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  1. I posted earlier about a possible visit to MEX- San Miguel Allende-Mérida but have now decided to skip San Miguel. I’ll spend a few days in Roma Norte at the Stanza hotel and arrive to Mérida on July 18-26. Im interested to try an Airbnb in Mérida. PLEASE share any insights: a beautiful place, quiet, clean and close to guys I can find on Grindr and bring back without any hassle. I prefer complete privacy. As Ive mentioned before I’m not interested in bars or clubs. Orgies and naked hang out places only thanks to those who have sent messages on my earlier posts, please feel free to update Steve
  2. I need to postpone my visit to mid-July and will probably skip San Miguel Allende. So, México City and Mérida. Any suggestions for Airbnb in Roma Norte and a good place in Mérida? Looking to be able to bring guys from Grindr without any hassle or checkin.
  3. Thank you guys. Please keep the advice coming. I have plenty of time to plan something good!
  4. Hi guys, I’m thinking of doing almost two weeks in Mexico in mid June. I know and love México City (DF) but am interested in visiting San Miguel Allende and Merida (some very enticing posts from locals on here!). Please share some tips and advice with me. I’m 45, Miami based Spanish speaking Anglo. Good shape, frugal and pretty street smart. I’m into food and culture not into bar scene or beaches. In DF I use Grindr (faceless profile) or street cruising only with very good results. Not looking for pay to play but might be open to it outside of DF since I don’t know how well Grindr will work for me beyond the capital. Im planning to stay in an Airbnb in Roma Norte instead of an hotel as always before. and hope to be able to invite guys back without any hassle. Any recommendations? A comfortable bed, a beautiful location and a good shower are the only necessities. Also planning to use Airbnb’s in the other locations. Same requirement. Any suggestions? I already read the NT Times article and the foodie blogs but I’m looking for the casual sex side of San Miguel Allende and Merida. Proposed agenda, Miami to DF. Stay five days, bus to San Miguel Allende. Stay two night in San Miguel and go to Merida for about five day. Return to Miami. any advice and personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Peace! steve
  5. I just booked at the Barceló Reforma very close the Alameda park and Bellas Artes. Big place looks like Sheraton Maria Isabel. Anyone have any experience with this hotel?
  6. Hotel recommendations? Nice location, less than $100 per night, free WiFi and NO hassle bringing Grindr guys up for a visit? Sheraton Maria Isabel has been great but it’s too expensive for my dates. Looking for an alternative
  7. Hey guys, I’m heading to México City again in two weeks for a quick business trip. Beginning of April this time. 1. Usually I stay at the Sheraton Maria Isabela but wouldn’t mind trying another place in the future. The rate is $150 per night which is way more than I’ve paid there in the recent past. Any ideas? Zona Rosa and the bars etc aren’t my scene so I’m open to other areas that could also produce good results on Grindr. I like big comfortable places where I can be very discreet in bringing guys up to my room without checking them in, etc. Maria isabela is huge and lots of folks are always coming in and out. I usually met them in the lobby. Any other reasonable hotels? Free WiFi very important. 2. Grindr has been great for me in CDMX! It always amazes me how quickly I get responses in México. Very few of the guys I choose (younger European looking) ever flake out and show up fast! That’s why I love CDMX. I’m 6’2”, 200, hairy, German looking, masculine, 50. What doesn’t even get a tap in Miami gets more than I can handle in México. All free of charge too, so far. Any updated information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi guys. First of all thank you for all the Bogota information that I’ve received so far. I’m going on Friday! Most of you tell me that WhatsApp is essential to communicate with guys there but I’m very down low and do not want my actual phone number known out there. Any ideas? I plan to get a Colombian SIM card once I arrive but I understand that my real number still involved (I still don’t fully understand how a foreign SIM card actually works!). Please help me! Can I get an anonymous number on WhatsApp? Burner phone (I don’t really know what that means but I’ve seen references)? gracias
  9. Thank you for this report. I’m headed to Bogota on Friday. Please add to this anymore recent information on Bogota
  10. 3. Very average? Really? that man looks way ABOVE average from the back, side or front. Beautiful is beautiful.
  11. Please tell more. I’ll be staying at the NH Metrotel #74 at the very north of Chapinero. Any information on this place and bringing guys up to the room
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