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  1. Just one observation on what night is best in individual saunas. Some of my most memorable experiences have been on what turned out to be a “quiet” night with fewer boys but you connect with someone who is just right. There is an old saying, it only takes one to make an evening!
  2. Let me assure you there was nobody who looked remotely like that on my 3 visits to Tawan in January. He would be more likely to be the youngest son (grandson?) of the guys on offer a few months ago.
  3. What’s this “grand opening” in April 2019? Is the place being renovated, under new management or what?
  4. They weren’t there on my visit in the Christmas/New Year period. All I saw were mediocre tattooed boys and the place was an extension of the Soi Twilight bars that are a tragic shadow of their former self.
  5. My point is don’t be deluded your safe because an area is “busy”. I have told my story here, on the old Gay Travel Brazil site and TripAdvisor forums. I offer no apology. My motivation has been to prevent my experience happening to others. The reaction of people has been mixed. Some have appreciated the gesture and expressed empathy and appreciated the advice, some have shared their own unfortunate experience, some have trotted out the tired line that it can happen anywhere and I’ve had a few clowns who accuse me of being on out and out liar. The Internet and in particular forums such as this are in valuable medium for intelligent thoughtful people to share experiences. It is also unfortunately a vehicle for trolls, the negative, the cynical and obsessive pedants who wish to deconstruct a story to suit their own bitter twisted view of the world. Let’s leave it at that.
  6. The attack took place between cars parked at right angles to the kurb. I am tall about 186cm. From a distance an American gent saw me between the cars and ran to my aid. By that time the attackers had wandered off. He told me that when he saw me between the cars he realised what was happening. I pointed to the group who continued to stand like stuffed dummies staring at me. His exact words were”sir they won’t help, they won’t help”. He told me he lived in Rio and in proceeding months he had been robbed 3 times the last occasion by an assailant carrying a gun. I can understand people not wishing to be involved while an armed attack is taking place but failure to assist after the attackers have fled shows a certain weakness. It would not happen in my country or yours. I wish you could see the looks on their faces. I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs for help and even after the event did not move a centimetre. There was from memory about 8 to 10 of them in this group totally uncaring. I hope this narrative adds some perspective.
  7. I was mugged in Rio in 2005 which I reported on another thread. There is a wealth of wisdom here. I never go on public transport and am very wary of walking alone. The lesson to be learnt from my experience is that you are not safe because an area is “busy”. My mugging occurred almost in front of the Copacabana Palace at about 6:45pm and barely dark, in front of a group who just stood and watched not to mention numerous passers by who ignored my screams for help.
  8. I went to Moonlight once on my recent trip but I thought it was terrible. A small number of heavily tattooed boys, unattractive and seemed to be lacking interest. In the circumstances who can blame them? Jupiter was better (which is damning with faint praise) and Soi 4 seems to be where the action is. Soi Twilight I’m afraid is a thing of the past.
  9. Was it the hot weather you reported on another thread?
  10. I’m not exactly young. I enjoyed my trip but I have nostalgic memory of my first visit to Bangkok in 2000 and have been back many times since but there is no denying the bar scene is a tragic shadow of its former self. The massage venues have deteriorated to the same extent and I had a few nice visits to My Hero but it is not on a par with the variety of guys at the old Hero in past years.
  11. I have been to Brazil 9 times so your preaching to the converted. I was mugged on my first visit but returned older and wiser. The crime rate has escalated and they have a maniac running the place. I hope to return later in the year if things settle down.
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