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  1. Going to Prague next week. Any massage places you’d recommend? I was in Prague about 5 years ago and visited Escape and a gay massage parlor...but forgot the name. Thanks!
  2. Floripa was a lot of fun! It’s carnival at the moment, so it was busier than usual. Bar do Deca is the place to be. Beach was crowded and lively. A $100R bracelet gets you into the nightclub, which gets crowded at night after everyone moves from the beach inside. Bracelet also includes $70R towards food/drink. But the best part is the nude beach that’s just beyond Bar do Deca. Tons of gorgeous guys letting it all hang out. At night, in the trails behind Bar do Deca I found tons of action. Lots of cruising!
  3. Nice! Yes, we have access to the lounge. The location looks central to sight see. Have you ever had a guy stay over the night at this property? Do we need to register him and/or pay a fee? We had to pay a fee at the Marriott in Medellin for having a guest stay over, but it’s never an issue at the Sheraton in Mexico City. Although we are aware that the safest bet is to meet boys at the sauna — some people on here have mentioned that have asked boys from the sauna to spend the night?
  4. Thank you for the info! We’re staying at the Renaissance in São Paulo. I’m sure that’s a safe area and it doesn’t seem that far from the gay neighborhood.
  5. We seek regular play (guys we meet on grindr) and rentboys. We're both tops -- so finding a bottom is important. TMI?
  6. Thank you so much for your input! Of course we'd like to experience some culture while in Sao Paulo, so if you have recommendations on tours, guides, museums and restaurants -- please share! Also, I must admit I was a bit unaware of the high crime rate in Brazil. We travel a lot to Latin American and Europe and usually are very vigilant about our surroundings. But it sounds like in Brazil we should be very, very careful. I mean -- being mugged while getting out of an Uber? Scary! One last question: any good gay massage studios?
  7. Hello, Hubby and I will be making our first trip to Brazil this Thursday to join in the carnival festivities. We have decided to skip Rio's carnival as we think it might be 'too much' for a first timer. Also, we were recommended Florianopolis by a Brazilian friend in the States. He said it's very gay friendly. I have been reading a lot on Sao Paulo on these forums -- but not much has been said about Floripa? We are staying near the gay beach, Praia Mole. We read there's a gay bar there named Bar do Deca and beyond this bar there's a nude beach with lots of action. Has anyone been? How is it? Lastly, from reading here, it seems the bathhouses are less about having fun with locals who are horny and more of hiring escorts? We definitely want to check Lagoa in Sao Paulo. Do people walk around in towels or fully dressed? Any tips or recommendations are welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  8. This place hosts pool parties on weekends. Cover includes transportation, food and sleeping arrangements. You stay the night on Saturday. Alcohol and any ‘services’ from the boys is an additional charge. I haven’t been but he has sent me voice memos with details and pics of the hacienda.
  9. Bogota is great! Hubby and I have been three times now. Theatron is unlike any other club I've ever been to! The boys in Bogota are always horny. My husband and I have made contact with an escort agency that has a house you can visit -- or for a small fee they can come to you. Good selection of boys, too.
  10. I would love to attend a party like this on my trip to Sao Paulo in March. Can you direct me to a website where I can get info on this party? It sounds like a lot of fun!
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