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  1. He makes such declarations for his electorate but do these declarations have really an impact on reality ? I have doubts
  2. Latindude, could you tell us about experiences in bogota saunas?-Last year I went until the door of one sauna located in chapineiro but it looked not very safe and dangerous and i decided not to go (it was also the taxi driver's advice not to go...). I think the best would be to go with an insider boy from.bogota
  3. Yes last day were better. I met a nice twink in pereira with whom i spend some days. Also went to bucaramanga were i met two beautiful escorts. Back to bogota i had much more options but unfortunately i only spent one final night there.
  4. Thanks for feedback. Yeah, Colombia is amazing country!
  5. I also not very willing to visit the city center street with hustlers bars. I must admit that colombia remains a country where it is advised to care about security in places like this. And i am not willing to go to club tobi which seems very disappointing compared to a place like club 117
  6. Back to colombia. Until now a bit disappointed. I am in medellin now. Many available boys indeed but contact through grindr is usually very very slow. Also Colombians are often very very late and have problems being on time. Internet contacts cannot replace a direct contact like in rio saunas. I miss them i must admit. Finally i am thinking i could have had much more fun at the sauna in barcelona where according to some users they are many colombians.
  7. Why do you think it is still fucking dangerous as mentioned in the beginning.of your bery good report? I consider going back to brasil but i hesitate because of security, mainly in rio. Did you feel confortable with thw boys?
  8. As already mentioned I was atacked at the limit of a favela. These guys are not behaving like us. Since they are kids they are trained to do the bad work. They are completely out of control and.lost to the society. Often under drugs
  9. I also would have given my cellphone. You are lucky the boy was not too agressive and let your friend go without shooting him. They undervalue your life and probably also theirs.
  10. Glad you are ok indeed. All Brasilians I met told me that rio has indeed became very very dangerous place. I think indeed that the only possibility to avoid problems is to be almost naked without nothing except little money. I hate bolsonaro style but I hope really he and his team can manage this. It wont be that easy
  11. Violence is everywhere unfortunately. They are different favelas and some are less dangerous (the one where I ended up was involved in narcotrafic). I would advise anybody not to go (even most cariocas do not go, evdn once in their life)
  12. Thanks for very interresting feedbacks. I was also of the opinion that rio was safe in the places such as ipanema and copa but reports seem to inform us it is not completely the case nowadays. As asfrs point out I was suprised how many people who know very well rio (inhabitants or brasilians) told me about insecure it has become. It is clear that you will not be attacked at every corner of the city but extracare should be observed. For me carnival is a no go uunder these circomstances
  13. I also think if you take care you should not in principle have problems. I also think tomcal is right in saying always better not to be alone which increases risk. If you discuss with Brasilians although many consider rio to be a highly dangerous city. And all the problems in favelas are not solved at all narcotrafic increases so the source of the insecurity problems will remain.
  14. I have been personally agressed at the border of a favela. But it is a place where in principle one should not go (I have had the bad idea to want to go to a concert in a samba school in the north of rio which is dangerous). I discussed this with many brasilians who told me rio is becoming more and more dangerous and agressions may take place everywhere even in the good neigboorhooods. I think that following ALL tomcal recommandations is a absolute necessity to avoid any problem. The bad political situation and the economic problems also explain why the police is of no help if you have problems. Again I do not advise against going there but people have to know that the place is nice without risks.
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