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Not a Newbie Anymore: My 3rd Time in Brazil - Belo Horizonte and Rio

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Numanzu1-- ...ALWAYS enjoy reading about your experiences, and in reading your most recent account, I had to smile and was tacitly appreciative of your gesture in giving Cristian the R$30.  Some years ago when Trilingual, the man who introduced all of us to the Brasilian saunas at www.daddysreviews.com, he recommended that if a guy spent over 10 mins. with one-- give him R$5 or more, depending on length of time and the feelings that you had toward him.  From that point onward, if a garoto spent over 10 mins. with me just talking and perhaps having a drink and I did not go with him for some hot play-- I'd tip.  I also would give the towel guys a tip of around R$5 especially if some services were extended to me that were not part of the initial job.  They were always polite and appreciative of this gesture on my part.

CONTINUE TO ENJOY yourself and report when YOU get the chance.  I yearn to return to "Mother Brasil."

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Thank you for your reports. I may just return to the sauna to start a new WhatsApp group of GPs. Have had the same GPs for the last 3 years. Haven't had to find new guys for some time.  Never thought fixing a GP sloppy joe's and apple crisp for dinner could keep them coming back and staying way longer than paid that night. But it works!

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