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  1. Anyone have contact information for Freddy? I am getting ready to go to DR next month and want to be sure I am in good hands. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for those tips too! I can't wait to hit up the saunas.. I think Brazilian men are the hottest on the planet and this has been a dream of mine for many years... just hope I don't have too much anxiety.. will keep you guys posted!
  3. One more quick concern.... all my very sheltered friends keep saying that Brazil is soooo dangerous... I live in NYC... will it really be that much more dangerous? I have street smarts and I am very aware of my surroundings... can someone speak on that?
  4. Thanks everyone for all of these tips! Awesome! I can't wait to try the saunas for the first time and see/explore Rio!
  5. Do you have a copy of that chart that shows the best days/times for the different saunas in Rio? Thanks!
  6. Hi Guys-- I am a 37 yo white guy heading to Rio for the first time in February and have a few questions for you guys... I am definitely SUPER pumped to hit up the saunas, but, as I have never been to remotely anything like this, being a small-town Midwestern guy--I was hoping those of you who have experience could answer a few questions: 1) I don't know ANY Portugese.... will I be ok? Should I hire a "guide" to come with me for the first time? 2) Do the summer months generally mean more or less guys at the saunas (I will be there BEFORE Carnival)? 3) I used to play football in college--but, I let myself go and am now a big/chub guy... Will this matter? Can I still find garatos who would be willing to do a programa with me? Can I wear my clothes in the sauna? Sorry for the long-winded questions and thanks for your replies!
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