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  1. I agree with meteor9876. No problems to make contact in Thermas. If you look directly to a guy he will come to you for offering his services. Some are rather pushy; so you have to say often clearly "no, I am not interested". 50€ is normal price for some cabin fun. If you want to fuck you have to negociate before, normally same price; also 50€. When a guy says "one hour", the meaning is "until you get your cum shot" ... normally 15 to 20 minutes, not more. If you want longer fun in the cabin, you have to agree before.
  2. 3000 Kč (115 Euro) is the maximum you should pay in Prague for a one-hour-date. Normal rate is 2500 Kč; for good service I pay 3000 Kč. I am often in Prague (last time 2 weeks ago) and that's my experience concerning the prices there. But it's true that some "stars" (or some who think they are...) try to optimize their income. Please to all clients: Don't exaggerate! 200 Euro is far away from reality!
  3. Concerning the towels in Thermas: All towels are white; so no color difference between clients and MB. But it is obvious who belongs to which category of guests. You get 2 towels, a larger and a smaller one, so no problem at all. If you want to wear a slip I think it won't be a problem. Normally all guests there are on the move with towels.

  4. I was at Thermas 10 days before. Best time (many boys) is late afternoon / early evening; so from 4:30pm to 7pm. Friday and Saturday rather busy. Once I was there about at 11 am: nearly empty. 80% Latinos (all body types), 20% from Africa / Arabians / Eastern Europe. Good choice; some guys there for years (so some well known faces who had the best times in the past). 50 Euro is still the price for fun; entrance fee is 18 Euro. Location rather clean, but smell of smoke and weed. For quick pleasure with Latino guys it's stil a good place
  5. Barcelona, Thermas: 18 Euro Entrance fee; Price for fun with MB: 50 Euro. Zurich, Paragonya: 38 CHF Entrance fee; Price for fun with MB: 100 CHF.
  6. Yes, he is the one on the left. His PR-profile is Dany_dan. I never saw him in Up or Down Bar. I am rather often in Prague and I have to say that mostly you won't find many guys in Up or Down; and some of them look in a certain way sick or drugged. Quite different to former times in late Escape Club. (... sorry to say that, but I think there are some illusions here, concerning Up and Down, which don"t correspond 100% to reality ... if anybody is interested to discuss more about you could send me a private message)
  7. I am not sure if those partys are really existing. I know nobody who was ever at such an event in Prague (almost the last years). The pics in the PR-Profile, which shows "partys in the past" are quite old. Perhaps a fake. If not, please tell us more.
  8. I was last weekend in Prague. As already in Summer: No more possibilties to meet (Escort-)Guys spontaneous in a location as in former times in Escape or in Pinocchio. Friends-Club with some people (almost late Saturday evening), but no guys to get in touch for money. Up&Down empty, not even Roman was there dancing. So you have to line up the guys by "private mobile phone list" or - last hope - planetromeo.
  9. Hmmm ... I know Roman rather well. He was an amazing and really pretty guy some years ago when he was dancer in Escape Club. Meanwhile he had heavy problems (alcohol / drugs). He has lost a part of his great shape; looks unkempt. Now he is often in Up&Down; seems to be desperate, often rather drunk.
  10. I try again: Are there really no actual informations abour the escort-situation in Bratislava?
  11. Yes, that's true. The agency is really not too serious. But this has nothing ro do with the real nice personalities of Dominik, Pavol, David, Filip and Zdenek, who are all - almost at the beginning of their Escort-Business in Zurich about in 2ü16 - managed by the same agency.
  12. I consider visiting Bratislava in October for some days. Does anybody knows if the situation there is similar as in 2016 when this topic ended? Almost on planetromeo the Escort-Profiles in Bratislava disappeared completely. Are they really all mentioned under the destination of Vienna? Thanks for any update :-)
  13. Dominik is an amazing guy. I had 5 or 6 meetings with him since he came first time to Zurich about in April 2017. Last time I met him one week ago. Very friendly, a bit English (conversation possible), body as in the pics, you get what you see. He does a great job, although he is hetero in private life (perhaps a bit "bi"), always cuming, great kisses, can also behave very smooth; what doesn't correspond to his "bad boy attitude". Only two negative points: He doesn't like anal passif, so he stopped that service and his agency behaves sometimes a bit strange (changing profiles, without obvious reason). But he is really worth a visit. He will come back to Zurich in october.
  14. To bring the topic back to the situation in Prague: Concerning the name of "Pavol" (in real "Pavel"): Another young man with name Pavel (to find on Planetromeo as Malecai1) is still one of the cutest and most amazing guys you can meet in Prague. After a long break I met him one month ago again in Prague. And it was - again - "heaven on earth". A smart, pretty, tall and athletic blond guy with brain and spirit who can give an outstanding feeling of appreciation and friendship. Also an eager bottom who has no problem to fulfil those wishes of clients. So, don"t worry: There are still guys in Prague who justify a trip to Czech Republic :-).
  15. I met Pavol in June in Zurich and Dominik last Tuesday also in Zurich. Both were in Zurich with agency. Both have problems with stalking persons (or concurrence), which write bad reviews and threaten with denunciation by police (because they have no work permission). Anyhow, the change of profile in the case of Dominik is quite stupid, I think. He is surely not in London now. He told me last Tuesday to go home to Czech Republic but coming soon back to Zurich. Both are great guys, Dominik perhaps a bit more intelligent than Pavol who is - sorry to say that - quite simple minded but really nice too. Perfect body for those who like the muscle type. Pavol's English is a little bit better know than two years ago, but he will have problems to manage the PR-chat without help. By the way: Dominik was in Zurich last week with a new buddy: Profile DavideXXL: A young newcomer also from Czech Republic, rather small, boyish body, friendly, conversation in rather good English. I think I will meet him next time.
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