreplay and got the condom to suit me up to fuck him. He knew how to pace himself on top of me, making sure I came before he got tired. The visuals were wonderful of course. His muscles tensing up and his motivating “gostosos” and “issos” were pretty remarkable. When my hands explored his body, everything was rock hard and strong. I came in the condom. He automatically cleans me up and throws away the rubbish. I wanted him to cum. “150” he asks, and it was my turn to say yes right away. He came in my mouth. Now all of that was wonderful of course, but there was nothing organic about it. It was mechanical, passionate and detached at the same time. I know he was just trying to make a buck, and it was only work for him. And he knew how to please for sure. I was not complaining. It was just too rehearsed and unspontaneous. Probably too much to ask in a disgusting sex booth in a Brazilian sauna filled with hot male prostitutes, but then again, if one is in a Brazilian sauna filled with hot male prostitutes, you pretty much will have fun, no matter how “by-the-book” the sex was. He leads me to the showers, and talks while we were showering. He is very friendly. He asks me about my stay and my work, I ask him questions about BH. He kisses me after drying. We head over to the lockers and I gave him his 150. He asks me to put his number in my Whatsapp, telling me we should do something tomorrow. Sounds expensive but I let him do it. He hugs me one last time and heads off to find his next client. I decide to take a breather and headed over to the bar and sat down. I asked for a beer and was handed this giant bottle. I looked around and everyone was drinking it. A Brazilian guy to my left, probably 40-ish, started to talk to me in fairly broken English. I answer in my broken Portuguese and we went from there. He was nice, introduced me to his older boyfriend who was sitting next to him. And then there was a guy to my right who was ordering the same beer started talking to me. Maybe 50-something Brazilian. Was pretty friendly as well. Complimented me on trying to speak the language, since he said the gringos he knew did not even try. He asked me if I was staying for the show. I didn’t know there was a show. It was going to be in 30 minutes. I asked what the show was. I heard the English words “drag queen” and “stripper”, so I guess those things were enough to make me want to stay. I was also on Grindr during all this, and some gays I was talking to were wanting me to hang out with them. It was a Saturday night after all, so I was interested in checking out the gay bars in BH. I was told by one guy (25, tall, fit, handsome) to meet with his friends in a bar called Sapucai: I ask my new friends in the sauna about this place. One guy called on his younger friend. The friend was probably early 20s, not a looker but oh well I am not fucking him. He looks at my Grindr and tells me that this bar was in a sketchy place, and if it was my first time to go there it was not recommended. The young guy then tells me that this sauna is a nice way to spend a Saturday night as well, and it is safer and more secure. This was good information. I didn’t have to decide right away anyway, but its good to know the lay of the land from locals. After a spirited conversation with my seatmates (including them telling me there was another sauna de GP close to here but told me to not bother), the show started. It was a good show, and the drag queens were pretty skillful, though they were afflicted with the same condition as Thai drag queens, and that was “lip-syncing with an accent”, with them not mouthing the English words to the song as well as one would want, but oh well, it was fun. The star of the sauna came out as well, in a sexy striptease. I forgot his name, but he was worthy of being the superstar. Handsome, tall, perfectly smooth muscled body, big thick dick and ass. And a killer smile. When the show ended, my new friends headed over to cabinas with boys in tow. Like clockwork, Bruno appears, looking more handsome than before fro some reason, with hair all tousled, giving me a hug. He asks me what I was up to. I told him I didn’t know yet. He then asks me if I wanted company in the hotel tonight. I smile. He had a hand on his chest, and he was bouncing his perfect pecs up and down. He was making a sale. “How much?” I ask. “How much can you offer?” he asks. I automatically say “150”. He counters with 250. “200” I say, with finality. “Sim, vamos!” he then says, smiling. But I could go out with these guys in Sapucai later. What should I do? Bruno or this other guy?
  9. Day 2: Hello Belo Horizonte, and a Setback I slept like a baby at Royal Center Hotel. I guess I was really tired from yesterday’s travel day. I checked my phone and there were a ton of unread Grindr messages waiting for me. I might have fallen asleep responding to the messages, and some new ones trickled in as the night progressed. The GP offers I got on BH on Grindr weren’t too spectacular, and they seem to all ask 150 reals ($38) for their services: The some of the free boys were much more hotter than these GPs. My setback: I wish I didn’t check my work email. I guess my work needed me to finish something that I can work on remotely from hotel. I brought my work laptop with me this trip, just in case I needed to work, and I guess my instincts were right. I made myself available to work this trip, as with most trips. I then decided to just use this weekend, in BH, to finish whatever was necessary, so I can be free for the rest of the trip, which would be in Rio. The good thing about this was I can charge for 2 days worth of work, saving me some of the vacation days I was going to use, but the bad thing about this was, I had to cancel my intentions to do an overnight to Ouro Preto, since I didn’t have time to go there as well as work this weekend. I also then decided to leave BH one day early for Rio. I can't imagine BH would be exciting on a Monday, with Ouro Preto out of the picture. Fortunately, Azul Airlines sent me a “flight time change” notice in my email a few weeks ago, which enabled me to either accept the new time, or book a completely different flight, even on a different date, no charge, by clicking on the blue button: I booked a flight on Monday, two days from today, instead of leaving originally on Tuesday, since I was not going to Ouro Preto. I might as well start my Rio leg early. Mondays in Rio meant going to try Manhattan Rio sauna, which made me feel good about my choice to get there sooner. Before working I had to get breakfast , since I was hungry. I slept past the availability of the free breakfast offered by the hotel, so I had to get my "cafe da manha" outside the hotel. I showered, google mapped the closest shopping mall (Shopping Cidade), memorized my route so I didn’t need to whip out my phone unnecessarily in public (can’t be too careful in Brazil). It was only a 15-minute walk, and it was nice out, but my path took me through the downtown (centro) of BH, which made me feel a little uneasy, due to the volume of people walking around. Nothing bad happened of course, and I was actually asked for directions twice in my walk. Maybe I looked like I knew what I was doing, or where I was going. I got to the shopping mall with no incident, and I felt I wasn’t in any danger whatsoever any time. BH felt safe during the day. I have been talking to a boy from BH on Grindr for 2 weeks now, let’s call him Paulo. He’s a cute 22-year old, tall with tanned skin and an athletic body. His face looked more latino than white, and had the most luscious lips I've ever seen in a while. He worked at hotel reception in a hotel in Savassi, so his English was good/passable. We planned on going to Ouro Preto together tomorrow, but since my plans changed, a coffee meetup would have to do for now. When I got to Shopping Cidade, I Whatsapped Paulo. He said he was already in the mall and told me to meet him at Mr Black Coffee: It was easy to find, and Paulo was already seated. When he saw me he stood up to greet me and gave me a hug. We sat down together and ordered. I was overzealous and ordered a Pao de quiejo, a pao de quiejo with Nutella, and a ham panini, and a latte with Nutella: All delicious of course. Not as delicious as Paulo though. That face. Talking to him was enjoyable. He had a good sense of humor, and his broken english was pretty endearing. After a good conversation and good food, we decided to walk back to the hotel. We get to the hotel and there were no issues with taking him up to the room (no one cared at reception, no one looked up). We immediately get to the business at hand. We tear our clothes off. his body was lean and tight. Big cock, big ass, two things I come to expect with Brasileiros, and Paulo was no exception. We make out in bed. We suck, we rim, we fucked each other. My first sex this trip proved to be pretty amazing. He did ask if we could do it bare. I thought about it but decided not to give in to temptation. It was fun nevertheless. After the deed we showered together. Thank goodness the shower was big enough for two people. Another point for Royal Center Hotel. He towered over me, but he didn't mind leaning over once in a while for a kiss. It took us a while to finish showering but between talking and kissing, it was worth it. We put clothes on and he asks me what I was going to do for the rest of the afternoon. I tell him I needed to work. I didn't tell him I was going to the sauna after working. He frowns with the news and tells me he will leave me to concentrate. I tell him I’d like to see him again. He said to Whastapp him. He had work tonight but was free all day tomorrow. So I do just that. I work for about 3 hours fueled with the “para levar” coffee I had from Mr Black. It is hard to concentrate on working while you’re in paradise, as I have done numerous times before. But I felt it necessary to get this done this weekend, so I can have all the fun time for my main event: Rio. And for the main event today: Sauna Olimpo. At 5:45 PM I decide to call it a day and closed my laptop. I shower (again) but this time for the sauna. I wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. I step outside and there was a little chill in air (it is late winter), but thankfully the sauna is just a 4-minute walk from the lobby of the hotel. Using Google Maps was accurate, as I got to the sauna location without getting lost. Sauna Olimpo actually looked like a house more than a place of business, so I was turned around at first. I enter the yard, walk up the stairs to the "house", get myself registered with the person in front, and head on in. Déjà vu set in. I felt like I was in Sauna Mezzaninu in Porto Alegre again. Where were the boys? I can’t tell the boys apart from the clients. What happened? Next…
  10. Day 1: Belo Horizonte flight and first impressions My research on Belo Horizonte on this site yielded a ton of useful info, mainly from these threads: Also, @pauleiro was kind enough to answer some questions I had on where to stay and what to do in Minas. I hopped on my red-eye from California to Panama. I then had a 4-hour layover. Connecting through Tocumen Airport is more or less fine with me, with its fairly bland but serviceable terminal, and majority on-time flights, but with longer layovers, this airport does get on my nerves. The saving grace is the Copa Air lounge, not because of the food and drinks (they suck), but because of the showers. Nothing like a nice hot shower to wash out the red-eye off of you and be ready for the next leg of the trip, to your destination. Copa Air has one daily flight to Belo Horizonte out of Panama, and since it not to Rio or Sao Paulo, I can’t imagine it being a particularly busy flight. And I was right. I got a free upgrade from Copa days before and upon boarding saw that the business class was half-empty, and economy was not full either. After the 6 and a half hour flight we land at Confins Airport. It was already midnight so I was raring to go to my hotel room and rest. I rushed through the airport to get to immigration. The immigration booths were still empty, I guess because they don’t really have a lot international travel through this airport. After a few minutes the booths started getting populated by immigration officers and we were let in to line up. I got to my immigration officer and surprisingly it took him a while to process my passport. I never use my American passport for Brazil, since I had dual citizenship with another country whose citizens do not need visas to get into Brazil, therefore I was able to save that Visa fee (before $160, now $40 I think) for other things. But my immigration officer seemed to have a hard time processing my passport so it took him a while. After 5 minutes of waiting, and me being a little nervous with the wait, he figured it all out and gave me my entry stamp. After a few minutes wait at baggage claim for my bag I was off to customs. I was selected for customs screening and had to put my bags through the scanner. I guess they flagged something in my bags so they asked me to open them up for secondary inspection. The officer who looked into my bags was pretty professional, though did not speak English. He was looking for the two laptops I had with me and took one look at them and said “they are old, good” and waved me through. (I took my work laptop with me, unfortunately, and had my personal one with me as well) I guess they were checking if I had new laptops to sell? I don’t know. That was weird. After that short ordeal I was out of the secure area of the airport. A lot of people waiting outside for their loved ones. I was alone. Though I was wishing this guy was waiting for me. Didn’t get a photo from the front but he was delicious, and made me remember the reason I flew all the way here. I whipped out Uber. I was surprised it was a 40+ minute drive to central Belo Horizonte from the airport and about R$75 reals ($18). I would learn later that locals do think that Confins is too far from BH, but the closer airport, Pampulhas, has slowly been neglected for the more modern and bigger Confins. The driver picked me up pretty quickly and I was on my way. The way to BH was pretty nice. A nice, new modern freeway without traffic made the ride feel quick. I opened up Grindr of course to see the lay of the land. At 1 AM I didn’t think there would be a lot of guys online, but holey moley I was busy talking to guys the whole ride to BH. I can guess around 30% were GPs, but most were free boys, and a good amount fluent in English, and the rest content in talking in Portuguese to the gringo. But most of them were pretty nice looking: Upon the recommendation of @pauleiro I chose the Royal Center Hotel in BH. This worked out to be a great recommendation as it was in a great location and literally across the street from Sauna Olimpo. I got to the hotel at 1:30 AM and they had the entrance locked. I knocked and the glass doors were quickly opened for me. I gave them my passport and credit card and talked to me in Portuguese the whole time. Pretty soon I was on my bed. The room was fairly spartan and small, but the bed was comfortable and there was AC. After a quick shower I lay in bed and answered more Grindr messages for 30 minutes. I was too tuckered out from the long travel day to hook up. But if Grindr was any indication, it was going to be a good stay in Belo Horizonte. More of Belo Horizonte, and Sauna Olimpo, next...
  11. Previous posts: I felt that I wanted to share my third “newbie” trip to Brazil. This is my third visit in 9 months, and by this time I have found a winning formula for my Brazil trips that enabled me to eventually visit all the states in Brazil. My trips averaged about 10 days each, and I am thinking I will always want to visit either Rio or Sao Paulo in each of those trips, since these two are the major cities and have all the good saunas, but since I was interested in visiting all the states in Brazil eventually, I had to pair my trips to those cities with a city that was not in RJ or SP state. Since my trip 4 months ago was in Sao Paulo, with companion state Rio Grande do Sul, visiting Porto Alegre and Gramado and Canela, this trip I decided on Rio de Janeiro as my base city. Choosing the companion state was easy. Belo Horizonte was one of the few cities in Brazil that had international flights flying directly into its airport. Copa Air had flights to Belo Horizonte (BH, or Beaga) from Panama via a 6.5 hour flight, and it was easy enough to get flights to Panama from California. So my 6th state will be Minas Gerais, the state where BH is located, joining RJ, SP, Rio Grande do Norte (Natal), Bahia (Salvador), and last trip Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre). After booking my California to Belo Horizonte flight outbound, and RJ back to California inbound on Copa Air, I booked my BH to RJ flight on Azul airlines. Azul was an easy choice. I had a great experience with them flying to and from Porto Alegre on Azul on my last trip, and eager to erase my horrible LATAM and Avianca Brazil memories. As for touristy things to do, my search of Minas yielded a shit-ton of tourist places to visit, like Capitolio and Ouro Preto, so I had to narrow down my choices because of the limited time I had. For Rio, I wanted to check out the beaches outside the Ipanema-Copa-Leblon cluster, and I had to figure out how to get these places as well. As you will see in this report when you read it, my choice of travel to these RJ beaches was a semi-life changing one. With companions, I was of course eager to meet new men, but two guys who I had tremendous rapport with in past Brazil trips will be making appearance this trip. Gabriel, the 117 Garoto de Programa who was featured prominently in my last trip, is going to be in this trip as well. I’d be remiss if I didn’t see him while I am in Rio since he lives there. Also, a free boy I met last December in Sao Paulo, a cute/handsome Paulista cabeleleiro (hairdresser), upon hearing that I was coming to Brazil, invited himself to the Rio portion of my trip. I didn’t mind his company, because he bought his own plane ticket from SP to Rio, as well as promising to pay for his food and drinks and fixing my hair. I just made it clear to him that I was going to be a slut this trip. He said he would do the same. As far as saunas are concerned, I was really motivated to check out more than just my 1 visit to 117 in Rio last January, my paltry 2 visits to Sauna Mezzaninu (in which I did not get a programa with anyone) in Porto Alegre, and my 1 visit to Lagoa last trip in Sao Paulo. For BH, Sauna Olimpo seems to be a favorite with BoyToy members, so I was excited with my choice of city this trip. For Rio, I want to see what all the hubbub was about with Manhattan Rios, and I also wanted to visit Pointe 202 and of course re-visit 117, where I met my superstar GP, Gabriel. You’d be surprised how many saunas I went to this trip, and with whom. So this is the setup. I write very detailed trip reports because it is the only way I know how. Continue or no?
  12. Sorry no Carlos pics, in the interest of privacy. Me too!
  13. I was in Bogota again a few weeks ago and would like to share a bit about my stay. I didn’t plan on going to Bogota so soon after my last trip to this great city, but a Colombian Chaturbate model living in Baranquilla I had my eye on for a while expressed interest in (1) meeting me for a nice trip somewhere and (2) wanted to check out Bogota as a place he’d like to visit and possibly move to. His terms were simple, (1) pay the flights to BOG from BAQ, plus food and drinks were my responsibility, (2) I were to bring some warm clothes for him to wear, and didn’t care if they were pre-worn. My terms were (1) I could do anything to him and (2) I could hook up with other guys while he was staying with me. We had a deal. Usually the boys just wanted a break from the soul-crushing work of having sex on cam, as well as being stuck in a house full of boys, and it doesn’t take much for them to go on a weekend trip with you. Let’s call the kid Carlos. He is 22, tall with a lean muscular build. His draw online was that he looked younger than 22, had an angelic face, and an enormous penis that was always hard. He would also pair up with off-again, on-again Venezuelan boyfriend, who was 21, strikingly beautiful, and also had a large penis. These two would take turns fucking each other online. They weren’t the highest of earners, like other boys I know, but they were hard workers, and from my extensive Whatsapp conversations with them, pretty humble and simple. I toyed with the idea of inviting Carlos with his boyfriend, but the unstable nature of their relationship made me just want to stick with the more masculine, handsome Carlos. I bought his roundtrip airplane ticket on LATAM for $64 total. I took the red-eye Aviance flight from LAX to BOG direct flight that gets into Bogota at 7 AM. I was going to stay for 3 nights on this long weekend. Some notes: 1. Since I was getting into Bogota early, I had to get a hotel that allowed early check-in. I looked online and looked at some reviews of top hotels that had reviews for early check-in. I settled on the Embassy Suites Hilton, which had reviews of some people being able to check-in early. Sure enough, getting there at 9 AM was no problem. I got a room right away and was able to take a 3 hour nap while I waited for Carlos. 2. I received a call from reception to let me know that Carlos was downstairs. I rushed downstairs to fetch him. Reception asked for his “cedula” and made a copy and added his name in the reservation. No fuss. The hotel itself was OK. Nothing special, but had free breakfast as well as a free happy hour. Carlos and I did not need dinner as the happy hour hors d'oeuvre were enough for the two of us. 3. Our first night was a Thursday and we had fewer options for night life. We opted to try the “El Mozo” gay bar, which had great advertisement for their “College night” on Thursdays. We were impressed by the building and bar, but found the clientele to be a bit bland and music to be just OK, so at 12 midnight we decided to leave and head over to greener pastures. Not much college night about the night. 4. After a cursory search online we decided on just giving up and going to Theatron, on a Thursday. They had this for advertisement (Jueves Hot), so why not give it a try: I really had my heart set on going to Theatron on a Saturday, their big night, but we were itching for some nightlife so off we went. 5. Theatron was different on a Thursday night. No cover, and no line to get in. Just the usual security pat down and ID check. We went through the side entrances and found about 50% of the bars closed. Most of the bars open were the ones in the upper levels. There were fewer people, but the crowd was definitely more fun than in El Mozo. 6. The “men’s only” upper floor at Theatron was actually not men’s only on Thursdays. They allowed women also, and the dancers were not nude when we got there midnight: I thought this was because there were girls that night so the gogo boys were not allowed to be naked. Well when it got to 1 AM, they changed models and the model onstage quickly got rid of his undies to reveal his hard on: At 1 AM, the drink prices changed too. They were charging full price for all the alcohol. It’s probably why the models got naked. More money. 7. We changed hotels the next day, and we were glad we did. I tried the JW Marriott in Bogota and they have specials in the weekends ($130 a night). With status I received free access to the lounge which meant again free breakfast and free happy hour. Again we were able to take advantage of the happy hour hors d'oeuvre selection which was enough for dinner, and the breakfast was a pretty hearty amercan breakfast. 8. Carlos was a frisky one and he was pretty determined to find a good “prepago” or prostitute for both of us to share as soon as we got to our room. A lot of great selections on mileroticos website, the Colombian website for paid boys. Carlos pretty much handled the searching, talking and asking the price. Most were in the 150k to 250k COP range, which was $50 to $80. Some samples: We both agreed upon this blue-eyed stunner who was versatile and agreed to take both of us. Asked for 250k, Carlos bargained him down to 175k ($59) for an hour. Two hours later the boy was at the JW Marriott, and he didn’t have any issues getting to the room with us. Security was tight but didn’t pay us any attention. The boy ended up staying three hours, partly for sex (which was awesome, and threesomes aren’t my favorite, so that was saying something) and partly because Carlos and he hit it off. We all went to happy hour together and the boy loaded up on the free beers. He said goodbye after dinner. Money well spent. 9. We were intending to go to Theatron this Friday night but I wanted to check out the stipper bar “Gigolo Erotic House” first. It was so much fun that we ended up staying the whole night till 3 AM. Cheap booze (whiskey bottle was $30 with cokes and waters) which we shared with the boys. Hot dancers who went around the room looking for tips and lap dances. We noticed some dancers here also were dancers in Theatron. So to answer someone's question, yes, you can hire the Threatron dancers who also work here. You can get a private dance for 50k COP ($17), which was done in the side behind curtains. You can pretty much do anything to the boy during the dance. I did two lap dances when I was there. One was with this guy, and I did pretty much everything, so yummy (photos from their Instagram): The other was with this guy. He was more shy at first but opened up. He was more sweet and liked kissing: Carlos went wild of course. He was making friends, asking for WhatsApp numbers from the boys. He hit it off with this one stripper who was close to his age. The stripper stayed with us for most of the night. Carlos then told me that the stripper could go with us to the hotel for 80k COP ($27). I talked to the stripper for a while and he won me over. He did end up going home with us when the club closed at 3 AM, and actually stayed the night and had breakfast with us at the hotel. No issue with getting him in the hotel either. Threesomes are fun with Carlos. By the way, this bar is the closest to a Bangkok Bar that I’ve ever seen outside of Thailand, because of this: And yes, there was a fuck show, sexo en vivo, at Gigolo Erotic House. It took the whole bar to a whole new level for me. Plus of course the great guys. In some ways it is more fun than a Thailand bar, because the boys were not shy, and they were cheaper, and they were probably more fun. PS. Day 3 was fun as well, and we targeted free boys on Grindr. Lots of free boys in Bogota too. PPS. Carlos ended up moving to Bogota, with boyfriend in tow. I'm glad I brought all those sweaters for Carlos.
  14. numazu1

    10 hour layover in Bogota

    Oh yeah, definitely doable. What's funny is that 5 hours is usually my average time in a typical day that I use for tourist activities in Colombia: wake up late morning after a night at the clubs, eat breakfast, then head over to whatever sites the city offers, and then after 5 hours or so of ubering, sight-seeing, souvenir shopping and coffee breaks at Juan Valdez, we then have a late lunch in the late afternoon, before heading back to the hotel to have sex and have a disco nap before going out at night again.
  15. numazu1

    10 hour layover in Bogota

    Of course its worth it, but depends on what you're going to do. What times were you thinking? Is it for saunas or tourism? An Uber to La Candelaria will get you to Plaza Bolivar, Museo de Oro and the other nice museums. It is the old part of Bogota so its nice to walk around. From there you can take a short taxi ride to the teleferico station to go up Monserrate. Probably a 2 hour visit overall in Monserrate if you don't stay long. Nice views, some shops to buy some recuerdos. Worth the $7 roundtrip ticket on the cable car. I have not been to the saunas so can't comment on that. Close-ish I guess. These were my Uber rides from last April and this month from the airport to north of Chapinero: Both were around 45 minutes to get to Chapinero. One in the morning during rush hour, another in the middle of the afternoon, both weekdays. It is painful compared to other countries, but in my experience, Bogota has the fastest immigration line among the Colombian airports I've been to. My longest wait was 30 minutes one time (3 international arrivals all queued up), but I've done it some times in just 5 minutes (usually coming from Biz class so in front of plane and rushed to the "Extranjeros" line before all the other gringos). The security and immigration at departures though, has consistently been a wait for me. Sometimes it takes an hour to get through the line to immigration and security. My average has been 30 minutes. Medellin to me is the absolute worst. The smaller airports Cartagena and Baranquilla also have long wait times through immigration. I don't know why it takes so long. I never spend longer than 15 seconds with an immigration officer. I've had two instances where I left the airport during a long layover in Bogota. One was a 12 hour overnight layover which I just basically got a hotel in Chapinero and went to gay bars and used the room for hooking up. Another during the day and did some shopping and had a meal with a friend. Both times I did not have to pay an airport tax, and I did not have the transit designation in my passport stamp. Your mileage may vary though. I've seen on TripAdvisor some who were in transit and did not pay airport tax, but others were asked to pay it, and had to have the airline intervene on their behalf to show proof they were only there less than 24 hours and therefore were in transit. I found this in their website. It says if in transit no need to pay the tax, but unsure if this only means if you stay airside, or if it is also applicable if you leave the airport. I haven't had to pay Airport Tax in my Avianca flights, but I guess based on the online forums, your mileage may vary.