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  1. Hi Avalon, Will the glitter last till the 4th of July?
  2. Hi again, What I see is „Brussels Airlines flight number 9035 operated by United Airlines".
  3. Hi guys, The site isn't up to date I think because Brussels Airlines uses a new logo (with a B instead of an S) for at least ten years.
  4. Hi guys, What do you think of newTumbl.com ?
  5. Hi Pete, welcome.
  6. Hi again MrAsiaNZ, One of the guys I want to meet is young-cute-horny-guy on PlanetRomeo Hunqz, he has very good reviews. His rates aren't listed on Hunqz but he asks above average. He works in Antwerp but lives in Namur so maybe it would be possible to meet him in Brussels if you're interested.
  7. Yes, it bothers me sometimes.
  8. Hi MrAsiaNZ, I live about twenty miles from Brussels. Most guys are on Boys4u.be or on PlanetRomeo.com, what are you looking for? You probably are looking for guys but do you have other preferences?
  9. Hi Rgb, Here's the link: https://www.uitzendinggemist.net/aflevering/289947/Spuiten_En_Slikken.html# You can watch it between 10 PM and 6 AM Amsterdam time zone, in LA that's from 3 till 11 PM I think.
  10. No it isn't, about five years ago I saw a short documentary on Dutch tv about a male escort visiting a disabled guy.
  11. The reason for using a condom to fuck new sneakers is to keep the new sneakers clean.
  12. Hi HS, it's probably because you have 1 post now, you need at least 12 posts to see all forums.
  13. Yes, I use condoms to masturbate and my husband uses condoms to fuck new sneakers.
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