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  1. Hello gents, It has been confirmed to me that I will be traveling on business to Vienna in mid to late November. Some nice news to brighten up an otherwise miserable, grey, rainy day in NYC. Anywho, with my free time in Vienna, in addition to enjoying some normal/expected touristy things, I’d also like to explore/experience some of the talent. My European experience in this regard is nil as far as Vienna is concerned. As such, I’m wondering (hoping) some of you gents can offer some advice/tips. Thanks! BBD
  2. @tassojunior when you say you use both because of them, you mean because you smoke? I do as well, but never had issues related to performance prior. I chalked it up to meds, age, stress, weight - never thought about the ciggies! And by both - you mean viagra and cialis? Same time? May I ask what dosage/strength? Thanks! BBD
  3. BtmBearDad


    What fresh hell is this? (reads articles, strains eyes from rolling) Time for another Manhattan... BBD
  4. Curious if any of you gents caught this episode of the series? I was new to this series, and as someone who normally eats up these types of shows, I cannot recommend it enough. Two big thumbs up! A definite, if sad, cautionary tale for those of us engaged in this hobby. Hoping this link to the trailer works : https://www.cnbc.com/deadly-rich/
  5. Definitely not a song for your hetero wedding, but could possibly work for your gay wedding. Bonus! Carl Bean has since established his own gay-affirming church - the vestments are fabulous - so maybe he could marry you, and later perform this classic! One of my all time favs! I remember as a young gayling dancing to this back in the Paradise Garage...sunrise, sunset! BBD
  6. There are times I certainly feel every year of my age, if not more - but, for the most part I tend to “forget” how old I am. Then I pass a mirror...le sigh. While I recognize my age is not what one would consider “old”, in gay years, however, I am pegged as an “elder gay”. Throw in the bearish build, and many would exile me to Wilton Manors, Palm Springs, or smiliar, to be found wearing a caftan, and ogling the pool boy. But I digress. Like other posters, a combination of age, medical issues, sedentary lifestyle, and weight gain over the last 5-6 years have killed my drive. Not to say that I don’t still have desires, but it’s the ability to stand “at attention” for the desires that’s the issue. Granted, in my preferred role, this doesn’t present an operational issue, but one does want to be polite, be engaged, physically show the enjoyment beyond climax, which can occur at ease or at attention for me. I’ve had some success with Cialis, less with Viagra. I’m wondering if you gents have any advice/feedback on what’s worked with you? Prescription, over the counter, homeopathic, old wives takes - whatever, I’m open! What Dosage, type, alternatives, etc.. Things to avoid, cut out OR include in diet? Maybe some more informed, thought out questions for the Dr? Am I even going to the right type of Dr (internist) for these issues? Thanks, gents! BBD
  7. Hello! On the offline advice of a fellow patron of this hobby, I’ve joined up here and wanted to say hello to all! Bit about me - I have been a member and contributor on the other site in both it’s present and previous incarnations. While I haven’t been active there for a while (for a number of reasons) I do lurk/read and interact on the DMs/PMs there as well as offline with other members offering comments, advice, experiences/reviews as warranted. I’ve been a patron of this hobby we share on and off since the mid to late 90’s. Seems I’m now in one of the “on” phases, so always looking to get recommendations, give advice, share intel, etc.. i do recognise some names already from the past and present and am looking forward to interacting on here. Feel free to say hi, ask questions, etc.. Cheers, BBD
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