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  1. Hi Steveocean456, San Miguel de Allende is one of my favorite places ever! It’s just so beautiful and there’s a lot of things to do and the museums are interesting, when I’m in there usually grindr or scruff are the best options, it’s a small town and you may find some locals willing to play, however last time I went there was basically no one on these apps. There’s a chance tho that because of the month you’ll be visiting you’ll find a lot of European and American crowd due vacations (an of course San Miguel has a big community of American expats)
  2. Hi Latbear4blk, Tuesday’s are the best days to go to TOMS leather bar, also I forgot to tell you about SODOME, it’s a bathhouse located nearby the Camino Real Hotel in Polanco, the usual crowd is preppy good looking boys from the area, there’s no rent boys like other bath houses but you’ll find there a nice crowd, and since not everything is sex, lol, make sure to make the most of your visit, Mexico City had a lot to offer in terms of Arts, like the House of Frida Khalo, el Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the Museum of El Castillo de Chapultepec, I know that your time may be limited however, there’s a lot of interesting things to see and you’ll get to know more about the History of Mexico, also this week it’s easter week, so you may be able to see some representations and Christian festivities that are interesting if that is your cup of tea, keep enjoying! Cheers
  3. Hi Latbear4blk, hope you’re enjoying your visit at Mexico City, also as a suggestion you can visit several bathhouses like “baños Señorial” which is located at the Isabel La Católica Avenue, there you can get for approximately 20 dollars a private room with jacuzzi or a private hammam, the good thing about this place is that the masseurs can offer you a full service including sex (they can either top or bottom) and they may charge you at most 50 dollars but you can always negotiate their rate, it’s nice since they are the typical Latino men with nice bodies and well the massage is included (both you and the masseur naked lol) Also you can get rent boys at night in the street of Hamburgo and Tokio (if I’m not mistaken is nearby to the place you’re staying) there’s a lot of argentinians however I don’t really trust the rent boys from this street as I heard cases of people being attacked and robbed, but not all of them are like that, let’s not generalize anyway whatever you do hope you had a great time and please share with us what you did! Cheers
  4. I’m Planning to pay a visit to this Thermas place, but like how it is? I just approach the boy I like and negotiate the price? Do they work by hour or by 15 minutes fee?
  5. Thank you very much!! Msclelovr, I look forward to go there and see what the city has to offer
  6. Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing okay! I’m planning a trip next summer to spain, Palma de Mallorca, I was wondering if any of you have been there and what can you suggest me for doing once there, I’ll be approximately 3 weeks around Europe and I plan to stay at least 5 days in Palma, thanks guys!!
  7. Hi guys! This is my second post in the blog and I’m lookin forward to read your advices and learn a little bit more lol. Currently for work I’m arriving to Havana each weekend, needless to say I’m enjoying myself a lot the city is beautiful and the vibe of the people is the best... However sometimes I’m need of dick and I heard Cubans are good when it comes to sex (hahaha). however I noticed that things have changed quite a bit from what I read on the forum, nowadays there’s no boys or pingueros hanging out at the malecón or at vedado, and parque central is basically dead, it seems that the “golden age” of picking up boys at the malecón or at Cine Yara is done for... that’s why I would like to ask all of you if you have been there recently, what do you think about this? Is this a situation that I’ve only experienced or is it like this in general? And by the way I’ve been at Las Vegas and café cantante it it’s not really my vibe... cheers!
  8. Also, if you are looking for taxi boys it’s possible to find several in the street called Hamburgo, Tokyo or at the park of “La alameda”. Also you can find masseurs at several saunas, they will give you full service for approximately 35 USD yet you can always negotiate their rate
  9. Wow, the boys do seem quite nice! Thank you Latbear4blk you’re a star!
  10. I will be traveling for work to Medellin, I sent him a WhatsApp but he never replied... Perhaps they are getting selective on the guys they send the catalogue
  11. Hi guys! I’m new on this forum and I’m very interested in sharing my experiences, I’ll be visiting Havana Cuba this Fall, and I would like to have some good times; Since it’s my first time there I would like to ask some suggestions if you’ve been there, on what to do, interesting places and of course where to meet boys for the night.
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