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  1. What means of transportation do you use to travel from rio to sao Paulo? Any good saunas in sao paulo?
  2. 1tennisace

    Take Care Down Here

    When my husband and I visited, we wore khaki shorts and had an undergarment waist pouch. When we wore the khaki shorts we kept our phones and about $50R in our pockets. We made sure we stayed together at all times, especially when we were out at night.
  3. Any sex clubs or parties happening in key west for fantasy fest this year?
  4. I am going back to Rio net month. Where in Cinelandia and Sexy Rose, please? Thank you!
  5. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    Thanks for being so candid with your story. Thanks for the well wishes also. We do our best to keep our relationship HOT and VERY SEXUAL.
  6. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    Wow! 22 years??? That is INCREDIBLE. I've just been five years with my husband this year. 40? He was young. Did he die of AIDS? had he told you about his status would you have walk away from the relationship? He probably didnt want to tell you because he loved you so much and didnt want to risk losing you. I'm so sorry.
  7. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. How long were you guys together? Was his death unexpected? I hope you're doing well, my friend.
  8. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    I have no idea why I gave him my ID. for some strange reason I thought the guy needed to see it.
  9. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    You and I are a lot alike because I think it's hot to sniff poppers and watch my husband with other guys. Its the biggest turn on to me. We always play together though so club 117 was the perfect environment for us to do so.
  10. 1tennisace

    My husband and I visit Club 117 in Brazil

    Yes, we read to always wea sandals when walking around in the establishment.
  11. My husband and I visited Brazil for the first time this past week. OMG! We had read and heard about what transpires in Brazil and Club 117. After our week in Brazil, I see why they need a statue of Christ high up on a mountain with his arms stretched wide. After six days in Rio, the arms on that statue weren't the only things that had been stretched wide. We fly out of Miami on Wednesday. It was a late overnight flight so we arrived about 8 a.m. on Thursday. We mulled around all day at our Airbnb and surrounding area until I called Uber to transport us to Club 117. Uber arrived around 530 and it took us about 45 minutes to arrive at the Club. The neighborhood and street in front of the club is heavily populated with people. We walked in the club and walking out was the sexiest Afro-Brazalian. This guy was so sexy, my husband and I actually tried to coax him to come back in because in our minds, "they're couldn't possibly be anyone in the club sexier than the walk walking out. Omg! were we ever wrong? We walked in and couldn't believe how beautiful the men were inside this club. YES! you see the guys the minute you walk in the club because they are all standing around in towels with the most handsome faces and flawless bodies. I really couldn't believe my eyes or the fact that a place like this existed. I was so freaking nervous because its a lot to take in. I mean the guys were shoulder to shoulder and they were all sexy AF. The guy at check in was very friendly. My husband and I handed him copy of our passport he gave us two towels and a locker key. I told my husband at the desk that I was EXTREMELY NERVOUS. He laughed and stated, "well this is what you wanted, now you are here. ENJOY!" As we walked from the registration desk to the locker room downstairs, it's not to glimpse at the guys standing around in towels flashing their BIG JOHNSONS. Guys (escorts) were all over the place. I told my husband to abstain from selecting a guy because a reviewer here stated that you should go to the video room and check out the bi-guys watching the straight porn. I'm so happy we took heed to that piece of advice. In the video room the men are standing against the wall with some of the BIGGEST, HARDEST PIECES imaginable. I felt like I was watching a tennis match because my head was moving from side to side trying to make a decision about who we would take back to a room. It was tough because all of the men in that place were gorgeous and hung like mules. They will walk over to you and the entire time I was speaking to each one, I was glancing at their penis. Yes! They walk up to you with their HARD MEMBERS and start a conversation. I speak no Portugese so I had no idea what they were saying. My husband and I came prepared though. Before we left home, I made business cards from our home computer. On the card, in Portugese, I stated my name, sexual position, what really turned me on (nipple play), my price ($120R per person =$240R), and my WhatsApp number. When we finally decided on a guy, we would give him a card, and if he agreed we took the guy to the front desk and got a key for a room upstairs. We took our own slides, lube and condoms to the club. At the counter, I also showed the guy at the desk the business card I had given to the escort. We took the guy upstairs and had the time of our lives. It was a surreal, out of body experience. After we finished with that guy, we exchanged whatspp numbers and went back upstairs for our second guy. This continued four times and by the fourth guy, I was exhausted. After about 5 minutes I just watched he and my husband handle business. We went back to the club Friday night also. There were hot guys there, but not like Thursday night. Thankfully we exchanged WhatsApp numbers with as many guys as we had interest in. We sent messages to the guys throughout the day and arranged for them to meet us at the apartment. It's imperative that you exchange WhatsApp numbers with anyone who peaks your interest so you can meet them outside of the club. When arranging to meet outside of the club all of the guys stated that they wanted $200R per person for the hour. My husband and I never agreed to that rate and told them it would be $150R for each person for the hour and all accepted that price. We had the time of our lives. I can't imagine how anyone would go here and not have a F-Ing good time (pun intended). We didn't encounter any attitude or bad vibes. If we weren't interested in a guy we smiled and told him, " No Thank you." This place has an endless array of sexy hung men who are eager to please. Once again, remember to exchange WhatsApp numbers with anyone you are interested in.