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  1. My experience last month was $70-$100 US. But there is LOTS of free on grindr. But before going, I had browsed milleroticos and sexyservidores and fallen in lust with a couple guys that I couldn’t pass up.
  2. Everyone city SOME hot guys, right? I promise to post a review if guys on here will give some pointers ;-)
  3. Hey guys, first time poster here. I’ll be in Lima next month for a 4 day weekend. Have dinner reservations lined up for Astrid y Gaston and Central. Gonna go sand boarding one day and Will do the requisite sightseeing and artisan shopping (recommendations welcome), but also looking for a guide and/or hot escorts. Love muscled young guys with great asses. Also, like smart, traveled guys that can converse in English as I only speak broken Spanish (again, recommendations are welcome). Anyone know the going rate in Lima? I clicked around and saw a few posts on the city but not much. Would love to hear from folks — DM works too. Thanks, guys. Ethan P.S. I tend to stay in design hotels when traveling as I’m a sucker for good sheets, pillows and a cool aesthetic. But notice all the design hotels in Lima are small (under 20 rooms). Thoughts on Airbnb or larger hotels for bringing guys back? P.P.S. Not a fan of late night clubs or saunas as I don’t like to be hung over or tired while visiting a new city ;-)
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