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  1. Indeed, I wouldn't recommend Google Translate either.
  2. I drives me crazy too. That's why I haven't signed up for onlyfans. From time to time I subscribe to a porn site (for a month and then cancel it). I sign up with a prepaid mastercard.
  3. Some of the Belami-stars are on my facebook, but I'm kind of scared to contact them and do them a proposal for a meeting. How should I text them, without offending them and making clear I'm looking for a meeting I pay for? In fact I'm only attracted to some of the Belami stars (and I like to spend a lot of money on them). In the past I already met 2 of them but they were advertising on rentmen/planetromeo at that time, so I was sure they were open to a meeting. The guys I follow on my Facebook, have done a lot of scenes on Belami, but I never spot them advertising. I'd like to know if they are willing to do a meeting or not. Any help is welcome.
  4. Having the same problem, thanks for the info.
  5. I'm reading this topic with interest and next time when I'm in London, I'll visit this place. Is there a shower in the room? What facilities are there in the rooms? Thanks.
  6. Wow, 1 month! Exciting. Enjoy then. Is it difficult to convince them to come over for such a long period? I'm considering to invite my regular too (for a vacation in a country of his choice or my place), but I don't know how to bring it on and what price is reasonable for him. The only longer period I spent with him was early this year in Prague for 3 days. Any tips / hints are welcome.
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