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  1. @NoGagSuckerSF any update on your travels? It makes me want to give Cine Lido a second chance.
  2. @NoGagSuckerSF when do you expect to bet there? I’ll be down for Memorial Day weekend.
  3. When they are discribing Boca Chica they are talking about women not men lol! The only place I’ve been in the Caribbean that is remotely similar to what you described is Mi Cayito close to Havana Cuba. Boca Chica has a crazy amount of women offering up their goods, second only to Sosua on the northern coast. But there are also beautiful Dominican men in little shorts and sometimes just wet underwear, but most are looking for women and they will assume you are too. The Colonial Zone is really the only “gay” area. If you want to meet up with Narcissico get with Fransisco at Pacos he will get you a Taxie that will take you to the whore house, just let him know a day in advance so Narcissico can prepare the boys. I absolutely love Santo Domingo and if you don’t have any body type hang ups you can probably find plenty of local big dicks to service. I would also suggest checking out grinder before you leave.
  4. I’ve been to Apollo Spa and Cine Lido. Apollo spa is cool, the last time i went was around 5pm on a Saturday back in March . It’s some what if an older crowd, lots of 40ish Dominicans but it ranges from 18-50ish. Some young bulls and some old bulls but if looks are secondary to a big dick then you will love that place! It’s just like any other sauna you would find in any city you walk in, strip down to underwear and towels or birthday suit and towel. Downstairs is a bar showers and hot tub, upstairs is the sunna video room and dark room, it’s also extremely hot so stay hydrated. Most of the action goes down upstairs, but last time I walked into the sauna I was blessed to see a hot young Dominican in the open showers and he gave a little show while I changed mu cloths. The two times I went I didn’t see a single bugarron which was both a positive and negative. Overall I definitely had fun and will go back for my next visit. Cine Lido is kinda disgusting. It’s honestly smell worse and is grosser than the conjugal visits prison. Will you find big dicks? Honestly idk what you will find there. I went once back in 2016 and I don’t ever have to go back. But I did ask about it this past trip and one of the girls I meet at Pacos said it was closed. I suggest you go and form your own opinion. What you really need to do is spend a day at Narcissco’s house! You would fall in love with that place but all his boys do cost. At one time it was 1500 pesos $30 per boy but now I hear it’s gone up to 2000 pesos $40 and his finders fee of 2000 pesos if alone and 1000 if a part of a group. While in Santo Domingo be very clear that you are not paying for sex with people you meet. In DR if you see a beautiful man you can probably have him but you will have to pay! I’m very interested to see how many dicks you can find to service without paying. Keep us all updated.
  5. I absolutely love your post!!! In the past I’ve done business with Manny but now I go through my guy Mike. But after reading your post I had to call him and tell him to step up his game! I had to tell him I might have to start giving Manny his finders fee! Jokingly of course because I give him $500 pesos for each guy he finds while Manny charges much more. I also love big black guys! Was this one similar to Pablo or was that Pablo? I will be in DR during Memorial Day weekend too! Thursday to Sunday in Sosua and Sunday to Wednesday in SD. Maybe we can meet up at Paco’s for a beer!
  6. @NoGagSuckerSF it depends on what your looking for in a guy, the men in Mexico are going to have a completely different look than Dominicans. The closes thing to DR would probably be Panama or Cartagena but neither have a vibrant bugarron population like Santo Domingo. If you are looking for black men then DR is gold! If your looking for white or native you should probably go to Bogota. You can always hit up Manny let him know your coming and that you want to see his selection of boys. If you’re a solo mature white chub you will be a target because your obviously a sex tourist so just be smart and you will be fine! SD is only dangerous for the stupid, it’s a 3rd world country so if you act accordingly you will be safe.
  7. I always love your stories! But question, how would you compare the black guys from Santo Domingo to the black guys in Rio? Like the availability and quality. I’m seriously considering a trip to Rio in October but it’s a shit ton more expensive and I don’t want I be disappointed if there isn’t a decent selection of black guys. Either way keep the great content coming!
  8. Sometimes I’m right there with Riobard and I feel like he’s being bullied... and then I read his post with all these words that that you need a MA in English to figure out and I kinda understand the bullying lol. I swear I have had to use context clues more in this forum than I did all 5 years I spent in college lol! But either way we should all be kind to each other and all that other Sesame Street/Barney lovey dovey shit. While we might have different ways of describing it we all all here for the same thing!
  9. I remember my first time I was in DR staying in the gay hotel Adam Suite, the owner Gilbert kicked a guest out for bringing a shoe shine boy back to his room. . Fucking sick! And the dude was OLD at least 70! Its way to easy to find young boys in the DR. I mean sometimes boys you know are well under 18 will hang out around Paco’s grabbing their dick trying to get your attention. Nope! I’m good! While I have seen people interact inappropriately with the young boys I’ve never actually seen anyone leave with one, thank god! We all indulge in base things but there has to be a line somewhere! I hope he ends up under a Dominican prison if he continue to molest children.
  10. Every time I read your reports you make me want to go back to SD immediately. But I do have a couple of question. Is that 2000 peso rate for a couple of hours or overnight? I’ve found that with quality guys the standard overnight rate is 3000 pesos about $60usd if I’m being overcharged maybe I should haggle a little better. But I must say when you find the right guy, it makes all the difference in the world! My guy doesn’t like the Conde (for obvious reasons lol) so instead he finds guys & girls he knows and invites them over for a standard 3000 overnight stay. He also goes and gets whatever I need, as no vacation is complete in my opinion without a little coke and tree, but it can be expensive and dangerous for Americans to buy. But I give my guy 2000 pesos and he comes back with a pocket FULL of gold! lol So, I find it hard to turn the down the request for $50 here or $30 there, especially when I think I will want their services in the future. How does everyone else handle those situations.
  11. I’m definitely not looking for a manny/freddy type, I was more so thinking of finding a sauna guy and paying him to be my boyfriend/tour guide. Someone good looking to visit the local sites with go to dinner with and do tourist stuff in between sauna visits. But thank you for all the great info! I think I might start in Rio! It will be my first time so if you guys know any darker skinned guys or light skinned guys with African features put me on! I absolutely love nappy Afro look that a lot of younger black people in the state rock, will I be able to find black guys like that in Rio?
  12. Hi all! So I’m planning my first trip to Brazil and I need some advise! I’m torn between going to Salvador or Rio, personally I prefer darker skinned men and I was told Salvador is the place where the beautiful black men reside. But I’m also looking to find one guy to be my main, he will stay with me the majority of the trip and will connect me with other guys and girls when I don’t want to go to the sauna. Are the guys in Salvador more trust worthy than the guys in Rio? I’m also trying to find some women to have some Bi action with, are the women in Salvador as beautiful as the women in Rio? How much do you budget for a day of debauchery and food? And lastly I found a flight with GOL airline for $800 round trip where as delta starts at around $2500. Is GOL a good low budget airline or will I regret every moment of flying with them?
  13. So just an update, the guy who has the whore House in the country his name is Narsisco not franchisco but Fansisco, Manny or Freddy will know what you are talking about either way.
  14. @TotallyOz That’s what my doctor told me! It’s nice to hear something different!
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