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  1. Hi Guys, other than Tawan, are there are any places in Bangkok (massage, Soi Twilight, saunas, etc.) where you can find big competitive bodybuilders (or at least very muscular, ripped guys)? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, guys. I'm good with 1, 2 and 3 - but I've turned up short in my research to find some bodybuilders ahead of time (no one really qualifies on soytuyo) (would have liked to have set something up before arriving, but maybe Grindr will prove to be good). So, one last try - any specific bodybuilders/big muscle guys that anyone can think of/recommend? Thanks again!
  3. Hi. When I tried to enlarge the photo it's still hard to seek his dick print. How about a pic of his dick? Hehehe. Actually, I'd be super happy with a pic of his big muscles (I'm more into big muscles than big dicks although, I love them both of course! LOL)
  4. A great read! Thanks! Is the guy in the black sweatpants, with the huge biceps, the 6'4" 225 guy that you bumped into in the street? Any more photos of him? So hot!
  5. I was at Tawan about 2 years ago (mid-2017) and there were just a couple of bodybuilder types, 1 of whom was a competitive bodybuilder, ripped to shreds and a lot of fun. I would guess that even if Tawan is now trending away from bodybuilders, there's still a market for bodybuilders with those of us who love them - and I would think that an enterprising bodybuilder would still want to make their way to Tawan for clients. So, while it might be more hit or miss these days, if you're lucky you'll be there when a competitive bodybuilder needs to pay the rent!
  6. To each his own, but I have to disagree. I find all races and ethnicities to have beauties among them. HK is a great world city - and my experience has been that I end up needing a neck massage after walking around because I see so many stunning Asian men. I'm not vouching for the sexual vibe, just the abundance of beautiful men.
  7. Many thanks, Latbear4blk. Your info will help me to kick off my plans. Douglas seems very hot, but I'm looking for someone more massive. The local forum that you linked me to would be great, but I don't speak Spanish, unfortunately. I'm gonna continue doing some research - and hopefully there will be some more guys on this forum who can provide some additional info. Thanks again!
  8. Hey guys. It's my first time to BA. I've been to Rio - loved it - and found my way to 117, 202, etc. BA doesn't get all that much play here, so I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for: what area to stay in where there are cafes, restaurants where cute gay guys (not garatos) hang out, just for eye candy purposes. Also, in what area - I'm assuming the same - would there be more boys strolling around? gay gym - I think the Megatlon chain might have a gay crowd, but which one(s)? Any other gym suggestions? a modestly priced hotel/apartment in that neighborhood? and, last but not least, muscle guys for hire - yes, specifically muscle men, big bodybuilders most preferred. I've seen soytuyo and some of the other sites, but I didn't see any really competitive bodybuilder types (ripped fitness model types also do it for me). I realize that there's nothing in BA like the Rio saunas, so any advice would be most appreciated - if anyone knows anyone in particular, please by all means send me a private message with contact info. Many thanks!
  9. Hey Badboy81, I was at 117 when you were there last night. Will be going again tonight (or to 202). Some more hotties came after you left. Sent you a PM. ChecK your inbox if you’re interested in meeting up.
  10. Many thanks for the encourging words. I’m in the US.
  11. Thanks, guys, for all of your help. I'm off to Brazil this weekend and will report back. If anyone will be in SP this weekend or Rio next weekend and wants to meet up, please let me know.
  12. Sanddunes, Riobard, Tartegogo - that was fast! You guys are great! A couple of follow-ups... 6. So if the sweet spot is 5 or 6, on my last day in Rio (on which I'll be trying to catch - and hopefully not miss! - a night flight), if I get to 117 or 202 at 3 or 4, does that mean that it will be empty there - or would I still likely find a few hotties? (I would like to think that I might do something else on my last day but I'm preparing to be addicted to these boys! So I'm asking this question just in case!). And just to be clear, do both 117 and 202 die down by 9 - even on a Friday or Saturday night? 7. It looks like the timing for Rio G overlaps with the 117 and 202 sweet spot, so it sounds like a choice needs to be made (not to sound like a TOTAL slut, but I was hoping that Rio G would get going after 117 or 202 petered out, if I wanted more ) 8. That said, I'm sensing that a good option might be to skip the massage venues, but if I'm done with 117 or 202, and still want more, does anyone know if the Rio G masseurs are still around after Rio G peters out? (I think that I read in a post that Rio G has some muscular masseurs.) Or, for that matter, does 117 or 202 have any muscular/bodybuilder masseurs who stick around after prime time? 9. And while I'm referencing muscular masseurs, my sweet spot is huge ripped bodybuilders. I hope there are some to be found at 117 or 202 - and anywhere/anyone else that you can recommend! Are there any online services in Rio similar to Soytuyo in Buenos Aires? 10. And, finally, when you have a moment, curious about the same questions for Lagoa in SP - sweet spot time, bodybuilders, muscular masseurs, etc. Many thanks again!!!
  13. Hey guys, I'm heading there soon and I've done my best to try to synthesize recent posts, but I still have a couple of questions and would really appreciate your guidance: 1. What is the time range (don't arrive prior to "x" time / when does it peter out?) for 117, 202 and Lagoa - on a weekday? 2. Same question - time range - for 117, 202 and Lagoa - on a WEEKEND? 3. Which sauna lately has any competitive bodybuilders - and any names? 4. For Rio G (non-garato sauna), what is the busy time on the weekends? 5. There is a gorgeous guy - Douglas - on the Solaryun Spa website https://www.solaryunspamasculino.com.br/massagistas - has anyone met him? (Do the massages there have HE's - or are they just massage only)? Thanks to all. Will report back when I return.
  14. Hey guys, I'm a newbie here - and this is my first post. I'll be staying in Ipanema the weekend beginning April 27th and I want to sample the rent boy saunas (117 and 202) as well as the Rio G Sauna (which after reading posts here seems to have hot boys just coming off of the gay beach). Thanks to some of the posters who have shared great info and experiences, particularly Tomcal and, very recently, Sanddunes and Numazu. By any chance, will anyone on this forum be in Rio that weekend who would like to hang out and be "cruise" buddies? (BTW, I love the big muscle boys, so those are the boys that I'll primarily be looking for.) Let me know. I'm a fun guy (and also a gym rat, so I'll be looking for a good gym to work out in also). Thanks guys.
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