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  1. @asdsrfr, nice to see your suggestion about trying Thermas Califórnia. However, in your post 18 months ago, you indicated that there weren't many GPs at Califórnia Thermas Club, except maybe on Thursday nights: Do you know if the GP situation at Califórnia Thermas Club has improved since your visit in late 2017? I'm curious about Fortaleza because in February 2019 I met a GP on a busy Tuesday night at Thermas Fragata in São Paulo. Unlike many garotos who have worked at the saunas with boys in just one and occasionally two Brazilian cities, this boy (who, BTW, is also blessed with an enormous endowment) -- named "Thales" -- was like a tour guide to Brazilian saunas with GPs, giving me his opinion about the best nights at each facility in cities he had worked at, ranging from Fortaleza to Florianópolis. He opined that I would really like the working guys at the saunas in Fortaleza, several of whom -- both white and black he said -- have the cool physical characteristic of "olhos verdes", i.e., penetrating green eyes! (and we hope, of course, that they also have the requisite characteristic of what appears in the majority of Brazilian sauna boys: penetrating huge endowments!)
  2. The maximum dimensions of carry-on bags for domestic flights in Brazil are currently the same as those in the U.S. and other countries. Height: 55 cm (21½ in) Width: 35 cm (13¾ in) Depth: 25 cm (9¾ in) The new information is that, starting on 10 April 2019 and continuing weekly, these limits on hand luggage will be strictly enforced at airports hosting Brazilian domestic flights according to this schedule: 10 April 2019: Juscelino Kubitschek (Brasília/DF) Afonso Pena (Curitiba/PR) Viracopos (Campinas/SP) Aluízio Alves (Natal/RN) 17 April 2019: Confins – Tancredo Neves (Belo Horizonte/MG) Pinto Martins (Fortaleza/CE) Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre (Recife/PE) Luís Eduardo Magalhães (Salvador/BA) Val-de-Cans – Júlio Cezar Ribeiro (Belém/PA) 24 April 2019: Santa Genoveva (Goiânia/GO) Salgado Filho (Porto Alegre/RS) Congonhas (São Paulo/SP) São Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos/SP) Galeão – Tom Jobim (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) Santos Dumont (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) The way this will operate is that measurements of your hand luggage will be taken just before the security X-ray conveyor belt. If your carry-on and/or backpack exceed the limits, you will be asked to return to the back of the (usually long) line of the airline's check-in counter where you will have to pay for the bag(s) as checked luggage. While the cost of checking your carry-on is an annoyance after your bag gets rejected at the security checkpoint, the real issue is that you could easily miss your connecting flight. Although the airlines tout this new enforcement policy as leading to a more efficient boarding process, one can imagine that, as nearly every carry-on bag gets measured, queues will form at the security conveyor belt measuring station, with conflicts erupting among airline employees, passengers, and security personnel as hand luggage gets rejected. The new enforcement policy also indicates that your one allowed personal item (e.g., a backpack) may not exceed the following measurements: Height: 35 cm (13¾ in) Width: 45 cm (17¾ in) Depth: 20 cm (7¾ in) AND it must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. In any event, the new carry-on size enforcement policy is likely to affect many travelers, including road warriors on business trips and those of us currently in the middle of or planning quick trips to Brazil that include domestic flight connections.
  3. Great idea! Go for it! It's a great time to consider making this move, with commercial real estate prices near their lows and the value of the USD at near high levels vs the BRL. I feel confident that many guys on this forum would be more than willing to patronize your new establishment. That said, I'd recommend that you partner in your endeavor with a Brazilian who can not only assist you in winding your way through the labyrinth of Brazilian bureaucracy but also who knows something about their system of gorjetas (tips). ;-)
  4. On a Facebook posting on 18 February 2019, the owner of Nova Manhattan 21 on Rua Buenos Aires, 21 in the Centro, the latest location of Clube Manhattan Rio's, to which it moved just over 2 months ago, stated that he would be closing the new location and looking for a new site: To his credit, the owner cited the complaints of customers of the sauna including the facts that the club was situated in a small space and that there is no sauna in the "sauna"! He also mentioned the two long steep stairways that clients needed to climb to reach the reception desk. BTW, we didn't find either of these conditions to be a barrier but they might be for someone with cardiorespiratory concerns. As of the 3rd week of March 2019, Nova Manhattan 21 was still open Mondays through Fridays only and we visited the club on two occasions in March. In a post on this forum one year ago, someone mentioned that Manhattan Rio's, the previous incarnation of Nova Manhattan 21, located near Santos Dumont Airport, was trying to pick up downtown clientele that formerly frequented New Meio Mundo on Mondays and Fridays. Truth be told, our Monday encounter with the sauna was pretty abysmal, with very few GPs or clients. The biggest attraction for the boys seemed to be a bingo game that was supposed to start around 9 pm. We departed around 8 pm, however, to cut our losses. All that said, we got a guided tour of the new location (the receptionist at Nova Manhattan 21 was the woman who worked at the front desk of Clube 117 for many years and recognized us) and found it to be one of the cleanest Brazilian saunas we have ever visited, with spanking new lockers and suites all containing immaculate showers that actually had both hot and cold water! Nevertheless, we decided to give the place the benefit of the doubt and returned on a Friday. Our Friday visit was a MUCH better experience with lots of clients and GPs. I'd estimate around 20 GPs and 10 clients ultimately gathered in this small space. We had anticipated that it would be better to arrive there early, like around 6 pm, when offices in the downtown business district were closing, but it turned out that the GPs, many of them hot, good-looking muscular types, worthy of 117/202, were just starting to arrive around 7-8 pm. My friends and I had a great time and were looking forward to returning here on our next visit to Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, @Pauleiro mentioned in another thread in this Forum that Nova Manhattan 21 is now closed. If so, this must have happened very recently, like during the last week in March or first week in April. Some of the respondents to the owner's FB posting included suggestions, e.g., that the owner should consider taking over the old space in Copacabana/Arpoador, now vacant, previously occupied by the LeBoy disco/bar/sauna. Others recommended that the owner find a more suitable location in Centro. What do you guys think? Would you relocate the Nova Manhattan Rio to the higher rent South Zone (Copacabana/Ipanema) area where it would be more likely to attract gay tourists as well as locals? Or would you keep the sauna in Centro, as downtown is presently devoid of any saunas with GPs and where rents may be lower but where the location may be off-putting to some tourists, especially on weekends when the downtown business district is essentially "dead"?
  5. Although I receive and read a daily Google synopsis of news from Brazil in Portuguese, I also enjoy the perspective provided by The Rio Times and have subscribed to the publication for the past several years. For folks who don't read Portuguese, the website offers useful information for foreign travelers. So I was personally very disappointed to learn that The Rio Times would cease publication this month. The good news is that The Rio Times has been resuscitated by a new owner, Matthias Camenzind. He promises to provide more reporting within Rio de Janeiro and to expand coverage to other cities in Brazil. Let's hope that the new publisher is successful in his endeavor! https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/rio-business/the-rio-times-to-continue-and-expand-under-new-ownership-of-matthias-camenzind/
  6. Haha! Reminds me of the old Tonight Show with Jack Paar, where they had a translation chain through 5 people and languages. The end result was always hilarious!
  7. The narrator makes a good point. Although Spanish and Portuguese are related languages, Brazilians get somewhat offended by Americans and Europeans thinking of Portuguese as being the "little brother" or, even worse, a "variation" of Spanish. He uses a one sentence example containing all cognate words, to show how "easy" it is to understand Portuguese. However, when you enter the world of sex with Brazilian men, you'll encounter sentences like this (from an ad for a GP, i.e., garoto de programa): Here is my translation of the ad: However, if you try to put this GP's ad through Google Translate, here's what comes out: You might end up wondering, "What scene is that GP really into?!"
  8. According to the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, there is also no yellow vaccine recommendation for Americans traveling to either Bogotá or Medellin.
  9. Maybe it had something to do with the devastating tropical wind-and-rainstorm that battered Rio de Janeiro last week, but the American Embassy / U.S. State Department decided to issue a weather alert today for Wednesday, 13 February 2019. It seems that the State Department is getting more aggressive with its alerts, a good thing in my opinion, as one of the functions of a diplomatic mission is to safeguard the interests of its citizens living in or visiting a foreign country.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion, Walker. I'll need to do that if it turns out that no one on this forum has ever visited Thermas 1087 in São Vicente. Truth be told, although I can speak some Portuguese, so the language wouldn't be a barrier for me to make a WhatsApp call to the sauna, as it might be for some clients, I do value the critical opinions and advice of members of this forum more than what some harried front-desk employee might say. That said, not all sauna employees are paid to "inflate the numbers" and, to be fair, I have spoken to reception clerks at saunas where they have acknowledged frankly that they only have "n" GPs on premises at the time of my call (where "n" is a very small number of boyz). And these honest front desk guys were also frequently willing to share with me when the best night would be, in their opinion, to visit the sauna.
  11. Have you ever visited Thermas 1087 (formerly Thermas Senador) in São Vicente, adjacent to the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo State, about a 1.5-2 hour drive from São Paulo city? Being verão (summer) right now, I figured that the "Baixada Santista" coast of São Paulo might attract a sizeable number of gay guys looking to escape the sometimes oppressive heat of São Paulo city, particularly on weekends. Do they have garotos de programa at Thermas 1087? Or is this strictly a "client-client" gay sauna? I did a search on BoyToy.com and was unable to find any references to this termas. Additionally, I did a Google search and not much came up other than Thermas 1087's website and FB page. FWIW, here is a link to the Thermas 1087 website. And here is a photo of one of their gogo boy dancers from the Thermas 1087 webpage:
  12. What's the address of "Nova Manhattan 21"? On a Google search, no website pops up and only a few Instagram type links.
  13. @numazu1: I totally agree with the assessment of your writing style by @pylonguy71 . Have you ever considered publishing your experiences as mini-chapters in an anthology? Maybe as an e-book? Ten years ago I might have said that the world wasn't yet ready for that type of reading experience. But times have changed. Something to think about.
  14. There's another offering of the Sunday Hippie Fair on Praça General Osório in Ipanema: a number of artists display and sell their paintings. Although, as previously stated, most of us would not recommend a favela tour, many of the works of art have colorful scenes of favelas, usually with other iconic features of Rio de Janeiro in the background, like the statue of Cristo Redentor on top of Corcovado. The smaller pieces can be rolled up and transported back to the U.S. relatively easily. They make for lovely, inexpensive gifts for friends back in the States or for hanging in your own home.
  15. ... today's headline from the English language newspaper, The Rio Times, about the ongoing military and police operations in and around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, even in the "safe" Zona Sul (South Zone), adjacent to the beach community of Leme (next to Copacabana): Armed Forces Deploy 1,800 Troops Around Leme in Rio’s Zona Sul
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