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  1. Nice to hear @redxs , could you report with some details your experience there? I was planning to go to Ukraine, however I decided to go to Turkey, just returned 10 days ago. Is it easy to meet gay or gay-for-pay Ukrainians? Are there any particular places like saunas ? Your experiences with Grindr and Hornet were with free guys or escorts ?
  2. So... I just returned from Istanbul, it was a nice week there and I also got some new hair in my forehead lol (yes Turkey is a Mecca for hair transplants, so I took the opportunity to get some personal repairs ) Haspa is a nice bar, however it is very small, really like an studio apartment. Music is mainly Turkish, but it has a very relaxed environment. There was maybe 3 or 4 hustlers the day I visited (Saturday night) when I arrived one came already and started talking to me, I was not really interested, but I didn’t want to be impolite - so I kept answering his questions - that was my mistake, because he stayed the rest of the night following me. The hustlers there usually don’t say that they are working boys, so be aware of that, this guy for example said the he was a masseurs just after an hour or so, when I was trying to get rid of him. Their waiters are very cute. The entrance fee is 40 lira, and you get a beer included in this amount. Drinks have a normal price for bar in Istanbul - 30 lira for a bottle of local beer, and 45 lira for a prepared drink. Concerning the Apps, they are very busy in Turkey, the main one is Hornet , as Grindr is somehow blocked (it is necessary a VPN connection or roaming to use that). Many escorts - they will try to charge 100 usd or euros for an hour - but many will go for half of that. There are many free boys as well - I met a 25yo Turkish, civil engineer, very mainly but cute guy, that turned to be of the hungriest bottoms I have ever met. He kept sending me messages in the next days asking for another date - unfortunately I had my hair transplant, so no sex in the last days.
  3. Thanks for the comments, but I disagree in this case - there was a big discussion about that in Latin America forum, and as a Brazilian I can say that you guys pay the same than I pay as local - it is a commodity market. I believe no one in this forum - even not knowing a single word in Portuguese is paying over 100 euros for a boy in Brazil (that has a similar average wage to Turkey) - but in Turkey it seems to be different ... the prices are not in accordance with the economic situation/ wages in the country. The only explanation I see is that it is a Islamic country and gay sex is a very special and niche market... but at same time most of the guys in Grindr are escorts - so there is no shortage on the supply side.
  4. I am finally going to Istanbul for a week in first half of June. I have checked some sites as “hunks”but it seems strange to me that in a country where the average salary is less then 500 eur, the boys are charging 100 eur or more for an hour.... @enlglishmun would you remember what was the rate charged by the boys from Haspa ? Thanks !
  5. I visited in February, it was working normally. Around 15 boys on a Saturday night. Yes, there are many hot boys. They offer private dances , but many of them are not willing to do much - most will offer just to you to suck them. So always negotiate beforehand. Also be aware of your belongings, my jacket was stoled while I turned back to talk to a guy (the jacket was over the chair) - nobody from the place took responsibility over that. In Brazilian saunas (after dozens of times) I never had my belongings stoled - so be aware.
  6. I mentioned the same thing when visited Medellin in Feb. Any good experiences during the last days ? In my opinion Medellin would be great if I already had a companion, otherwise Bogota is much more fun - Grindr is always busy (with responsive guys) and Theatron and saunas provide a lot of fun.
  7. Just an update about Fortaleza. Today I tried to visit Dragon, and it seems that the place still have the same problem - no clients and boys. I am staying at a Gran Marquise hotel, so it is not a long drive , but what a disappointment. The place looks really nice, maybe the best one I have ever visited in term of ambience. But the two guys at the reception told me straight away that they would close at 10 pm (it was still 7:50 pm) so they didn’t recommend me to enter (what??) then they said that there was just 5 people inside. I asked how many boys and they said - none! Then 2 clients left... so just 3 clients at the place and no boys. I decided just to take a taxi to a restaurant... I expected to have some fun in Fortaleza, but not this time . Well - Grindr works ok - few escorts , but none of the free local ones turned me on - quite strange because walking around I see so many pretty guys....
  8. I returned from Chile 2 weeks ago. It was a work trip, so I didn’t have much time to explore. But indeed it is a very conservative country still. Grindr works quite well , and there are many boys, I hired a guy from Venezuela and he was amazing. 1.85m , lean body, Vers. Very eager to please. Chileans are not that hot for my taste , but take advantage of the Venezuelans supply . I stayed at Intercontinental, and the receptionist was not happy at all when I asked them to allow the boy to come to my room. By Grindr I also met a Spanish exchange student (free) , I felt in love , but for him I think it was just a adventurous night =D I have to deal with that. By the end no Chileans lol but a lot of fun...
  9. Medellin is a lovely city and I would really enjoy to spend some months of my life there. However as many members already said in here, fun may be not that easy to arrange. While in Bogota I received dozens of messages by Grindr, in Medellin O received very few... really don’t know the reason. The cam model that I have previously met was not available since he is a university student, and he was having some very important tests... he proposed to meet me on a Sunday , but I was in a tour , so that failed.... bu the end of my stay I checked Tinder , and surprisingly I got several likes , and maybe 30 matches - it never happened in Brazil - however Tinder is quite slow, so I didn’t have time to practical arrangements for real fun. If someone is planning to go to Medellin , maybe could try tinder gold.... some interesting places to go: - Fercho - that is where you can find hustlers, very straight forward business. However I didn’t feel very well there, something in the environment that kept me non-relaxed. If you don’t find what you want, the owner has a list of guys that he can call and the guy will come to attend you. - Parque Lleras - really nice area in Medellin, some gays around and hundreds of tourists. - Bar Chiquita - gay bar in Parque Lleras area, nice drinks, many foreigners, some people cruising. - Bar Donde Aquellos - gay bar also in Parque Lleras, more a place to see and be seen- good drinks.
  10. I returned last week from my second trip to Bogota, and I also visited Medellin for the first time. I will try to be short since there are tons of info concerning these cities in this forum: The Cam model I managed to talk for some weeks with a Cam4 model , twink type not really everyone’s type but very hung and one of the most popular models at the site (he is Venezuelan, my favorites). We agreed to meet in my first night in Bogota - we went to a bar in Chapinero and had some drinks (actually 10 LOL ) , after that he asked me if he could come to my hotel - obviously I said yes. Some cuddling and then we tried to have sex , but I think we were both too drunk, so we just cummed before real fuck. In the next morning I ordered room service breakfast, and he said that that was the first time he had breakfast served on bed... his life was really difficult back in Venezuela (he is a Cam model in other to send money to his mother and younger sisters in that country). He never asked any money from me and actually in the bar he asked me if he should pay for his drinks- of course I said no. In the next evening he asked if he could come over to my hotel , and again yes. The sex was not that good I have to say - I found out that he enjoy just to be act and so am I , but we managed to have some fun. That evening he made 2 private shows from my room’s jacuzzi LOL ok I am not so jealous - and all in all I was not paying anything to him (besides of food and drinks) so he had to make his living LOL. We agreed to go to a sauna together, but I had a business dinner to attend, so I didn’t managed to in those first days. That would be his first time in a sauna. In the 3rd night I wanted something different in the menu, so I found a bottom musculous guy in Grindr that asked 150 , I offered 100 and he accepted - I expected him to be taller, but the pictures were acurate and he had a really nice body in fact - and he was amazing in bed - after my not so good sex in the night before, that was a well spent money. Talking about Grindr , that really works in Bogota - I got dozens of mesages of normal guys / free guys wanting to meet. But I am still a bit selective - and most of the guys with amazing bodies are escorts LOL so I decided to support the local economy. After 3 days I went to Medellin- The city of everlasting spring. I will continue later.
  11. Hi Walker, Did you get the ticket through the website ? Did you manage to get a private room ?
  12. Wow I was not aware of this party , and I live in Rio OMG I will check that and try to buy tickets!
  13. I spend a week in Bogotá , and right now I am in Medellin. This time I stayed at Rosales Plaza in the financial distric, I had no problems to bring them to the room, few times I entered with the boy, and few other they called from reception and I asked them to let the boy get in - they just said that if the person is going to sleep they have to make a registration. In my last visit I stayed at Estelar Windsor and it was exactly the same. So I think it works for most hotels. But these are business hotels, and the reception will always call you , so maybe not the most discreet ones. I saw some other recommendations in this forum for hotels in Chapinero, In the gay area - those hotels may be very used to boy’s visits, so that wouldn’t be a problem. I got several mesages in GRindr , but I would say that connect to CB guys can be more rewarding. At Grindr there are tons of escorts - they will be the first one to hit you up in the app.
  14. Probably I am going to be in the week before.
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