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  1. You have the link already. I clicked on it and on the page it brings up there is an icon to click for the newest issue. Click on that and page through, towards the back are indexed maps for Bangkok and other areas such as Pattaya. I checked the Bangkok map and as far as my reading validates the new locations are there.
  2. Frankly, I can't see how hotels compete. For far less money I get several rooms and extra amenities. However, if you are very new to a place and the crime rate is not Helsinki low - a gay friendly hotel for that first trip is always a more secure option.
  3. Cute! But, wrong head..... Seriously, sometimes they do the fingerprints and sometimes not - I never ask but suspect that the system is down a lot.
  4. The Dominican Republic started doing this a few years ago and it can be a mess. Last trip the agent spent 5 minutes or so getting it to work - I even had to rub my fingers on my forehead to get some oils to heighten the ridges.
  5. I have to check this out on my next trip and thanks for the information on the laundromat. I never noticed it. One thing I want to say after reading all this. If I were new to this I would only stay at one of the hotels were the IDs are checked and kept while the guest is with you.
  6. I love it! Honesty in government! It's, actually, what I have told all my friends for years in every bar, in every country on the planet. Enjoy yourself, but that 22 year old, swimmers build hunk is NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU! Remember that and all well be well my friends .
  7. There is Roma 1 and Roma 2 - I've stayed there - OK but a lot of rowdy female oriented tourists. Casa Sanchez looks nice but I know nothing of the guest policy and that is key
  8. I have never been to a resort set up to be as far from Dominicans as one can get. I stay in the Colonial zone, eat in Dominican restaurants and buy my rum at the supermarket in the Conde. I avoid most Americans on general principals.
  9. Good article but until proven otherwise I see no increase in the number of deaths. Why the decision has been made for the press to harp on this is beyond me. I'm old and my lifestyle might be the key to my feelings of safety. I have a cocktail or two an evening and wine with dinner. I don't go to party myself to near oblivion.
  10. Totally correct the so called Gay Hotel " the Adam suites" is a dive. The Palacio is a restored colonial gem. Before AirBnB this was my place of choice and there is NO problem with guests. The hotel checks their ID (Cedula) assuring that they are over 18 and have one. The only possible extra charge is if they stay over night and you have breakfast included you will have to pay for your guest as paper chits are given for the days covered on check in and you will have none for him. But this is a great place. You will see it listed as Boutique Hotel Palacio on Calle Duarte
  11. OK, so where does one find visitors to invite?
  12. Honestly, have you forgotten to take your medications? This is so absurd it is the only possible explanation. I know I'm being rude but this is off the wall.
  13. I retired from an American company that is Fortune 50 and globally known. Yet at one meeting the president of my division did not show up because at that time the US required a visa for French citizens and he was French - this was some time ago. But understand information is gold and SolasSole was altering not frightening. To me it is more scary to show up at the airport and be denied boarding. My leader actually made it to Teterboro private airport in New Jersey on one of our jets and was turned back! I'm thinking off a return to Vienna in another year and truly appreciate this.
  14. Also, when we bring strangers back there is always a risk - however slight. Rent your own place or a hotel room since you have no right to place others at risk unless you are traveling together for security. This quoted escapade was in Rio during Carnival???? Safe?
  15. Now, to be fair renting a room in anyone's house and expecting to bring back an unregistered stranger is a bit much.
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