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  1. And now the reference to a religion. You are not very far from Godwin... Such haughtiness and disdain... Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge... My job is directly related to travel industry and especially the processing of passengers flows including safety, security and immigration. ETIAS is not a visa, period. And it is not because you say it that will be the reality. We will see in two years who was right or wrong. In the meantime I will not argue with you anymore as I don't want to bother other members. I love you too.
  2. Exactly. For EU : Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus are not part of the US visa waiver program. Last year I was talking with a CZ young escort who was convinced he needed a visa to visit US. Which is wrong.
  3. Of course it's a fake news. Do you really know what is a VISA ? A visa may requires a lot of time and money to establish, ie : 160 USD and a few days/weeks for a tourist US visa. ETIAS will cost 7 EUR for 3 years ! Why frighten people ? Here it's only a travel authorization like US ESTA or canadian AVE or australian eVisitor. What's the problem ? Why now? It has been adopted since september 2018. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2018/09/05/european-travel-information-and-authorisation-system-etias-council-adopts-regulation/ And as usual : a travel authorization does not guarantee an entrance acceptation.
  4. More info on his Hunqz profile, created on 02/2011. 148 reviews. He had bad reviews sometimes, deleted obviously.
  5. I don't know him. The phone number on his teleChapero profile is : +34617578276 May be you can try to call / WhatsApp / Viber him.
  6. I don't think so. On request you receive an email with the pictures of the boys, the exact location, a phone number and some informations (what to wear, mask, std test condition if you want to fuck bare, ...
  7. No I haven't, not enough time to organize myself.
  8. New profile with this boy pictures, describes himself as "Tom Rogers and im official Belami model" https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=52704727 and https://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/tom-rogers/about.php
  9. Would anyone know about these gaybangboy.com parties in Prague ? https://www.clubbangboys.com/gaybangboy.php and https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=41215399 for the Hunqz profile. Peter Stallion claims to manage. Enter fee is 100€. Next party is on saturday october 27th at 18h. I watched some previous videos here and there. But nothing beats the opinion of a connoisseur Thanks.
  10. Some / many escorts don't like to chat with clients not in the same cities. They even don't answer.
  11. Due to stores rules (iOS and Android) prostitution, nudity, ... are not allowed. You have to use the dreadful WebApp on any browsers. There is an official uncensored Android app called "uncut" but this is not the priority of the devellopers. https://www.planetromeo.com/en/app/#modal-androidapp Depending on the countries you may find boys on Grindr but as Grindr does not allow prostitution they have to hide. For example they use the diamond or rose (for euros) icons. In Spain : http://www.pasion.com/contactos-gays/ or https://telechapero.com/ or http://www.morbototal.com/ And many others.
  12. I remember a comment saying he was not the same as on the pictures, it was in the early summer. But he deleted the comment of course. It's amazing that almost all the comments say he is the guy of the pictures.
  13. Better with a link. https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=52037883
  14. This morning the previous Santiago presented the previous pictures of Dominik instead of the red haired guy. This profile has been deleted and a new Dominik_dominik profile was created. Claiming "Hi, I'm Dominik. You communicate with me directly !! no agency !! write to me and we will meet at the meeting" Those changes of profile are so disturbing...
  15. What? https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=47621789 He was in Nordic countries a few months ago. This guy wrote he is from Brazil.
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