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  1. SkinLope

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I remember a comment saying he was not the same as on the pictures, it was in the early summer. But he deleted the comment of course. It's amazing that almost all the comments say he is the guy of the pictures.
  2. SkinLope


    Better with a link. https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=52037883
  3. SkinLope


    This morning the previous Santiago presented the previous pictures of Dominik instead of the red haired guy. This profile has been deleted and a new Dominik_dominik profile was created. Claiming "Hi, I'm Dominik. You communicate with me directly !! no agency !! write to me and we will meet at the meeting" Those changes of profile are so disturbing...
  4. SkinLope


    What? https://classic.planetromeo.com/auswertung/setcard/?set=47621789 He was in Nordic countries a few months ago. This guy wrote he is from Brazil.
  5. SkinLope


    Previous profile dominik2020 deleted this week. New profile Santiago_DomXL (created in 08/2018) and located in London for 2 days.
  6. SkinLope

    So cute boys in Prague !

    1) What should we think of this "new" (09/2018 ) SteveSkar whose profile claims "You communicate here only with me !!! no boss no agent !!!! let's talk." ? 2) Is it the same reason for dominik2020 whose profile has been recently deleted and who is now known as Santiago_DomXL (profile creation 08/2018) and relocated from Zrh to London yesterday ?
  7. SkinLope


    Are you serious ? He is Dominik, a gorgeous Czech boy. https://www.boytoy.com/forums/search/?&q=dominik&type=forums_topic&nodes=121&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  8. Martin is back to Cityboys. 20 years old on Hunkz 23 years old on the official CB website
  9. SkinLope

    Belami porn star?

    It depends on if BA models are 100% gay / real bisexuals or a majority of gay for pay. Fucking super hot guys for a non gay is less relevant, isn't it ? IMHO when you are a super hot guy you don't really have problems to find other super hot guys to fuck with...
  10. Yes he does. Pictures are actual and accurate. Shot at new CB premises at the moment he was staying there (with CB nickname Peter aka peter-23 on Hunqz CB profile). Be aware that he does not speak english.
  11. SkinLope

    So cute boys in Prague !

    Pity he has small dick... In Salzburg these days ?... https://www.planetromeo.com/#/hunq/Top_STAR_19
  12. Met him 2 months ago. Very nice body. I would say S or M cock size, not always hard. An issue for me : stong tobacco smells. It looked like he was not very comfortable but he tried to do his best.
  13. SkinLope

    So cute boys in Prague !

    I confirm, no worth a repeat. I met him 3 times especially as his "new" body is hot. But clearly it was a very big mistake to meet him a third time. Exactly the same : attitude, complain about teeth, ... He required I blow him with condom though he accepted without the previous dates ! Cute boy but too complicated.