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  1. I’m definitely not looking for a manny/freddy type, I was more so thinking of finding a sauna guy and paying him to be my boyfriend/tour guide. Someone good looking to visit the local sites with go to dinner with and do tourist stuff in between sauna visits. But thank you for all the great info! I think I might start in Rio! It will be my first time so if you guys know any darker skinned guys or light skinned guys with African features put me on! I absolutely love nappy Afro look that a lot of younger black people in the state rock, will I be able to find black guys like that in Rio?
  2. Hi all! So I’m planning my first trip to Brazil and I need some advise! I’m torn between going to Salvador or Rio, personally I prefer darker skinned men and I was told Salvador is the place where the beautiful black men reside. But I’m also looking to find one guy to be my main, he will stay with me the majority of the trip and will connect me with other guys and girls when I don’t want to go to the sauna. Are the guys in Salvador more trust worthy than the guys in Rio? I’m also trying to find some women to have some Bi action with, are the women in Salvador as beautiful as the women in Rio? How much do you budget for a day of debauchery and food? And lastly I found a flight with GOL airline for $800 round trip where as delta starts at around $2500. Is GOL a good low budget airline or will I regret every moment of flying with them?
  3. So just an update, the guy who has the whore House in the country his name is Narsisco not franchisco but Fansisco, Manny or Freddy will know what you are talking about either way.
  4. @TotallyOz That’s what my doctor told me! It’s nice to hear something different!
  5. I had no idea he has guys... but I’m not surprised lol
  6. Exactly! I went with a group of 6 people and Fransisco. And it didn’t seem that dangerous but it is a prison! I think the old man's name is Franchisco or something like that, maybe about 80% sure but I’ve only been to his home once. And yes his parties are like a business, you can go there alone or with a group tell him how many boys you are interested in and watch them flock to his home. The day I went we stayed for hours! Fransisco can set both trips up for you. I think that’s your best bif your not a seasoned DR traveler. Also, someone asked if FransiscoF and Manny are similar... they aren’t! I hate to say it but Manny is much closer to a pimp, and Fransisco is much more of a local guide. I only say that because one of the guys told me Manny takes 1000 pesos from their earnings. The guy didn’t ask me for more money after saying that but only asked that I reach out to him directly if I wanted to spend time with him. So take that however you want because you will have to pay Manny for his services. Not saying it’s wrong or right, but it’s just how it is. For some reason, I knew when I mentioned the prison in my original post it wouldi bring the most attention lol.
  7. Oh wow... I’m honored lol and yes the prison is exactly as we said a prison where a selection of guys are made available for you to have a conjugal visits with. That’s the closest thing I can think of is a conjugal visit. The gaurds don’t watch lol! And yes it’s as safe as having sex in a prison can be. When you go just ask Fansisco about it and he will take you there. I haven’t been with any of Freddy’s guys in years but he will always be a friend. Manny has a high quality of guys but they charge 2500-3000 for the night . Fansisco is not someone who finds you guys. It’s almost funny to think of him as that he’s an unofficial gay tour guide. Also don’t sleep on Fanchisco’s house! Fransisco will take you there as well! Just remember don’t be stingy to the locals who help! The guys at the prison and fanchiscos are 1500 pesos.
  8. The prison is only open on Sunday and Tuesday or Wednesday for guest. If that’s what you want to do ask Fansisco at Paco’s he will take you there. I don’t know if I’ll go back but it’s definitely something you want to experience at least once.
  9. Whoa... how did you come to the conclusion I live in Atlanta? Idk if I’ve ever dropped any clues as to where I live in this forum... but yeah I would have never thought of lesbians.... but I’m only 29 and open to anything that could enhance my sex life. And while we are on the topic of Atlanta, I went to “The Den” again this weekend and my god!! I might not ever need to leave Atlanta again lol. *nvm I see where I mentioned Atl... You are an observant man!
  10. I envy you! If I could find a beautiful black woman to have Bi sex with. I would marry her and have freaky sex trips all the time. But unfortunately Bi is the same thing as gay in the black community. Enjoy your time I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding a guy that would be delighted to fuck your young wife with or without you; rather than an old loose booty queen lol! I would go to the sauna so you know exactly what you're getting. I hope you both find that perfect guy or guys!
  11. If you know you know! Lol I feel like I just imparted some real knowledge here today that might help some people have an extraordinary time. Paying it forward lol
  12. Oh wow!!! We were in Santo Domingo at the exact same time and we were at Paco’s at the EXACT same time I was there from 1/18-1/25. We must have meet up or seen each other at some point or another! I also contacted Manny on the 1/18 when I arrived and my first guy was also Manuel. I’m not sure if you all know manuel but he is IG famous and has about 12k followers... idk if I should put him out there like that but if you want his IG let me know he is a big old queen and LOVES to take dick! We fucked for a good hour and a half before I nutted. The next day I had the chocolate daddy in your picture Pablo! He was big black and beautiful... but he had a weird mole on his ass that I didn’t like... otherwise he was perfect! The next guy I found on Grinder, he was also BEAUTIFUL! He bottomed for me like most of the guys end up doing as long as you are willing to pay 2500 pesos. The next day around 1 I went to Apollo spa, which was a TON of free fun! Later that day I went to Paco’s as everyone does and meet stroke up a conversation with some older queens that had been going to Santo Domingo for over 20 years. Let me tell you! I thought I knew about Santo Domingo but I had no idea... I’m 29 and have been traveling to SD since I was 22. I had my first every gay experience in Santo Domingo and the city means a lot to me and I thought I knew it... well I didn’t know half as much as I thought I did. So I go out with the girls who are my new found friends on Saturday night I didn’t find any of the street hustlers attractive so I called and old reliable Jorge. A beautiful bottom that never disappoints. The next day the girls call me and tell me to get ready we are going to the prison... I said... the prison for what... you guessed it... the boys. So we load up into a van and with Fansisco (Paco’s Offical/unofficial tour guide) as our guide we head for the prison. Honesty the prison deserves its own post so I would run on about it but it’s exactly what you would think or for some dream about. $1500 pesos and you can fulfill any fantasy you could possibly have. I’m a strict top so this wasn’t 100% my scene but my god it was amazing to watch... I honestly can’t put into words how insane the experience was. But the adventure isn’t over yet the next day the girls call me again for another adventure. This time we go out to a house in the country where an old man 86 to be exact sets up what is ultimately a sex party for me and the group of 5 people. And OMG! Every cock was HUGE!!!! This also was a bottoms dream but as a top there wasn’t much for me to but but watch and enjoy! I mean some of these guys had the biggest most beautiful dicks I’ve ever seen. After it was all said and done one of the guys pulls out his phone and shows us a picture of a guy who he says has the biggest dick in all of Santo Domingo. When I see the guy I automatically know that’s the guy I’ve been trying to hook up with! He was a model for a guy named Lee Studios who I follow on OnlyFans. I messaged that bumb Lee asking for his number a few times, each time he would promise to give it to me but the crab never did. But my boy from Franchisco’s House had my back! So he put me in contact with Mike and the rest is history. He obviously wasn’t fucking me with that huge dick but being that I’m BiSexual we had a few amazing experience with some local Dominican girls. I’m talking about that amazing Bi shit that you only see on LegalPorn but wish they would take it a step further that’s what we did DP DPP DAP all that freaky shit. He even invited another guy over and we all fucked one girl in the hottest session I’ve ever been apart of... not to mention My apartment had a HUGE hottub OMG OMG.... but to wrap it up this was by far my most exciting trip to Santo Domingo ever... honestly I can’t wait to go back! I know I said before that Havana and Santo Domingo are on the same level... that’s just not the case. Even tho in SD the boys cost 2000-3000 pesos $40-$60 while the most I paid a guy in Havana was $30 the difference in quality was obvious.
  13. As a young black man who enjoys this sites forums... You niggas are exhausting.
  14. This is very true! I was definitely thinking of the US definition of black and not the international definition. In the states black is an all encompassing term. Many times you will find people who are half black who refer to themselves as only black. Much like President Obama, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him refer to himself as another other than a black man.
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