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  1. We should also petition the website creator to change the name of the website as “boytoy” is to ambiguous and could be interpreted the wrong way... A name like mantoy or guytoy leaves no room to question our noble intentions. Lol!!!!
  2. If you are not touching children, then you should have nothing to worry about! The FBI isn't looking at this forum that has no child porn or talks about child porn or talks about sex trafficking. If you are talking about it, then the Law should shut this shit down and take your ass to jail. But what it won’t be for is someone using the term “boy.” The secondary definition of Boy is -used informally or lightheartedly to refer to a man. Which is obviously what the poster was saying. But being extra as you have proven to be you take to another level! Lol
  3. It’s okay @Sgoleon EVERYONE knew what you meant he is just extra af lol! If you read the forum enough, you will find a clear pattern. I’ve never done Rio or Colombia, but I have done a 5some in Santo Domingo, so that was my most at once. It cost me about $160.
  4. Both of your point of views are interesting. I agree with points and disagree, but our perspectives are so different; there is no use to me trying to explain further. But to clarify one point, when I spend a few days in Boca Chica I like to walk to the beach at night to smoke a little weed (Think kiss scene from Moonlight). That’s the only reason I’m at the beach at night lol!
  5. Lol! I didn't call you old I said ”older,” and at almost 50 you're 20 years my senior so older. From reading your post your prospective of DR and Santo Domingo is much different than mine. I've been traveling to DR for about nine years, and I go around twice a year. I’ve been to every corner of the entire island, and I’ve been on both private and public beaches at night, and I’ve NEVER had an issue or felt unsafe. As far as what you said about ATMs in the colonial zone, I would not know. I have not stayed in the CZ in many years, and generally, I only go there every other day or so to mingle at Pacos. My air B&Bs have been all across the city, and my last one was as far north as the botanical gardens. I’ve walked to the ATM from my apartment in the early hours of the morning without issue. I lived in the Summer Hill neighborhood of Atlanta in the late 2000s, and it was just as sketch if not more than anywhere I’ve been to in DR lol. I do however see if you are an older “nonblack” you might be at higher risk because you look like a target just like you look like a target in Summer Hill lol.
  6. That was me! Lol but like you said before it depends on how much risk you are willing to take!! I’m sure countless men have done it in DR without issue. Also, I’ve read thousands of post on this forum, and the things you have to do in Rio to remain safe are nothing like the standard in DR! Rules like not staying at the beach after dark or not going to the ATM at night are not things you have to worry about in Santo Domingo or DR as a whole. Maybe my perspective is so different because I’m not older or a white man.. but idk
  7. I’m Bruh this shit is like LOL funny! People be BIG MAD and Aggressive about nothing. Just know It’s all love from my side guys! I really love and appreciate everyone’s input! Especially about Rio! So be sure to answer my private messages about Rio .
  8. LOL, I can feel the hate for these guys coming off my phone screen lol! But coming from someone who has been to the island over a 35-year span, I understand you are coming from a different perspective. Shit, I’m not even 35 years old lol, if I werew your age I wouldn’t be caught dead around them either. We have COMPLETELY different perspectives, and what we do during our travels and our reason for hiring guys, I’m sure, are different as well. The only thing I can do is share my experience. My experience that of someone that's damn close 30 who has traveled to Santo Domingo since 2012. I was shy when I first went and only stuck to myself, and because of that, there were many things in Santo Domingo I did not know about until I opened up to others. In my case, it happened to be those loud guys who approached me lol. No, it doesn’t have to be the loud gays, but that’s how I meet people like Anthony Montgomery and other cool expats. And you are entirely right 80% of the guy's worth anything wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out at Pacos. I said in another thread that I haven’t picked up a guy from Pacos in over two years. So we are definitely on the same page there! But that Park Durante(sp) is a completely different crowed, if that’s your crowd more power to you Lol. But I think everyone’s opinion is of value and can help others have a fantastic vacation, maybe I’ll see you at their Halloween party this year lol!
  9. Guys, let me clarify, there are many different groups of loud black (I’m also black) Americans gays that go, some are helpful some are just a nuisance. I’ve learned who’s who only by speaking with people. Honesty I thought they were obnoxious queens until I got to know them! I would sit in Pacos all discrete and judge like I’m sure you two do lol. I’m not saying you have hang out with them but talk with them at Pacos and you might learn something. I mean why pay Manny or anyone else for their rolodex when the people who travel there regularly already have the digits for FREE! I made that mistake for years and I promise you none of Manny’s Freddy or Fransisco’s guys are exclusive lol. And being seen with them isn’t going to stop any of the guys from getting with you I promise lol! Pacos after 7 is the place gay men congregate so being seen there isn’t discreet in any way. You guys are hilarious tho! The different opinions are one reason I love this forum.
  10. Make friends with other travelers! Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation. I traveled to SD for 6 years before I started speaking with other travelers and I missed a lot! And a rule of thumb the loud black gays a Pacos (though at times annoying) know ALL the boys lol! And if you become friends they will hook you up!
  11. @OlderBlAmerican I’ve been going since 2012, and I’ve never found it cruisy either until I went this past March. I went to the beach with a group of seasoned DR travelers, and I was shocked to see how easily the girls were pulling the guys! And it’s not just at the beach, random police officers and military men all fell in line! I was amazed, to say the least. But I learned it’s really about speaking a little Spanish and being willing to put yourself out there! I’m finding that to be the truth with most guys in DR gay or straight. For example I saw this one guy (presumably straight) who lived in SD on FB, I thought he was sexy and just sent him a message. It was something simple like “you are very handsome, thanks for the add” and the guy replied saying “let’s meet up!” Next thing I know I’m in Santo Domingo hooking up with this guy... I wrote all of that just to say if you aren’t scared to put yourself out there many many guys are available.
  12. OMG! Does the face match the body??? I can’t wait to visit Rio!! I have been debating doing 3 or 4 days in Salvador, is this what most of the guys in Salvador look like? My god that’s a beautiful body!
  13. I was definitely confusing you with @1tennisace. But he definitely gave me the exact info I was looking for! Also how much higher are prices during peak season? I know it will be more expensive than SD but how much more? I usually pay about $60-$70 a night for an Air B&B and it seems as if the guys are similarly priced. Im not super into the party scene but I will definitely plan on going out for at least a few nights. What is rio like during the off seasons? I was going to do one week in Rio, 3 days in Salvador and 3 days in SP.
  14. I’m going to Rio for the first time as well in December, I’m interested in seeing how the men of Rio compare to those of Santo Domingo and if it’s worth the extra money to head out there. I hope you come back with a full report!
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