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  1. I can see you clutching at your Pearl's! Maybe some of us are just a bit more savvy and a bit less scared ! Your knowledge and experience of Brazil is appreciated but you are not the only queen to venture into the world, all be it a small part of it, in search of rough trade ! It's how we deal with situations and know our own abilities that is also important. Mate I was abducted on the back of a motor bike into the depths of dingiest Tangier and marginally escaped rape, and before you reiterate Rambo it's no movie script but one day I will write a book and the blogg is coming shortly. Please learn to accept that others are not all the same as you and have valid experiences and information to share!
  2. Did you just not contradict yourself. You say the Internet and in particular forums such as this are invaluable for intelligent thoughtful people yet you pull one sentence from a whole piece and dis it..... It can happen anywhere and like yourself I was sharing experiences which I have many over a hell of a lot of countries and you try and shut it down with let's leave it there ! As bad as a troll ! And people wonder why I pay to fuck straight men rather than have a nice steady gay boyfriend...... The answer sits in some of these threads.
  3. Oh I never suggested or would suggest people take my line of action i was merely reply to a request about what happened ! I'm also really pleased you have nothing against me as you don't know me. What a condescending comment and sums up the opinion of made of you ! How damn right rude ! Someone attempted to rob me at knife point when I lived in Morocco and they also came of worse and as for need to watch less Rambo well ! The streets of any major city are paved with danger and what most are forgetting about Brazil the majority ( not all) but the majority of violent crime is between gangs in the favelas and the pickpocket/ snatch thieves are just that ! Yes there will be exceptions but England at the moment is over run with knife crime and what I don't want to see from these over dramatized posts is people put off coming to such an amazing country ! Best thing for most people would be to get an uber app ! It's safe quick and inexpensive and half the price of regular taxis.
  4. Given there were so many of them stood around it would have been nice! It wasn't packed at this point of the day and they could see quite clearly what was happening! If they want to keep enjoying the profits of tourism maybe they need to think I about it. Obviously wouldn't expect anyone to take a bullet but for ths petty crime then they should take responsibility too and help out. There were some big guys stood around
  5. Please credit me with some sense ! They were wearing flip flops and shorts and nothing else and if I wasn't sure if the situation I would have reacted differently ! I have lived all over the world and spend 48 weeks of the year travelling to wild and wacky places for work and more than capable of judging a situation thanks. I think some people in here need to stick to the keys !
  6. I had just arrived at the beach front and was walking behind a tourist and his girlfriend, 5 lads around 18 grabbed his carrier with food and tplk the glasses off his face I was so close to them i ended up embroiled in it and helping them. They ran off o centre we scattered the boys with some eventual help from some locals. I continued and moments later 2 lads again about 18 fried to grab the bag off my back but the straps were on tight but 1 kept trying so I punched him in the nose which did the trick and moments later 2 kids about 15 were pulling at my arms trying to get my hands out of my pockets as by now they were in there protecting wallet and phone ! They both got a slap around the head and left with nothing. I lived in Venezueal so a bit of a tough if not slightly risky cookie
  7. I'm sorry to hear you got mugged and at no point was I saying anywhere was safe what I was saying in a tongue in cheek way was don't go getting carried away and taking unnecessary risks ! No where in the world is 100% safe in fact in the sleepy town in England where I oc assionally reside when home a fella got stabbed j the face some 30 times in a shopping centre and don't get me started on the safety in American schools ! Hope you are better now
  8. I’m here at the moment and apart from the increased risk as it’s carnival (got attacked 3 times at Ipanema beach at mid day within 5 minutes and went home but they came off worse and got nothing) it’s the same as always ! Use common sense and don’t go down dark alleys with strangers. I’ve had boys stay over in my hotels and been fine. Shit can happen anywhere in the world if youninvite it in xxx
  9. Hi, I have just been there and didn’t have time to venture into the gay scene but there are a lot of great guys on social media and I met one Venezuelan who was particularly lovely and said the gay scene is rocking. Sorry cannot be much more help but your Grindr will light up like its short circuiting ! Enjoy
  10. Well after 6 years I’m back in Rio and what a 2 weeks it’s been so far. club 117 remains the best the hottest and the horniest spot on the planet I’ve been there 6 nights a week for 2 weeks and wow just wow. I love that 99% of the guys are as straight as you can be when you have gay sex for a living ! There is muscle there is twink there is Black as the dark of night and blonde as a swede and of course your typical Latino and they are all so lovely. They kiss they suck and some even deep throat, they fuck like their life depends on it and most make you feel ( at the time) they love you. I have found a great guy who will happily get fucked for his pay check and he’s a fit number and he runs off to find other guys that suit my taste and are also up to get fucked and we all take turns at the front back and middle ! Beef sandwiches are my thing. Sundays are relatively quiet, Monday’s closed and Tuesdays wall to wall as there is no charge for cabins so there are more customers which brings MORE BOYS. I’ve been eating my way through 3 a night and one night 4...... they will come and sit and chat for ages and after aren’t in a rush and to run off and are happy to snuggle up for a bit on a sofa. As always agree what they will and won’t do as I had one who said he was versatile and then changed his mind when I told the other guy to fuck him so the other boy got him gone, it was part of the deal so there was no problem. If your main reason to visit Rio is for sex you will find it and every kind of guy in 117 and in abundance ! Don’t be shy ask for what you want and they will let you know if it’s possible, they don’t mind it’s their job. I stay 4 minutes walk away in a reasonable hotel called the Diamaond and you can have visitors for R50 for the night but always be careful who you invite but they do have to register at reception so there is some safety net not that I’ve had a problem. Grindr is also hot but had a let down when a not so hot guy arrived with not such a big cock, must have been using his brothers pictures lol. I have another month in Brazil and I’m exhausted already. happy hunting guys
  11. Such a shame to read this ! I worked in Tangier’s many years ago and had a regular boy who did anything butch as but was very accommodating and would bring his friends around for 3 somes and parties where we all got naked and I was desert ! Had many other other encounters Delma gorgeous guy who carries your bags home from the market for pennies that turned into more to knee tremblers on the beach but I shall just hold then as fond memories !
  12. Well having spent the month of January in Colombia I thought I would give an overall view on the country and some of the places I have had the pleasure of visiting. Colombia in general. I think it has a bad rep it no longer deserves, like anywhere in the world if you wander into the wrong part of town or go looking for trouble you will find it but a bit of advance research and you should be good to go. Dating apps are busy here and when you arrive in a new town and log in expect to be inundated with messages and 20 subsequent photos, which if you do not respond in 3 seconds receive ????. I have received many messages from a mix of guys from not my type, older and looking for love to young chancers looking to subsidise a night out to full on rent boys. Clues on the profiles, the blue diamond which is becoming the accepted worldwide symbol for rent to ‘serio’ to ‘solventes’ ‘scort’ some state quite clearly they are not scorts so it is probably common practise to just message a handsome guy and ask outright, I have on a couple of occasions and it worked. Always insist on a face pic of them even if there is one on their profile, often due to discretion it won’t be theirs and they will almost likely ask for yours as they presume you haven’t used your own. Cities here are so large and there are so many on the apps that normally I found anyone on the screen was very local which was good but it also means as you move around the city more profiles come into view When you arrive indo town treat yourself to a local chip and an internet package its inexpensive keeps you connected with the boys at all times and a great tool to get around and find where its at. I visited some online guys around the country, and all was fine and had a great time in their apartments. I always (anywhere in the world) send details of where I’m going via email to a close friend as a safety backup. A lot of the guys here are Venezuelan which pleases me and many are only gay 4 pay which is another box ticked. Medellin. The best thing I found there was Fercho Massage it really was my kind of place. The guy will send via wattsapp a whole rake of photos and videos and it’s a quirky house in town with a bar and boys hang out there and he can call some in from his vast portfolio. Really helpful guy, great guys and I like to sit in a bar and watch guys behaviour before deciding as you see the real them before you buy. They also have weekend parties sometimes at a farm and all the boys are there to select from, never made one of those but that is my ideal weekend of fun. Bogota. Such a massive city I wish I had longer to explore and enjoy St Moritz sauna and Gigolos upstairs and I also found out that they have a video cabin store above that, 3 in one building. Had an amazing time in the St Moritz Sauna and my 1st ever private dance in a lap dancing club with a straight (gay 4 pay) Hot Chilean guy who let me do anything and did the same in return in Gigolos. Cramped little booths but its amazing what you can get up to in such a small space and only 50,000 pesos a dance. For everything else there is google so I won’t bore you with saunas etc and they change so frequently its not worth it. San Andres island. Not impressed although everyone raves about it. Only action was on apps and I only had a short time there so didn’t bother hooking up but lots of opportunity to do so. Cali. Didn’t have much time there but it was the only place I found I got trolled on social media ( Grindr) by some guy who basically told me I was punching about my weight in what I had listed as looking for on my profile. Guy was bonkers bonkers bonkers and was let ignored then starts begging me for a dick pick ! Turn out he just didn’t fit what I was looking for and he wanted a piece. Bad luck there Mr. Armenia. Again it was a fly in fly out visit but apps were busy and attractive didn’t have time to visit any of the listed bars etc. Cartagena. Cartagena is one of the most beautiful places I have visited ever and I’ve seen a lot of the world. It ahs some of the best looking men anywhere in the country as it’s a big holiday destination so they are from all over. La Petit is a fun bar and even on a Wednesday for Karaoke was busy. The staff are stunning, and I mean some of them are STUNNIG very friendly and straight. I was just bold and asked this stunner with guns to die for and a smile as big if he was a scort and he just said sorry not my thing and then proceeded to tell me those that will those that wont and those not to bother with. I just got flirty with a really cute waiter dropped him tips every round and asked if he was a scort and he just said no but I will give you my number and we can spend the night together if you want which he did and we did and we did each other all night before cuddling up in a bundle and falling asleep. Overall I love Colombia and Colombian men but Brazilian saunas are much simpler for me with so much choice to select from under one roof. If I can offer 1 piece of advice to make your trip safer and more enjoyable LEARN THE LANGUAGE. I am fortunate and have a high level of spoken Spanish and can read and write sufficiently to get by, I wandered into places decent locals wouldn’t and had a laugh with the rough lads and got out with all my possessions and me intact, not sure that would be the case if I didn’t have the lingo and its just so much more fun if you can communicate with these guys on a decent level they are lovely and just want to have some fun and make some money and you will be more a part of that if you can communicate efficiently.
  13. Theatron as far as I could see only had a strip show not private dances but I’m sure the strippers are also scorts so just speak them directly ! Shame has no place here it’s a case of if the price is right they will go for it ! Even straight guys with amazing bodies seem to be fair game !
  14. Hi ! Drinks and dances are paid for as you go but can be put on your card ! Not sure if you can have a tab if you are sat at a table as I just stood at the bar but I saw the boys running g around with CC terminals as they were delivering drinks! I’ll ask tonight as I’m going back to GRAB Luis for the night !
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