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  1. Thanks for a great post . It was a real page turner. Gabriel was totally brought to life and the taking of your hand in the back seat of the uber was a perfect picture.
  2. Sri Lanka is very small. The best plan would be to stay a few nights in Negombo, get your guesthouse (Dickmans or Gomez Place) to organise a car tour with a gay friendly guide. This is not expensive - $60-80 a day. Then check the internet for gay guesthouses in Colombo. Cruising on the beach and Galle Face is easy. As earlier posts say discretion is still required. My main advice is to stay at gay guesthouses not big chain hotels where you may have difficulty bring boys back.
  3. I have loved your Salvador posts. Really make me want to go there. Would love to read about your sauna experiences but what is" I LIKE PINGA"
  4. kjun 12 - did you contact Karim, and if so, how did it go.
  5. santiagodc it would be great to hear from you how your trip went
  6. again one of my dream destinations knocked off its perch
  7. Definitely a dream location but where are the Spanish boys.
  8. Thanks. This is a really good post for people planning which cities to visit.
  9. St Petersburg is a dream destination for me but it sounds difficult now because of the authorities. Where are the best places to cruise.
  10. seems reposting photos is becoming a real issue. My view is that use of social media makes all fair game.
  11. There are two gay guesthouses in Negombo -Dickmans and Gomez Place. Both excellent and opposite each other. Lots of boys hang out at the beach and around bars like Rodeo. In other towns and resorts I have found you have to wait for guys to approach you. Sri Lankan guys are very friendly but are wary of being seen by family and friends with gay tourists The going rate is about 3000 rupees ($US25). Oldies like me have no problems.
  12. Lucky's post brought a rush of great memories of my first visit to Bangkok and Phuket in 1993. I was like a little boy in a candy shop. The boys came up to you on the street. Most were kind, polite and gave sensational service. My memory was the going price was 300 baht. My last trip was five years ago and I still had a great time curtailed only by the creep of old age.
  13. The whole area of internet posts and chat is a legal minefield in every jurisdiction. Everybody should keep posting applying common sense and respect for the boys. Brazil gigolos freely advertise themselves with nude photos on boytoy.com.br. The posts here are part of the enjoyable sharing of other members travel experiences.
  14. seems to me older men born prior to 1980 are cut while most younger men have the full complement
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