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  1. Thanks for the short membership but considering how warm it is out there I'd rather go hiking (something we all should do more often ) instead of positing on here. I was time-out from daddy's because I posted a picture the Mgt. of the site considered to be of an underage man. I would have never done something like this on purpose, I don't recall which picture it was but I'm sorry I did and I will apologized when I'm allowed back for having done it. I always reported pics of butt holes, hard cocks, etc to the mgt following its rules. I had a thread of guys under 25 and I won't post any more pics of men who look below that age to avoid causing concern with my actions. Some of you guys have been on time-out on daddy's too for different reasons. Best regards, and thank you for the courtesy to allow me join your site for a few days. Mark (Marylander)
  2. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    Airbnb and low cost airlines have made it an easy escape from Montevideo's grey winters.
  3. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    No, I have never worked for any law enforcement agency. and you love to offer guys on grindr 50 bucks for an alley b/j, right? That's rat like behavior.
  4. marylander1940

    Michael Cohen flips.

    I don't like rape jokes... but I LOVE THIS one! He even looks like a snob!
  5. marylander1940

    Michael Cohen flips.

    didn't he said "he would take a bullet for Trump"...
  6. marylander1940

    Michael Cohen flips.

    Whoever didn't get the Hell out of the Taxi business the moment Uber and Lyft emerged is an idiot when it comes to business. He's also someone who avoided paying taxes, intimidated eyewitnesses and betrayed his own country for money. He ain't the bigger fish but I hope he goes to jail for a long time.
  7. marylander1940

    The fucked-up weirdos in Hollywood.

    Hypocrisy, our national sin!
  8. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    Good point! Btw I retired at 72 but I still partially work. No place has everything but we can always try living here or there and if we changed our minds go somewhere else. Porto Alegre is a beautiful city, have you been in Floripa (Florianopolis)?
  9. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    Yes, I've been in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, etc. I have a couple of friends who live there, I just feel my family is taking too much time from me here. I can always go back home or go somewhere else. "Punta" (del este) is nice but not in the summer, but I prefer Punta del diablo it reminds me of the Delmarva peninsula (MD, DE and a 2 counties of VA) before mass tourism and pollution. It's also very cheap because Brazil is only 40km (25 miles) away.
  10. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    Nothing compares to the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc. Brazil's proximity is huge deal for me yet I'd rather improving my Spanish and not adding Portuguenol to it. Uruguay has always been more expensive than Brazil, but coming from the U.S.A. with dollars and a good retirement I can have a good life and great medical services. I'm going to be there for a couple of years once all my business here are done.
  11. marylander1940

    I'll be moving to Montevideo in 2020

    Here as in boytoy?
  12. That's the city depicted on my profile picture. I know Buenos Aires is just a 3 hour ferry away (Buquebus). I also know it's a city that parties mostly in the summer and every other weekend and that's more than enough for me. I wonder if I could get any tips.
  13. marylander1940

    Villa Gianni in London, UK

    We should have a place like that in those 2 counties near Vegas where prostitution is legal! Something like the Bunny Ranch for gay men!
  14. marylander1940

    Belami porn star?

    Exactly, not everybody has the skills to be a good escort.
  15. They're in the saunas, the Spanish word for escorts is "chaperos".