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  1. Loved reading about your trip! I've been interested in Brazil, but now I really want to go.
  2. Damn, I'm disappointed for you about that Gabriel guy. I wouldn't mind time with him, based on those pictures.
  3. I'm kind of curious how this train of thought started...
  4. Hello! I'm visiting London for a week after the New Year, and I'm thinking about hiring for the first time. Ideally the individual would be patient, but open to me "exploring" this type of interaction, so to speak. I'd also prefer the skater/surfer/jock look who will also bottom. I've been searching around, and have found myself repeatedly drawn back to Marcello. https://www.planetromeo.com/#/hunq/SK8BOY https://www.signaturegaymassage.com I also like the idea of a massage being wrapped up into the experience. His website comes off as pretty articulate and professional, at least to me. But I really don't know anything about how to read these profiles. I was wondering if anyone had any experience/information regarding Marcello, or any alternative recommendations.
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