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  1. AC hotel In Miraflores and Hotel B are both good options.
  2. Was amazing. I Locked in reservations for Central and Maido. Definitely recommend. The first night I stayed in a luxe but very small hotel I read about in Wallpaper, it was in Miraflores. Was not conducive to bring guys back. I switched to a larger hotel in Barranco. Definitely recommend staying in Barranco and a larger hotel. The city is gorgeous, most everyone speaks English in Miraflores and Barranco. Shopping is amazing — check out culture trip for recommendations. Lots of free offers on Grindr, the guys were enthusiastic, but other latin cities (Medellin, CDMX, Barcelona, Etc.) have more and better looking guys for my type, shorter, great asses, muscular, cute face. That said, I found some guys with amazing asses and good bodies and I had some great sex in Lima. Like I said, they are definitely enthusiastic. But, the real draws were the food, the shopping, the architecture and the city, imho. Tips: they have amazing hotels in these gorgeous Belle Époque mansions, they are super luxe and chic, but small, and the service is so good in Lima, I felt uncomfortable bringing guys back. I’d recommend staying in a larger hotel, or even an Airbnb. It felt like a very safe city and the guys I met were all very sweet. I like hotels just for the safety, but I didn’t feel any of that Rio or Barcelona hustler vibe with the guys I met in Lima, so Airbnb is prob ok.
  3. My experience last month was $70-$100 US. But there is LOTS of free on grindr. But before going, I had browsed milleroticos and sexyservidores and fallen in lust with a couple guys that I couldn’t pass up.
  4. Everyone city SOME hot guys, right? I promise to post a review if guys on here will give some pointers ;-)
  5. Hey guys, first time poster here. I’ll be in Lima next month for a 4 day weekend. Have dinner reservations lined up for Astrid y Gaston and Central. Gonna go sand boarding one day and Will do the requisite sightseeing and artisan shopping (recommendations welcome), but also looking for a guide and/or hot escorts. Love muscled young guys with great asses. Also, like smart, traveled guys that can converse in English as I only speak broken Spanish (again, recommendations are welcome). Anyone know the going rate in Lima? I clicked around and saw a few posts on the city but not much. Would love to hear from folks — DM works too. Thanks, guys. Ethan P.S. I tend to stay in design hotels when traveling as I’m a sucker for good sheets, pillows and a cool aesthetic. But notice all the design hotels in Lima are small (under 20 rooms). Thoughts on Airbnb or larger hotels for bringing guys back? P.P.S. Not a fan of late night clubs or saunas as I don’t like to be hung over or tired while visiting a new city ;-)
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