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    This is funny. I was just thinking about Curitiba as well, as possible place to go in January. I'll be looking at this space for some advice. My questions mainly are: 1. Are there enough touristic places to go to to sustain interest for possibly 5 days? Or is that too many days. 2. Are the saunas any good? Is it like the BH sauna (consistently good) or is it more like the Porto Alegre sauna (uneven)? Just thinking about the off-RJ and SP examples. 3. Other gay stuff to do. Gay clubs? Grindr/Hornet experience? Thanks! Will report back as always.
  2. Day 7: When You’re Too Late For the Party, Start Your Own I woke up with a hand shaking my leg. It was Diego Dois, the limp wonder from yesterday, trying to wake me and Diego up. I looked at my cellphone: it was only 6 AM. What the hell. “I need to go home. My wife needs me,” he says. Diego and Diego Dois converse for a little bit. Diego tells me “I’ll just accompany him down to the street. I’ll be back.” I drift right back to sleep. I get woken up by Diego getting back to bed. He gives me a kiss. His lips tasted like toothpaste. The bastard freshened up again. Very professional. “Was it OK if Diego Dois went home? He really needed to go back home,” he asked, earnestly. “Tudo bem, “ I exhaled. I get right back to sleep in Diego’s arms. I’ve woken up in Rio only 8 times in my life. Despite this limited experience, I’ve developed a curious habit. This has been my practice so far: when I wake up in Rio, I usually check the weather outside. If there is sun, I must go out to the beaches. If there isn’t, I go back to bed. As a kid, summering by the beaches in Southern California, I’ve learned to let the sun decide what kind of day I will have. A habit I’ve taken with me to Rio. Even if all my Rio escapades have been very adult so far, looking for the sun to go to the beach takes me back to my childhood. It almost feels like home. ALMOST. My childhood experience did not include a hunky full-grown man beside me in bed. Diego was already awake, and looking at his phone. “Oi amor,” he smiles. “Bom dia.” A kiss. I looked at the window. No sun. “Sem sol?” I ask Diego. “It is cloudy. But I am sure the sun will come out for us. Let’s go to the beach today?” I say yes. A cloudy day in Rio is probably still more beautiful than any sunny day back home. We wake Alex up and all get ready. It was Alex’s turn to buy the meal. It was 12 noon, so lunch was in order. We find a restaurant in Ipanema near Praca General Osorio called Belmonte. I had a pretty tasty chicken thing: Afterwards we head towards the gay beach in Ipanema by Rua Farme Amoeda, the gay street in Rio. It was still cloudy but the sun was hinting its appearance through the clouds. It didn’t get totally sunny, but it hardly mattered with nice visuals, good drinks, and good company: At 5PM we walk back to the apartment to shower and rest. Diego and I “rest” for a bit as well, before the evening’s activities. After all was said and done (demorar muito), Diego’s GP friend came to the apartment to join us. Tomas was a handsome, very tall, mixed race black guy. I met him yesterday, at 202. Diego had a lot of very handsome GP friends for sure, but Tomas’s difference maker for me was two things were: (1) it was apparent from hanging out that Diego and Tomas were close and (2) Tomas spoke fluent English. After a while in Rio, ridiculous as it sounds, another hot guy is just another hot guy. It will take more than a great face, hot body, and big cock to stand out. Such is the ridiculous circumstance one finds oneself when in a Brazil sauna. At the sauna yesterday, Tomas and I had a long conversation over beers while hanging out and knew quickly then that he was an expert GP. He knew how to make you feel at ease with him. He knew when to turn up the sexy too, to urge you to do a programa with him without demanding one. He had a nice muscular body, and it looked like from his towel that he had a big one. It didn’t matter yesterday tho. Conversation was good enough. Now, at the apartment, Tomas looked even more stunning, in tight fitting shirt and trendy pants. He was a pretty polished player for sure. We all Ubered it to 117. As I approached the door to 117 I noticed that my wallet was gone. I quickly tell everyone. Diego, in his quick thinking, thinks it fell out of my pocket and was still in the Uber. Diego and Tomas race to the Uber, which by now was slowly making its way up the road, and flagged it down. They retrieve the wallet, which was on the floor at the backseat. Much later I check the contents, discretely. All the money and cards were still there. It was a stupid mistake. I am still learning to trust Diego, but he came through. Diego and Tomas entered as boys (20 reals each), and Alex and I entered as customers (60 reals each). 8:30 PM admittedly is not ideal sauna going time. It’s hard to be on time when you’re having fun. Déjà vu set in though. Much like Lagoa was on a Monday and Tuesday, 117 at this hour, a Thursday, was not busy. There was a sprinkling of customers milling about, but the atmosphere was fairly subdued. There were some nice looking guys. But maybe because Diego and Tomas were with me, I did not wanted to interrupt my hanging out time with them to go to just to go do a programa. At 9:30 PM Diego was wondering why I wasn’t finding anyone to have sex with. I was pretty indecisive. I was zeroing in on this white-ish guy. Fairly classic example of what you would look for in a Brazilian sauna: very handsome, tall, muscular, abs on point, large bulge through the towel, large ass. I kept looking at the guy but I wasn’t pulling the trigger. Diego sees me eyeing the guy and asks me if I wanted him. I shrugged, but ultimately said yes. Just as I said that, the boy sits with a Brazilian customer. Diego looks at me. “Nao sei,” I said. We go back to our conversations. At 10 PM, the boy was still with the customer talking, but not going to a programa. Diego tells me he will talk to the boy to see if he is available for a programa, despite him being with a customer. Diego approaches their table and they talk for a while. Diego comes back and says the boy will do it for 150 reals. He will come to our soon. At 10:30 PM though, we still see the boy talking to the customer. Diego says we leave. Clearly the boy was not interested in my money. We all leave 117. I had blue balls. Tomas asks Diego that maybe we should go to 202 instead, maybe it was better there. Diego texts one of his GP friends who he knew was in 202 tonight to ask about the crowd. He gets a reply. “My friend says 202 is no better. Not busy. He had no customers tonight. He left 30 minutes ago,” Diego says. This was turning into a bad night for sauna-going overall. “Do you want to go to 202 anyway to see if there are boys you like? It might be better than here. There was only one boy you liked here,” Diego suggests. Tomas counters “But that’s another set of entrance fees. It’ll get expensive.” “We don’t have to go in. I can go in first and see if there are even good boys still there. If there are we can take the boy home, so you don’t have to pay the cabina fees.” This was not a bad idea. This will only cost about an extra 10 reals since we will have to get two Ubers (to the sauna, and then home) instead of just the one to get home. And nothing was happening here anyway. So Alex and I settle our accounts and off we go to 202. At the counter, Diego talks to the counter guy and then ducks into the sauna, while we waited. After 5 minutes of searching for boys, Diego emerged with two boys. The boys looked so similar that they could be brothers. They were both Caucasian looking, and not at all Latino. They were both in street clothes, which was weird, probably on their way out as well. “Which one?” Diego asks. Again, I am not comfortable with choosing in front of boys. And at this point, I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone else at all. But Diego went through all this trouble so I chose the boy with the better hair. It was a hair-based choice. The other boy asks if he could come as well, possibly for a reduced fee. Diego says no. “Another mouth to feed,” is what Diego said. There were 5 of us now, and it was 11:30 PM. We all decide to walk to a grocery store to get drinks and some finger food, for the impromptu house party. Diego managed to satisfy everyone’s alcohol preferences: Alex liked a specific beer, Tomas and the new boy, Rafa, hard liquor. Diego and I will drink anything, so after a frantic 30 minutes in the market we get this: There was a line to the cashiers. Diego gives 50 reals to Tomas and instructs Tomas to buy something at the pharmacy across the street. I asked what Diego wanted. Diego laughs and then tells me to go with Tomas to find out what it was. Tomas smiled the whole time as we cross the street to the pharmacy. “I have a discount with this pharmacy,” he says. Tomas tells the cashier what he wanted, pays and then hands the two little boxes to me: It was Viagra. I laugh. “Do you really need this?” I ask. “I don’t think so,” Tomas says, “But Diego seems to think we do.” We get back to the market. “Viagra?” I whisper to Diego. Diego laughs and puts an arm around me. “You were disappointed with Diego Dois yesterday. I don’t want these boys to let you down now.” as he kisses my ear. Another value added thing that Diego puts on the table. He is even in charge of the hard-ons. As we check out we notice a pack of women very skimpily dressed at the next cashier. “Prostitutes,” Tomas tells me. I guess even prostitutes need groceries too. As we leave the market, the prostitutes cat-call Diego, Tomas and Rafa. The boys hurl some pleasantries back. I guess if you’re in a pack of pretty boys like these three, you get noticed. The putas walk into the night: Four us pile into the backseat of an Uber, while Tomas, the biggest of us all, was in the front. Back at the apartment, Diego sets the stage again. The sofa bed is unfurled. The beers and drinks shared. Diego cooks up the hotdogs and beef were cooked. The advantages of having a kitchen that only getting an AirBNB provides: After some discussion with the boys, Diego sets me aside. He tells me it is 80 for Tomas, for everything, plus an Uber ride home. For Rafa, the usual 150 reals, and he sleeps here before taking the Metro in the morning. Not a centavo more, he says again. Tomas is first up. I know this because Tomas gets up at hour one to shower. Tomas goes to the bedroom afterwards. That was my cue. I shower as well and go to the bedroom, as Diego, Alex and Rafa shoot the shit in the living room. Tomas was a joy. His long, lithe body was a sight to behold. His kisses were deep, punctuated by his mouth’s journey to my neck and chest, which heightened the mood. He is a strong guy, so he was able to carry me, shift, me, and contort me any which way he could. His ass was sweet to the taste. And I am burying the lede here. He had the largest cock I’ve ever seen in Brazil. Can’t put all the way in the mouth, and it was a two-hander to just jack off. And it was hard as a rock (Viagra?). It can split anyone and anything in so many different ways. He does not bottom, but that didn’t even cross my mind as I partook. The English language dirty talk was just icing on the cake. 80 reals, as promised. I did not want to pay more, as I know how Diego feels about that. Tomas and I shower together and join the others for more merriment. At hour two and half, it was Rafa’s turn. He showers and in a towel, takes my hand as we go to the bedroom. I never really had the time to assess Rafa before this moment. Now that I have my alone time with him I can see up close that I made the right choice. In street clothes he looked just like a boy-next-door. But up close, and half-naked, he was gorgeous. Nice blue eyes, lots of light brown hair, supple white skin that suited him. He looked like this football player back in high school who I had a huge crush on. Another reminder of my childhood, surprisingly to be found in Rio. The difference is I get to have sex with this one. I get to live out my fantasies through Rafa. He takes off his towel and out flops his cock. After Tomas, I really didn’t really expect Rafa to measure up. He was white after all. But what I saw was impressive as well. Another boy whose cock was disproportionately large in relation to everything else. I would post a pic if it was allowed here. His cock is as white as he is. He was not as demonstrative as the Carioca Tomas, but this boy from Curitiba was no less hot. He bottomed, I obliged. Seeing that cock spring back and forth with each thrust was a delight. It was hard the whole time too, so I knew Viagra was the answer. We both came in buckets. 150. After the limp noodle that was Diego Dois, having two rock-hard hung penises sure made up for that disappointment. The party ended at 5 AM, and I called an Uber for Tomas (15 reals). Rafa left as well to take the Metro. Alex was super drunk and somehow lost all his clothes by the end of the night and snoring on the sofa bed naked as the day he was born. Diego and I settle in the bedroom. “Tomorrow, we should not go to the sauna. There’s no reason for you to spend all that money on entrance fees and cabinas. The party is in this apartment, not in the sauna.” That’s only partly true. The party is wherever he was.
  3. Is there a category for Best Slut Writing? LOL too kind.
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    Do not Post any photos

    Too bad @tomcal. Your experience and insight are always needed in the forums. Your reports are the primary reason I've ventured out to Brazil in the first place. I hope you reconsider. I guess this is a reason why I don't post *too many* photos of the boys I've met in Brazil. If I do post, its photos that are readily available on the internet so it can't be traced back to me. It's a good point tho. If a boy freely gives out his photos to his clients, or if he has a public Instagram that he shares to anyone who asks, there is hardly an expectation of privacy. Photos taken by clients and shared online are another matter. The debate is still out if consent is needed to post personally taken photos in public. Some argue that the publicity will net them more customers. Some will say that it's a violation of their privacy. I just don't do it *too much*. Still, don't be a jerk guys. Don't show the photos to the boys. I do not want the photo fun to end in this forum. I am sure you guys don't want it to end either.
  5. Day 6: Night and Day “I have decided on something,” Diego tells me at 2:30 AM. Leo, Alex and both Diego and I shared a few beers after McDonalds at Alex’s house, and we were all in good spirits. Today, Alex and I were going to Rio to hangout for a few days. I booked a one-bedroom AirBNB in Ipanema weeks ago, not knowing that Alex would want to tag along. Not to worry. The AirBNB had a sofa bed in the living room. Diego was making the journey with us to Rio, because that’s where he lives. Our deal was he would stay with me for 5 days in Sao Paulo, as payment for the 500 reals I gave him to help him escape his pimp and be able to live on his own. “What is it?” I ask Diego, as we cuddle in Alex’s bedroom. “I’ve decided to stay with you in Rio as well. You’re there Wednesday to Saturday correct? You leave Saturday?” I nodded. “OK. I want to stay with you longer.” I asked him how much for the extra three days. He said to not worry about it. Same deal as before. I didn’t expect Diego to stay with me the whole time I was in Brazil. But so far it’s been nice. Yes, there was another mouth to feed when we go out, but that hardly mattered considering how much I’ve gotten back from him. “But what about the money you could get in the sauna? I am keeping you from your income.” I tell him, worryingly. I did not want to keep him from his work. It’s one thing when Alex takes some time off from work, but he earns a salary. Diego’s disposition is different. If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. Plain and simple. “A regular client of mine in Europe just sent me money, so I am good this week.” he says. “He sends you money even if you don’t sleep with him or stay with him?” I ask. “Yes, I get a monthly allowance. It’s a big part of the reason why I was able to pay off my pimp. And when he comes to Brazil, I just stay with him. He’s coming next month for a month, so I’ll see him then.” So thank you, random European person, for subsidizing my time with Diego. I feel this practice is more common than I think. So in the morning, and after Alex returns his car to his parent’s house, we all Uber it to Guarulhos. Took lots of photos of Diego at the airport, by the plane, in his seat, disembarking, and at Santos Dumont in Rio. I get it, it’s his second time on a plane. He is still giddy. We Uber it to Ipanema and it only took us 15 minutes in this early afternoon. That gave us time to do Rio shit like: Take the Rio Metro to Uruguiana station: Shop for knick-knacks at Uruguiana: Diego was looking for a used iPhone to buy in Rio’s version of Rua 25 de Marco, but because we had Alex, a programmer and tech geek with us, we were able to discover that most of the iPhones in Uruguiana were blocked by Apple. Perhaps stolen and then duly blocked by the hapless victims? I dunno. Diego got discouraged and we went home. Go back to the apartment and shower, and then we were ready to head out to Pointe 202, the GP sauna in Copacabana (no photos allowed!): While we were waiting for Alex to finish getting ready, Diego shows me a photo of a guy. The guy looked young, handsome, naked, and had a hard-on. “Who’s that?” I ask. Diego says that it was his roommate, who was also called Diego, who was asking my Diego if I was interested in seeing him. “I am showing you this as a favor to him, since he needs money, but you are not obligated to see him.” I look at the photo again. Indeed the boy was handsome and hot. I tell Diego to ask him to go to Pointe 202 so we can meet him, so I can make a better determination if I liked him or not. Diego texts Diego Dois (that’s his name now) to meet us at the sauna. When we got to the sauna, it was almost 8 PM, but the place was packed to the gills. It was a Wednesday night, a school night, but it was like night and day compared to Sao Paulo’s Lagoa. There was also a show tonight, which what might explain the crowd, but even still. Alex was excited. We got our beers and surveyed the selections. I told Diego I wanted someone super muscular, maybe a little bit darker this time. I wanted an opposite of what I had yesterday (white muscular twink). After a few misses, Diego and I find Marcos, a handsome, muscular, and darker GP, with giant biceps (disproportionately so, eu acho) and a nice fat cock. Diego again negotiated his sweet spot (150 reals for everything) and Marcos and I were on our way to our room. Marcos was a gem. Everything you wanted from a GP. Him: perfect muscles, great to look at and touch, delicious ass to eat, perfect cock to suck. His demeanor: super attentive, gave as much as I did to pleasure me. His attitude: very laid-back, but very passionate. His sex: knew how to pace, knew how to bottom: fiercely, came in my mouth like a bullet. Post-coitus too: great conversationalist putting one at ease, gave his WhatsApp plus a few more photos to ensure repeat business. Worth the 150 that was asked for. Afterwards I found Diego sitting with a fellow handsome boy just chatting. It was Diego Dois, looking gorgeous and young in his shirt and cut-off shorts. He shakes my hand to say hello. We sit down over a few beers. After a while, Diego sets me aside. “Do you want him to stay with us tonight?” Sure, I say. “Same 150 reals. And don’t worry, I will stay in the living room with Alex while you two have sex in the bedroom.” Diego adds. “So we can’t have a threesome?” I jokingly responded. “No!” Diego replies nervously. “He is like a brother to me. I can’t do that. It would be too weird.” That’s when I learned the word “estranho.” We found Alex in the steam room and we all decided to leave the sauna. Diego Dois whispers something to Diego and they talk for a good while, while Alex and I pay for our accounts at the counter. As we descended the stairs Diego was telling me that Diego Dois needed the 150 reals up front to pay a debt. He would go to the house of his lender and pay up while we waited for him. I found that sort of “estranho,” but I have trusted Diego all this time so I fished three 50 Real bills from my wallet and gave it to Diego Dois. All four of us exited the sauna and made our way to the street. We get to the corner of Rua Siquiera Campos, where the sauna was located, and Rua Alfredo Valadao. Diego Dois tells us to wait for him there while he goes to the house of the guy he owed money from. It was muito estranho at this point. It was 11 PM, we were all outside, exposed, on a Rio street corner, just standing around. Why were we doing this? Every young man, or group of young men, that walked passed us, I thought could be thieves. Diego however, was acting normally, talking to Alex about the sauna. After waiting 10 minutes, even Alex was nervous. “Did Diego Dois take the money and run?” he asks us. “Nao, I trust him,” Diego replies. There was an old car, with three young men in it, which slowed down past us to make the turn to the next street. I almost jumped out of my skin. I thought: this was it; I am going to die here. But the car just continued on its way up the street. Diego sensed my anxiety and gave me huge hug. At the 20-minute mark, Diego was kind of nervous as well. He kept peering up the street to see if Diego Dois was to be seen. Did we get stiffed? And then I see Diego smile. I guess Diego Dois didn’t take the money and run after all. Diego Dois apologized for the tardiness. He said the person was sleeping and had to be woken up. I was relieved and hugged Alex. “Uber?” I ask the guys, so we can leave this exposed position and get to relative safety. “Let’s buy some food to eat and some beers first,” Diego says. “I know a cheap place. I go there often after the sauna. We can just walk there.” Fine. As we walked on Rua Siquiera Campos, I again felt uneasy and exposed. It was now 11:30 PM, and walking the unfamiliar street got me to worry a bit more. There were not a lot of people in the streets but the ones that were, were young. Diego tells me to calm down. He was there to protect me. He puts an arm around me. Maybe I was being a little too anxious. It was night and day again. I’ve never felt danger when in Sao Paulo, but there was something about Rio that just scares me a little. We get to the place called Big Bi Sucos and Sanduiches: Which was on the corner of Ruas Siquiera Campos and Barata Ribeiro: Diego knew what to order. Some sandwiches, a big order of French fries, and several cans of beer. It cost 93 reals, which seemed cheap to me, for all the things we got (I paid). Alex gets the Uber. We get to the apartment (no problems getting Diego Dois through the porter, the porter didn’t seem to care, or didn’t seem to be conscious at this late hour). Diego sets up the chairs and table for all of us to sit and situates the food. We all share the beers and food and everything was good again. My moral of the story is: Rio can be a dangerous place to visit. So when in Rio, you can’t be too overly cautious. But don’t let this cautiousness ruin a good time with friends. After 2 hours of food and beer and French fries, Diego instructs Diego Dois to shower. I guess it was time. I shower after him. When I was done, Diego was in the living room playing with his phone. He sees me and goes to me for a hug. He tells me Diego Dois is in our bedroom, waiting. “Don’t give him any more money if he asks you, OK? You already paid. That’s it. Not a centavo more.” I enter the bedroom and there was Diego Dois, super naked, waiting for me. He indeed was gorgeous, more boyish than Diego, but the visuals were great nevertheless. So maybe it was all the beer? I knew he drank a lot. But Diego Dois couldn’t get hard. Not even by blowing him, not even if he looked at straight porn off my phone, he could not get hard. He kissed well, sucked decent, ass tasted like Christmas, but could not get hard. After trying for a while, I gave up. I fucked him senseless (maybe too aggressively – to compensate?). Afterwards he apologized profusely, and promised we could do it again in the morning, if given another chance. We both emerge from the bedroom and Diego Dois showers again. “Fraco. Nao dura,” were the first words out of my mouth when Diego asked me about the sex with Diego Dois, when Diego and I were both in bed. Diego Dois slept in the living room, not with us. “Really,” Diego answers. I told Diego it was fine. I fucked him, I came. All was fine. Diego shook his head. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” I told Diego it was no big deal. He guided my hand to his crotch. “Nao e fraco,” he says, as I feel his hardness underneath his briefs. He was showing me what hard really was. And it was really hard. And if a hot guy in his underwear was in my bed, hard, it’s easy to know what happens next. Night and day. Soft and hard. More Rio tomorrow.
  6. shrug.gif I mean, they might just be misinformed. The real reason, I think, was that we just wanted a reason to make fun of my friend, who may have a habit of hooking up with boys who are under 18. LOL you magnificent bastard. I DID have my feet bound as a kid /s. The sandwich was amazing. I wish I was having it now. The mortadela sandwich in Sao Paulo remains my favorite breakfast to have in SP. Hey there @HiThereAll. Awesome stories! I'd be curious to know what they'll charge you at Carretao. Report back if you do go.
  7. Yes it’s the same building. St Moritz is on the second floor and Gigolo Erotic House is on the third floor. I haven't had any experience going to St Moritz simply because I'd get to that building and I would be too late (to much to do in Bogota). I think it is open early afternoon to early evening, but closes before Gigolo opens. I'd imagine there is some intersection between the boys in the sauna at St Moritz and the strip club Gigolo, so I can understand if they’re not open the same hours. I've always had a ton of fun at Gigolo Erotic house. The guys are super fun and hot and always available for a fondle. The drinks are not that expensive. And yes there are live sex shows (just fucking, but still), and the dancers dance nude (and hard) later in the night. The private shows are pretty good too. I've had a 19-year old Venezuelan stripper have full on sex with me (including him cumming in my mouth) in the private booth. I have heard that this was not normal, and usually the boys just do a dance for you, naked, in the private booth. You can suck their dicks though, and maybe even get a rim in, if you dare. Some even kiss passionately. All for just 50 mil COP. Some of the dancers at Gigolo also dance at Theatron. They will be more receptive to you approaching them for sex later, at Gigolo than at Theatron. Sufficed to say that 19-year-old Venezuelan made it to my apartment the next night.
  8. numazu1

    Mezzaninu Falling?

    Maybe my visit to Mezzaninu last May wasn't a fluke? I too was unable to find anything there from the selection. I went on a Tuesday and Friday night.
  9. Day 5: A Mineiro’s Guide to Sao Paulo We got done with the sauna at 11 PM last night. Even with the spectacular programa with Miguel, I kept thinking I missed my opportunity with Lucas, the blonde delight. If only I had waited a little longer, instead of snapping up Miguel. Oh well. These are the ridiculous “problems” one has when in Brazil. “I missed my chance with Hot Guy A because I was too busy having spectacular sex with Hot Guy B!” Sounds ridiculous when you think about it after the trip. But during the trip, I felt some distress over it. Brazil has spoiled me. Any other place would just pale in comparison. But wait, I had Hot Guy C with me the whole time as well. Diego, ever so patient with waiting on me the whole trip, had huge plans for tomorrow. It was our last full day in SP, so he wanted to make it count. Luckily, Alex, whose apartment we all were invading, took the rest of the week off, so he was free tomorrow to hang out and be our guide to touring Sao Paulo. Don’t ask me how he got a full week off. But I think it meant getting a doctor’s note somewhere and sending it to his boss. Which also meant he couldn’t post anything on social media for the week, because he is supposedly sick. Oh well. His life, not mine. Moving on. We got to bed around 2 AM, but not before Diego asked me for sex. I joked that it is usually me who initiates sex with him. “I want it too sometimes you know,” he tells me. “When I want it, I want it, and I usually get it.” And he definitely got it. I have the scratch marks in my back and hickies in my neck and chest to prove it. I wonder what Alex thought about the noises we were making in his own bedroom. I got woken up by Diego at 9 AM. “Levanta amor,” he whispers, asking me to get up, and tells me the time. He was already showered and clean, and he was in his briefs looking mighty fine. I give his crotch a slight tug, and then reluctantly I do my bit in the bathroom. I finish and start putting on clothes and smell coffee brewing. I go to the kitchen and see Diego making 3 cups of coffee. Where is Alex, I ask. “He’s buying some bread. We will have breakfast here.” Alex arrives and Diego makes us all Mortadela sandwiches. How did I not know that Alex and Diego are both from the State of Minas Gerais? They were telling me this fact as Alex drives us to our various locations. We mainly went to familiar places, like Beco do Batman, Paulista Ave, MASP and Sao Paulo Cathedral. But probably what stood out for me this trip were the numerous abandoned buildings the city had that had beautiful graffiti: Alex made sure we were all back at home at 6 PM, because he didn’t want us to arrive too late at the sauna today. He sensed that I was disappointed with the sparse choices yesterday, perhaps due to our late arrival, so he made sure we could get ready for the sauna at an earlier time than our arrival yesterday. Some coffee and 3 showers later, we were out the door. We got to Lagoa at 7:30 PM. Just an hour earlier than yesterday. Upon getting there, I still felt that the place could use more people. It was a Tuesday nigtt, so understandably the place would be less busy, but I always felt that the Rio saunas had more people any night of the week. We all plopped ourselves in the seating and tables area and had a beer. There was probably double the amount of boys than yesterday. Which was not saying much because it was not busy yesterday. Diego asks me what I was in the mood for today. “Voce,” I said, in my pathetic attempt at flattery. Diego laughs. “Later. I will get my turn. But now, I want you to be happy. It makes me happy to see you happy.” It was a flattering statement, and one that he would repeat over and over throughout the trip. I didn’t know what kind of game he was playing. He is after all a Garoto de Programa, possibly an expert in creating an illusion, and a good-looking one at that. I am sure he is angling for some type of compensation towards the end, even if he said it was not needed (because of the help I gave him a month ago to escape his pimp). Oh well, we just have to wait and see. But what was I in the mood for today? I am thinking maybe someone different from what I had yesterday. I had Miguel, the giant (6’4), handsome and muscular GP. Today, maybe someone slighter, shorter, but still equally captivating. Maybe someone younger too. A muscular twink maybe. I tell this all to Diego. He asks me if that was what I really wanted tonight. I nodded. Diego then left his seat. “Where are you going?” I ask. “I’m gonna find you a boy!” Ten minutes later, Diego reappeared, and he had two boys in tow. Both were young-looking, both were slighter (but still with defined abs and muscles), and both were handsome. Wow, it was just like ordering off a menu with Diego. “Choose one,” Diego tell me. I thought to myself, could I choose both? Maybe I can make a threeway happen. And before I could say this thought to Diego, Diego blurts out “Not both, just one.” I laugh. “Por que?” I ask. “Too much money,” Diego says. “Entao, you pick,” I finally say. I just found it heartless to pick just one boy, in front of everyone. Diego, perhaps used to rejection when dealing with clients in saunas, had fewer scruples about rejecting a fellow boy. He sizes up the boys and then asks them a few questions. He finally chooses the slightly taller and more ripped of the two. He bids the other boy a healthy “Valeu!” and invites the other boy to sit next to me. The boy does not order anything. “Robert,” he introduced himself. Paulista, 24 years old (looks younger). He asks me where I hailed from. “Sou gringo,” I say; my usual introduction. “Really,” Robert says, in English. He then proceeds to have a full conversation with me in near-perfect English. I was kind of surprised. I ask him why his English was so good. He said he works for a hotel also so he needs to be fluent. We actually had quite a lengthy conversation amongst the other Brazilians at the table who were speaking in Portuguese. And I actually enjoyed talking to Robert. He was affable and charming. I almost was sorry I had to ruin the moment by asking for a programa. But Lagoa isn’t a café, it’s a whorehouse. So I had to ask Diego if they agreed on terms (not yet). I’d rather get Diego set the business side of things, just out of consistency. Sure enough, the same deal. Everything, including bottoming and cumming, for 150 reals. I kiss Diego on the lips before Robert whisked me away to the counter to get our cabina. In the room Robert takes off his towel to reveal some black briefs. He was already hard, and the outline of his giant cock was all I could see. That looked like a monster. Sure enough, as I unwrapped my present, the giant cock sprung out. That thing was huge, and thick. Maybe it was a matter or proportion, and just an optical illusion, because Robert was shorter and slighter than Miguel from yesterday, but it did look like Robert had a bigger cock than the towering Miguel. I naturally put it in my mouth, like my life depended on it. It’s rare that I’d start a programa not with a kiss on the lips, but with a mouth on the shaft, but that’s what happened. I got over the cock and concentrated on the boy. He was gorgeous. White boy looks, interesting tall nose. Pretty brown eyes and boyish features. His body, even more perfect. Not an ounce of fat on him. Cum gutters. 8-pack abs. Nice firm pecs. Biceps you could squeeze. I got down to the worship. He clearly took care of his body. I did what I could to show it the attention it deserved. And he was pretty hairless, so rimming was heavenly. I was in heaven. It was his turn to show attention. He was pretty good. Sucked great. Even rimmed. This was a treat. He put a condom on me and sat on it. With each thrust up and down, his giant hard cock was bouncing up and down as well, hitting his tummy with a sound. It was a sight to see. I came really hard at that point. Too much sensory overload. He takes off my condom and throws it on the floor (gross). He lays beside me and asks me how I wanted his cum. “I just want to see you shoot.” So he kisses me, and asks me to fondle his balls. He pulls back and cums, with cum shooting on his face and chest. A gusher! He reaches for the toilet roll by the bed and dries himself off. We cuddle after and we talk a little bit more about each other. It’s nice to meet a GP who was fluent in English. I’d rather practice my Portuguese, but once in a while it’s nice to have this instead. We exchange WhatsApp and take showers. We head to the lockers and I fish out 150 from my wallet. I give it to him and he kisses me. “WhatApp ok?” he says. “Let’s hangout again, maybe not here?” I said sure. This was a guarantee. The boy: I get back to my posse and Diego looks at me with a bit of worry. “That was a long time. Are you ok?” I assure him that everything was ok. I was not sure how long we took. Diego said it was an hour or more. Maybe he was exaggerating. Alex didn’t get anyone at the sauna and just shot the shit with Diego over beers. We paid up and left the place. We stopped by Leo’s place of work to pick Leo up. We then decided to get McDonald’s for dinner, since Leo was buying and that’s what he wanted to have for dinner. 120 reals later we had our burgers, fries and cokes. I take a photo of our food and send it to Robert: Another behind the scenes peek at a boy’s process to get more clients. You never really think about these boys with perfect bodies ever diet to retain their perfect bodies. It’s probably worth it, not eating McDonalds forever if you depend on your body for your income. We shouldn’t be eating this shit anyway. But in a perfect evening, sitting in the patio area of the McDonalds on Rua Serra de Braganca in Tatuape, with newfound friends, that hardly mattered. Tomorrow, the posse's heading to Rio.
  10. Day 4: Better Late than Never The past three nights were pretty intense. It was a holiday weekend and a lot of Paulistas were in Sao Vicente for some beach time and fun. While the beaches in Sao Paulo were not as picturesque and beautiful as the Rio beaches of Ipanema/Copa and Arrail do Cabo, and the water not as clean as one would want, it was still a pretty nice alternative to just spending all our time in the city of Sao Paulo. No saunas as well, but there were enough gays and gay things to do that it hardly mattered. But we were now in the city for this next phase of my vacation, and Diego, my Garoto de Programa companion, told me he wanted to explore. A life of crushing poverty and tragedy has not afforded him the time nor the resources to travel. I always takes these things for granted, the fact I can travel with abandon without even thinking about it. I was motivated to show Sao Paulo to Diego, with the help of Leo and Alex. Because of the late night we had last night, and just general fatigue, I woke up at 1 PM. I got woken up by Diego, still sleeping, putting an arm around me in his sleep. Nothing like a good-looking and sexy guy to wake up to. With all the sex and partying and talks we’ve had, this, now, is probably my favorite time with him thus far. It was nice the first time I met him in the upper bar level at Ponte 202, but the sauna’s sexually charged atmosphere obscured his more subtle charms. And my time with him with our friends is also great, but it is in these quiet times that he shines the brightest. “Bom dia amor,” he says, as he opens his eyes and catches me staring. I give him a peck on the lips. He smiles and then shakes his head and mimes a brushing teeth motion and puts a hand on my check and squeezes it. He’s always a guy who wants a clean workspace, which meant I had to do the same. I joined him in the bathroom to brush teeth and shower. We start making out while soaping up. We towel off and head back to the bedroom. We go back to the bedroom all naked and hard and kissing and such. We had Alex’s apartment all to ourselves right now with Alex at work, and we made use of the space pretty well. Diego was hard as a rock today, probably the hardest I’ve ever seen him. I took advantage of this and looked for a condom. I look at the drawers by the bedside and I see a shit-ton of condoms and three bottles of lube in a drawer. Well of course, this was a gay man’s apartment after all. I wrap Diego up and lube his monster and myself up. I get him to lie on the bed and I sit on him. Slowly at first, up and down. After I get over the initial pain and get a groove on, Diego takes me and sits up and lays me on my back. He pile drives me into oblivion. We find ourselves in the shower again. I thank him for the extra intensity this time around. Probably the most intense we’ve had ever, I tell him. He laughs out loud and then lets me in on a secret. He tells me that our first time, at the sauna Pointe 202, he had a difficult time getting hard with me but eventually was able to. The second time, which was the next day at the apartment, he took no chances and took a Viagra before and that ensured him and me a hard time. He had some Viagra with him for Sao Paulo, but he said the last few days, he did not need it. He admitted he was attracted more to women, but he was getting used to me and he said being close to me made him randy as well. I am not sure if this was Garoto de Programa talk, but it was interesting that he told me this. I will take him hard or soft. We get dressed and I get an Uber for us and we cab it to Mercado Municipal because he always wanted see it, and to shop at Rua 25 de Marco. We get there and have our late lunch. I get a Mortadela sandwich that was to die for, but it was bigger than my head: We do our rounds, we take our photos. We walk to Rua 25 de Marco, the popular shopping street. I always walk away with something from here. This time it’s a screen protector for my iPhone. 10 reals. Diego gets a few things: a cellphone case, a wallet, shorts, a t-shirt. All adding up to less than 100 reals. He paid for his own things. There were a lot of carnival barkers out on the street, trying to entice people to go into their stores. Diego chats it up with one of them, who then refers us to another barker, who then accompanies us to another man two blocks away. We meet with this man, and after a few words exchanged, the man disappears into a shop for a while. Diego then explains to me that he was trying to buy some “hormones” or “steroids” and found that they have what he wanted for only 100 reals. He says he gets the same thing in Rio for 200 reals or more, so he had to get it here to save money. I was not about to be judgmental about steroid use. I am sure half (or more) of the man gods in Club 117 or Pointe 202 did some sort of steroids. It would explain the great bodies. And Diego did have a drop dead gorgeous body. I guess buying hormones was a work expense. His 100 reals would get him hundreds to thousands of reals. He tells me he was about to do a cycle of intense working out again. He usually does it every 6 months. It’s not as fun to know how the sausage is made but I guess steroid use is a reality with these boys. At 6 PM Alex picks us up and we all go to Shopping Cidade on Paulista to get dinner. I ask Alex how he was doing and he says that he was exhausted but wanted to know that I was having a good time. I told Alex that he did not need to babysit me and he could just go home and rest. Alex tells me not till we go to a sauna. It was almost 8 PM and I tell them that it might be too late to go to Lagoa. Alex insisted. He still thinks I need to go to a sauna everyday I am in Brazil. I am thinking right now Diego is more than enough. I look at Diego and he shrugs. “We can go for a while, see what’s up.” So after dinner we drive to Lagoa. It was 8:30 PM when we get there. We get our locker room keys, slippers and towels. Diego does not change. Alex changes into a towel. I just change into the slippers. We get to the main area and the place was deserted. There were a few customers and some boys, but the place was almost empty. “We got here too late,” I tell the guys. “Relax! Let’s have a beer and see what’s out there,” Diego, always the calming presence, tell us. We sit down among the tables and order a round of beers. One by one, the boys who were still in the premises passed by our table to get our attention. The selection was not very impressive. “I hope it is not always like this,” Alex said. “It’s Monday, maybe they’re slow on Mondays,” Diego comments. “But we’ve been to a sauna in Rio on a Monday night, and the place was packed!” Alex then says. I remember that night in Pointe 202 with Alex and Leo. It was kind of disappointing that it was a slow night, even this late. Then a tall drink of water, in tight blue boxer briefs, passed by. He was really handsome, and exuded a cocky sort of attitude about him. He was super muscular and had a giant ass and a bulge. Diego noticed me eyeing him and asks me if I liked him. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. “Vamos ver, ok?” he says, and then waves the boy over. “Miguel,” the boy introduces himself to everyone. Diego pulls up a chair in the next to me and Miguel sits. Diego asks Miguel if he wanted a drink and he said he didn’t need anything. Diego then asks Miguel a few things. Can he bottom? (Yes) Does he kiss well? (Yes) How much with cum? (150 reals), among other things. It’s nice to have someone you’ve had sex with a few times to interrogate someone else who I wanted to have sex with, if that someone agreed to do all the filthy things I liked. Diego then turns to me and tells me that he checks out and says 150 reals for all that with gozar was reasonable. I guess the choice was made for me. Miguel gets us a room and we head over to a cabina. When we get to the room, Miguel thanks me for taking him. He was worried earlier that he got to the sauna late of an hour (8:30 PM) to get any clients. I compliment him and tell him he was a knockout and would think there will always be customers wanting his services. He was the type. He was a white guy, possibly some indio around the eyes. He was really tall (probably 6’4), handsome, with a button nose and nice thick lips. He had muscle upon muscles. He took off his underwear to reveal a soft but swinging cock, and large ass. This was great. We make out and get down to business. He strokes his cock and it takes a while but he gets hard and that thing was a monster. I am glad everything was in proportion. He was proud of it too, showing off his monster erect cock and looking at himself in the mirror. He smiles. I put it in my mouth. I put his ass in my mouth. He works on my cock too. We roll around. He sits on top of me and grinds on my cock. He suits me up, and then sits on it. A face of pain, then some thrusts. He knew what he was doing. I come in the condom. He takes my cock out of his ass and starts jacking off. He puts his balls in my mouth, and then when he was ready he puts his cock in my mouth and cums inside. Diego has briefed Miguel really well. We shower and exchanged WhatsApp numbers for the future. I would like to do that again. I pay him and return to the table where Diego and Alex were. I sit next to Diego and Diego asks me if Miguel turned out good. I give him a thumbs up. He kisses me and then stops for a bit and asks me if I washed my mouth. I told him it was safe to kiss me. The cum was gone. He proceeds. We laugh. I notice that Alex had a boy sitting next to him. The boy was fully clothed, but what I saw was gorgeous even with the clothes. His name was Lucas. 20 years old. From Rio but here in SP to work at the saunas. It was his last day in Sao Paulo, he said, and was about to head over to the bus terminal to go back home. I ask him if he worked in the saunas in Rio. He said he would never do that. He was too known in Rio. I tell him if I can invite him to the AirBNB when I get to Rio in a few days. He gives me his Whatsapp and a link to his Instagram. He bids us all farewell. All you guys know I have a thing for hot Cariocas who dye their hair blonde, like the guy in my avatar, which is a picture of the model Pietro Baltazar. Lucas was like a lower-rent version of Pietro. Probably not as handsome as the real thing, but good enough because you can actually pay him to be with you: Maybe I will see him soon.
  11. I've never been with a boy that gave me a reason to fear for my life. And the boys that step out with me out of the sauna and with me in my apartment bed have been all wonderful and trustworthy. BUT, it is always good to know what is out there. I won't link to the various news clips that have been posted here showing that crime is still rampant, and getting worse. Whenever we go by a sketchy area, usually going by a favela, even when we were in the safety of a moving car, my companions always warn me of going to these favelas. When we leave Ipanema and start walking back to our AirBNB, which is usually just blocks away, I am always told to mind my things and just look straight ahead and look like I belonged. All my friends have stories of being mugged, either in the Metro in Sao Paulo or the Novo Rio bus terminal, or even just walking home. It is easy to manage the risks, and by all means come because the good throughly outweighs the bad, but just be mindful that there are some risks to going to Brazil. Take the necessary precautions and have fun! It's worth it, I promise. The boy wasn't paid, so maybe it wasn't illegal. I did show this wiki page to my friends and they were either ignorant of their own laws, or the wiki is wrong, because they insisted it is illegal. Maybe it is legal, though drinking for minors may be illegal, because this sign was at Quiosque Point G when the boy was with us. The boy may or may not be drinking alcohol (whoops). I may have took a photo of the boy drinking right next to the sign. I may have deleted it lol. I have been thinking a lot about this Russian, and some of you have already given me some information about him. Please let me know if you know him! I want to know him too LOL. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback so far!
  12. Day 1-3: Sao Paulo State of Mind I am condensing the first non-sauna days in this post, because I think most people here prefer the sexy sauna bits anyway. But to others who also like the travel bits, here’s three days’ worth of Sao Paulo state. As the days grew closer to the actual trip, Leo, Alex and I were getting excited. They strongly suggested that we all should go to Sao Vicente, a coastal town by the Atlantic coast, about an hour and a half drive from the city of Sao Paulo. Alex was going to borrow his parent’s car and we would all chip in for an AirBNB for 3 nights. We found a nice two-bedroom just by the beach in the nearby city of Santos. There weren’t any GP saunas in the area (I think), but there were GPs that could be found on Hornet and Grindr (this is Brazil after all). I told my friends that it would be nice to at least have a companion (for sex, talks, whatever else) if Diego decided to flake out on me. So Leo, who is always trying to help, set his fake GPS thing to Sao Vicente and hunted for a few boys for me in case I was solo for the trip. It was important for him to find eye candy as well, because he likes filling his Instagram with pretty things. His findings, ranging from 150 reals for a sex session, to 500 reals per day: Boy 1: Boy 2: Boy 3: We go close to hiring this one, he was 400 reals a day: But the boys weren’t needed. On the day that I would arrive in Sao Paulo, Diego informed me and Leo, through Whatsapp, that he was about to board his Azul flight from Santos Dumont in Rio, to Guarulhos. I was also arriving at Guarulhos, and timed Diego’s flight to arrive the same time as mine did. When I landed I immediately turned my cellphone on, and then a flood of messages on Whatsapp came. Some from Leo and Alex, informing me that they were coming to pick me up, and Diego, sending me photos of his FIRST time on a plane (I didn’t know), all excited, as he made his way from Rio. Diego was already telling me it was the best trip of his life. And he hasn’t even made it to Sao Paulo yet. Immigration was surprisingly quick, as well as baggage arrival. I stepped out onto the arrivals area of Terminal 3 of Guarulhos looking all haggard and gross from the flight from Miami (and the previous flight the night before). Leo and Alex, looking all excited and… Brazilian (as in handsome, trim, and tan) were there waiting. They both greet me in Portuguese, and proceed to ask me how my flight was. It always takes me a day to fully adjust my brain to talking in a different language, since I am usually out of practice, so what came out of my mouth was a horrible garbled version of what my Portuguese usually sounds, and required constant repetition from the boys because what was coming out of my mouth was mostly unintelligible. I was whisked away to the parking garage and had my bags carried by both guys. Alex’s car was a Volkswagen sedan (the Virtus). We drove away and got to Terminal 2, where we saw Diego, looking all handsome in his crisp white shirt, slim jeans, and blond highlights, waiting for us at the curb. He was tanner than I remembered which made his green eyes pop out even more. He sees us and breaks out a million watt smile. I was so glad he came through. I am looking forward to spending more time with him. Our first stop was Leo’s house to have dinner with his mother. Lasagna was what was for dinner, as one would expect from a family with Italian roots. The mother was a fellow whore, and had stories of all the huge penises she has taken in the past. A shower for both Diego and I was next, and Diego wasted no time showing me how much he missed me as well. He had a tan line from where his sunga would be. It was hot. We were told by Leo and Alex to dress up comfortably but fashionably, which meant shorts and a nice t-shirt and shoes I guess. 1. No rest for the wicked: This first night, a Friday night, was really nice out, which for gays here usually meant going to the outdoor bars near Rua Frei Caneca, one of the gay streets in Sao Paulo. Alex parks at a nearby parking lot and then gets all of us cheap beers from a nearby market as we join the throngs of gays sipping beers, talking and flirting with each other. I got my Portuguese to a respectable level enough to not embarrass myself. Though I heard the word “gringo” uttered a few times to describe me: 2. From one gay bar to the next: At 1 AM we quit bar hopping in Sao Paulo, and after a stopover at McDonalds to get sundaes for the road (my treat) we drove straight down to Sao Vicente, the gay beach. The 1.5 hour drive to the beach town was not bad, though we did encounter fog in the last 20 minutes of our drive. We arrived at 2:45 AM, and apparently there was still a lot of gay socializing to be had. Alex stopped at a sandwich shop called Quiosque Ponto G, which is a pretty chill gay hotspot in Sao Vicente, and at this hour in the morning, it was still hopping with gays. https://www.facebook.com/quiosquepontoglsaovicente/ 3. Russian Dressing: Probably the main attraction of Quiosque Ponto G was not the gay clientele or the food or the drinks, it was this waiter: He got us our drink orders and seemed pretty shy and didn’t talk much. Leo was in love of course, and after the waiter left to get our drinks, was raving about how blue the waiter's eyes were. When the waiter comes back with our drinks, Leo was hell bent on talking to him to see what the waiter’s deal was. Leo was trying to flirt with the guy, but 10 seconds into their conversation everyone was wondering where the guy was from, because it was clear, from the long pauses he takes before answering our questions, that Portuguese wasn't his first language. People in our table (and everyone else within earshot) were speculating where he came from. The consensus of the people so far was that he was Venezualan. I asked the guy for him name. “Dmitri,” the guy answers, with the D sounding like how you say it in Portuguese. “Russo!” I shout out. “Voce e Russo!” He smiles and goes back to the counter to serve more drinks. Of course the guy was Russian. Those blue eyes, that blonde hair, impossibly smooth skin. Large powerful legs and blonde hair peppering his arms and legs. I wonder if he was a garoto de programa as well. We speculated about it all night. To this day, I wonder about it. I didn’t get a photo of him but got these from the FB page of Quiosque Ponto G. Photos don’t do him justice. He was just freakin' gorgeous. 4. Beaches with Bitches: We got home at 5 AM and slept till noon. Enough time to check out the beaches. First day went back to Sao Vicente to hang out at Ponto G (as in gay), and just stayed there basking in the sun and drank all day: Next day we ventured out all the way to Guaruja, which meant getting on a ferry with our car and crossing the water: Guaruja was a more well-off part of this area. Leo told me a lot about his childhood spent here with his family and this beach. Caipirinhas and finger food for lunch: For dinner and breakfast, everyone pitched in, and we cooked meals at the AirBNB. We did need a lot of food, since we had to feed all four of us plus all of our tricks: This eerily reminds me of a family outing. Maybe this is my family now. 5. Gays gays gays. Sao Vicente was widely known as the gay part of the area, and Santos, where our AirBNB was, was only 5 minutes away. It was 175 reals a night for a 2 bedroom with a spacious common area, and Leo, Alex and I split the three nights, so it was fair. Also Grindr predictably blew up, and it was full of free boys: And I never really knew how horny Brazilians are before I decided to spend a long weekend with a house full of them. Leo seemed to have a revolving door of tricks from Hornet. If he couldn’t do it in his and Alex’s bedroom, he would just do it in the living room. He didn’t care who saw. Which was fine by me. #pervert Alex, on the other hand, stuck to one boy he met on Day 2. But the pairing slightly crossed the line from what I was comfortable with. The age of consent in Brazil is what, 18? That’s what Leo and Diego told me. The boy Alex met may have been younger than that. The boy may have stayed over at our AirBNB. The boy and Alex may have bickered like an old married couple. It was a running joke the whole weekend. Leo and Diego teased Alex mercilessly about his choice, and that he may go to prison because the boy may be underage. Alex didn’t care. He may have been in love. At this point I could not say anything bad to Alex. I just played along. I wouldn’t be arrested because of this right? I wasn’t doing anything wrong? I really didn’t know the boy’s real age. He did seem a bit young. Oh well, moving on, before I get in trouble. 6. Speaking of old married couples, Diego and I were bonding pretty well. We took ownership of the bedroom that had the queen bed and adjoining bathroom, and made good use of the privacy this provided, in between bar visits and beach lounging. While I could have probably gotten some free tail from Grindr (just because the place was crawling with gays this weekend), I did not want to waste my time looking on my phone while on vacation. I was glad I had my guy there already, and all I had to do was relax and be with me, instead of being distracted about getting the next trip, which Leo was at times. And what I appreciated most about Diego is that he learned to speak Portuguese slower than he usually does, to help with my nascent Portuguese skills and American ears. Actually, Leo and Alex also got to enunciating their words and slowing down their speech cadence for me. At one point, all three got used to slow talking Portuguese that they started talking like this to other Brazilians. Hilarity ensues. On Monday morning at 2 AM, we needed to head back to the city of Sao Paulo. Leo and Alex both had work on Monday, so we all had to end our beach adventures. I offered to drive while Leo and Alex slept in the back. Diego kept me company on the passenger’s seat, not sleeping, but talking to me and singing along to the Spotify playlist I had on in the car, to keep me awake. When we got to the city, it was raining cats and dogs, but I got all of us safely to Alex’s condo building in Tatuape. We all took our luggage and situated ourselves at Alex’s place. Alex laid out a queen-size matress in the living room where he and Leo would sleep. He offered up his bedroom for me and Diego to sleep in. I told him we could just sleep on the mattress but Alex insisted since I was his guest. He gave me a set of keys to the apartment and told me help myself to anything in the house. Diego took a shower, asked me if I wanted sex (tomorrow, I tell him), went to bed and was out like a light. Alex was out too on the mattress. Leo and I stayed up talking till 5 AM. Then, Leo took a shower and then called an Uber to go to his work at a studio somewhere west of Paulista. No sleep for him. I take my own shower, and then snuggled next to Diego. Diego turns around to face me and spoons. He was big spoon. “To frio,” he says, saying that he was cold from the rain still going on outside. This was nice. Next, Diego and Leo, with me at Sauna Lagoa.
  13. Not sure if its the same boy but... Yes he is tall, yes he is muscular, and he has some tattoos, but not full of tattoos. He also doesn't want anyone knowing he is a GP. More on this later, when I write about him. Haha. Well it's still nice to get the temperature of the room. My trip reports are too long, too detailed, and too rambling even for me. Thanks for the more than ample encouragement. Some of you, privately, took umbrage with the fact that I wrote these three words, signifying that I was starving for attention. My intention was to footnote every “Day 0: Setup” post with this “Continue or no?” question, as more of a flourish or rhetorical question that it is a call for votes to see if I am popular or not. It’s always nice to get feedback, but that’s not the main reason why I write my drivel. I write about my adventures primarily because I enjoy writing, and it helps me to take stock of what just happened, especially because these Brazil trips are always super intense and always somewhat life changing. Every. Single. Trip. Traveling alone is a sort of punishment you give yourself. You willingly thrust yourself at the mercy of strangers, in a strange land, with strange customs, and sleeping in a strange bed, eating strange food, and speaking a strange language. But it does change you, always, for the better, because, as the saying goes, “adversity builds character.” So guys, for the few who are reading, I hope you enjoy the trip report!
  14. Day 0: The Setup So I can’t claim the term “newbie” anymore, as this would be my fourth trip to Brazil in 10 months. I do feel that I am not an expert yet, compared to some of you here. But I have gotten over my initial hang-ups with Brazil (dangerous, language barrier, samba overkill) and can honestly say that I am thoroughly comfortable with visiting the country and mixing it up with the locals. To clarify my three hang ups above: dangerous – I still think it is still pretty fucking dangerous, but one can manage the risks when one gets there; language barrier – Portuguese is still a difficult language to learn for me, but I am getting along faster than I thought I would at this stage; samba overkill – this has changed, it is now “funk” overkill, like what reggeaton is to Colombia. This trip was different from the three other Brazil trips I’ve had so far. Those other trips were planned well in advance, with fares bought many months beforehand, and hotels and AirBNBs booked before the good options were snatched away. This trip was spontaneous in comparison. Because of all the fun that was had on the previous trip, I just had to book the next trip as soon as I got home, and only 3 weeks before the actual start of the next trip. My usual preparation: 1. The journey, not the arrival, matters As one would expect, booking less than a month away from the start of the trip yielded far less trip deals ($1000 to $1500 RT) from California. So I buckled down and did a hybrid booking on two separate tickets: I cashed in 25,000 Avios points on my British Airways account from Miami to Sao Paulo on LATAM, and another 25,000 Avios points from Sao Paulo back to Miami, this time on American. And then I paid $350 for a roundtrip from California to get to Miami on American to hop on these Brazil flights. Since these bookings are separate tickets, there was always a danger of missing and losing flights if my first flight from and back to California was delayed. But $350 and 50,000 points were better than $1000 at this point. 2. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future If you remember last trip, Diego, the garoto de programa who left me and my friends in a sauna for actual paying customers: After the trip I gave him the last 500 reals he needed for him to be able to leave his pimp, and he promised to stay with me (us) on my next trip. After I booked my flights, I confirmed with Diego, and Diego then asked me to buy him his tickets from Rio to Sao Paulo. $88 later, he was set, ready to stay in Sao Paulo with me (us) for 5 nights. As for other companions, Leo, the hairdresser extraordinaire, will be available to hang out with me again. He said he is contracted to work on a TV show the majority of the time I will be there, but will hang out when he can. Alex, Leo’s cousin who is a programmer, said he would be available for the whole time I am there, but will have to see if he can get time off. Hanging out with friends during a sex tourist trip is tricky. On the one hand having local friends can be advantageous with finding out where to go that’s beyond the tourist traps, help with the local language (though I’d rather learn the language too and having friends who speak for you is kind of a double edged sword), and filling out the time in between sauna trips (beaches! Nighclubs! Random orgies!). But traveling with friends meant having to get a consensus on what to do together. Which is like herding cats sometimes. 3. The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head With the flights reserved, there was the question of lodging. With my stay in Sao Paulo, I had options. Leo and Alexandre offered their homes up. Leo lived at a house near Guarulhos with his mother and pets. Alex lives in Tatuape, which is situated somewhat in between Guarulhos and Ave Paulista, so it was closer to the action. I tell them to decide for me with whom I’d stay. As we all talked about my week-long stay in Brazil, we determined that staying in Sao Paulo the whole time would be boring. Since Diego was flying back to Rio on Day 6, Alex and I thought that it would be good to also go to Rio the same day (same flight) to spend a few days there (sem Diego of course). So I booked an AirBNB in the middle of Ipanema and Copa (near Aproador), with a sofabed so Alex can stay there as well. AirBNB’s of a certain caliber (24 hour security, full kitchen, washer with gym and pool access) are still less than $50 a night, so not too bad. I paid for the AirBNB, as a thank you to Alex for letting me stay in his house. 4. Variety is the spice of life Finally, as much fun as my newfound friends were, I needed to mix it up. I wanted to see the other people I’ve met in Brasil in the past. So I enlisted the services of Thiago, my find in Belo Horizonte: When he has a break in studies, he tries to take the bus to either Rio or SP to work at the saunas there. While he has had a steady stable of customers in BH, he goes to the bigger cities at times if he needs more money and to mix it up. He stays with friends while in RJ or SP, and charges a little bit more for his programas than he would in the smaller and cheaper Belo Horizonte. He happened to be in Rio the same week I would be. So after my stay with Alex in Rio, I offered to fly Thiago to Sao Paulo from Rio to stay with me for my last night in Brazil this trip. He would take the bus from SP to BH from there in time to be home for his classes the next day. Our terms were simple: he won’t charge me anything to stay with me, in return he would be able to work at Lagoa, the sauna in Sao Paulo, at the same time I was in the sauna hiring boys. Seems like the perfect scenario to me: having someone available during all non-sauna hours, and during sauna hours, having the same person earn money while with me, while I sample for Brazilians. A win-win. No time for Gabriel this trip. I have moved on. So next up, the nightlife in Sao Paulo with Diego, Leo and Alex. Continue or no?