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  1. Wanted to know if anyone had any good recommendations for LA escorts? I've been through the rentmen ads, but looking for more latino, boy next door/twink types. Also would take any advice on saunas and how to attract escorts on grindr. Thank y'all for your wisdom.
  2. Love it! Can't wait for more. Definitely making sure I make return to Rio asap because of you.
  3. DustinDawns

    A Newbie's First Time in Brazil

    I am truly jealous of your connection to Gabriel if he looks like this gentleman here. Absolutely the pinnacle (in my opinion and taste) of Brazilian beauty and the mixed genes.
  4. Please continue! I've just read your other posts and it has me so excited for trips back to Brazil. I've been a few times since studying there for some time during college, but only on my last trip a year ago did I visit a sauna. But reading your detailed posts of different cities and towns in Brazil are awesome. Looking forward to reading about this journey!
  5. DustinDawns

    The other boytoy site

    Thank you for sharing this new site! It's going to be very helpful
  6. DustinDawns

    Philly Recommendations

    Thank you!
  7. This is awesome and adorable!!!
  8. DustinDawns

    New Internet Requirement

    Privacy should always be extremely important and considered deeply before these new policies.
  9. I'm not sure what to think/expect/believe about Omarosa's new book considering she worked for the admin and probably wouldn't have written or released a book if she still did.
  10. I agree speaking portuguese is a huge plus, but overall does not seem like prices have gone up much.
  11. DustinDawns

    Brazilian Saunas

    Club 117 is absolutely amazing with such a huge variety of men. Thanks for taking me down memory lane
  12. This is a significant move! As a fan this makes me happy to see and gives me hope they're moving towards being more inclusive.
  13. DustinDawns

    Porn Can ONLY be Posted in Photo Forum Area

    Thank you for this update! I know a lot of things have to change in the wake of this current nonsense.
  14. I'll be in Philadelphia for a bit and looking for any great Philly recommendations or the surrounding area.
  15. Love a beautiful Brazilian. Will definitely be swinging by. Did the valets seem open to gay men or totally about business?