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  1. I'm sorry if you think you blend into Santo Domingo and no one knows you're a tourist you are, sorry, delusional.
  2. I completely agree I have been to the DR more 120 times in more than 30 years and the information offered by the posters is accurate, the people mentioned are correct. Manny does not stock my twink types and as I have my own personal shopper, so to speak, I have not used Freddy or Francisco in a few years but they are there plying their trade and very open. Truly, this is not hard.
  3. I've been to Santo Domingo well over 100 times over thirty years. I wear jeans, a polo shirt and a watch I secured by typing into Amazon "cheap plastic watch"
  4. I have to ask if this is old blue-eyed Francisco who hangs in front of Pacos he is very much a pimp. Tour guide??? I've known him for thirty years. You tip him and he arranges a kickback from his boys. Nothing wrong with this mind you, but he is a pimp. Freddy has been a driver for gays for decades.
  5. Tomcal, You say Mexico and mention a new bar. Giving your location as 90 minutes from Cancun, is this Merida? When you get a chance give us the lay of the land, I remember it as a charming colonial city.
  6. Honestly, they don't look like the same guy to me. Both stunning. But, the upper has some light moles/freckles that the bottom does not. It's a tough call - the top photo may still be fake I just don't think it's the same person.
  7. Thanks, Lucky. As to why they rush - well, personally I think that the guys who work in massage places and bars have one thing in common: making the most money they can for the least output - not all - but as a general principle. Once a guy learns what he can make in a few offs compared to what they earn at 7-11 in a month it amazes them. So, "you come I go" becomes the mantra and they rush back to their phones and lounging in the gym. It's not really a service-oriented economy -it's driven by sloth.
  8. Lucky, I've been informed that young Chinese party animals have taken over Prince. However, in my own defence, let me say that I'm an early bird when I get there at 2 or 3 PM I'm usually alone.
  9. The Prince is a massage place, not a sauna. I have been there many times over the years and will be there, again, next Thursday. There are many such massage places in Bangkok and The Prince is one of the best. Yes, massage technique can vary, these handsome young men are there, after all, to provide an ending. That's why we choose from a lineup. I have never experienced any hint of a racial preference. Nor has anyone mentioned such a thing on the carious Thai oriented forums. Now, in an actual sauna that can happen. We call it "sticky rice" Asians who prefer Asians - but, that is at a sauna no ta massage place where you are paying. You are also likely to encounter Asians who are gaga for Caucasians - it takes all types.
  10. Yes, you're right. Getting old! On the right is what I meant. %00 pesos - lovely. Any other tidbits i would love to know.
  11. I hate that I can't remember the name as I was stranded there for a week when 9/11 hit. I just checked google maps and I think it is now the Hotel Galeria Plaza Reforma on Hamburgo about two blocks in on the left coming from Florencia and the Palm trees. The Hustler block I think was vesovia??? running up towards Reforma. Just wanting to know the current status.
  12. Last time I was in MEX DF I stayed at a hotel on Hamburgo just a block from the hustler stroll. The hotel never gave a problem and the guys were great. So, is the hotel and place still the same? I heard the hotel might have changed its name.
  13. It's the same in the Thailand forums. The amount of discussion over around $14-$15 USD is amazing. I travel 30 hours door to door and I say no to a hunk because of the price of a cocktail in Manhattan or London???????????
  14. I understand. My fear is increased harassment which, even if not ordered, reflects well on the instigators in an ultra-right-wing regime.
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