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  1. Great trip to Mérida. Grindr produced a few visitors every day including a small orgy on Thursday night. The best sex though was with a gorgeous Mayan guy I literally bumped into at Plaza de Indepencia at 2pm on Friday. Tall, worked out and 20, a formidable kisser and a adequate bottom. Unexpected afternoon delight.
  2. Can’t say that my Grindr is “lighting up like a Christmas tree” but it’s been two twinks a day since yesterday’s arrival. All free. Tomorrow I’ll try for a threesome. It’s not that I have a preference for the young, smooth and slim but they seem to have preference for me (45, tall and hairy) even without a face picture. I did have a wonderful session last night about 11pm with a very attractive, beautiful natural body and bearded 36 yo guy visiting from CDMX. Thankfully I have a beautiful, private, Airbnb by Parque Santa Lucia. Easy in, easy out. Markets and ruins by day and cocks and asses by night
  3. Looking forward to being there on Monday! Hoping for Grindr glory!
  4. Hi. I’ll be in Mérida July 22-27. You guys know of any orgies? I’m not into the bar scene or chatting, just sex buffets
  5. It’s seems that Brazil is the main topic on Latin American forum these days but does anyone have any new information or resources for Mexico City? I know there are threads from when Mexico was the main topic (I’ve contributed!:). Looking for new experiences to enhance my trip this week. Also, heading to Mérida the week after
  6. I’ve tried googling how to do that but I’m totally confused! Can I keep my usual WhatsApp account while setting up an account with a google voice generated number?
  7. Thanks for the “heads-up”. Any legit ones? Even with a reasonable admission fee
  8. I’ll use grinder but not WhatsApp. Prefer to remain anonymous
  9. I’m staying at an Airbnb in Santa Lucia. Private home.
  10. Looking forward to visiting Merida in late July! Any places like saunas or cenotes that are gay-naked friendly? Love to hang out nude and play if the mood strikes. Mexico City has a place I always spend a few hours: banos finnisterre What is the gay sauna like (is there one?) Sensual massage services? love sex parties too. Anything happening in Merida 22-26 July? gracias!
  11. Anyone know of any sex parties happening in Mérida during my time in Mérida? I love sex parties because for the same reason I love buffets: everything is there (already naked and ready), you don’t have to try everything and eventually there’s going to be something tasty. :) please any Mérida updates steve
  12. I posted earlier about a possible visit to MEX- San Miguel Allende-Mérida but have now decided to skip San Miguel. I’ll spend a few days in Roma Norte at the Stanza hotel and arrive to Mérida on July 18-26. Im interested to try an Airbnb in Mérida. PLEASE share any insights: a beautiful place, quiet, clean and close to guys I can find on Grindr and bring back without any hassle. I prefer complete privacy. As Ive mentioned before I’m not interested in bars or clubs. Orgies and naked hang out places only thanks to those who have sent messages on my earlier posts, please feel free to update Steve
  13. I need to postpone my visit to mid-July and will probably skip San Miguel Allende. So, México City and Mérida. Any suggestions for Airbnb in Roma Norte and a good place in Mérida? Looking to be able to bring guys from Grindr without any hassle or checkin.
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