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Ladies and ladies, I just received in the mail my absentee ballot. I filled it, put it in the envelops following instructions, and it is now sitting on a table waiting for me to take it to a mailbox tomorrow. This is the first time I will use my right as an American city. 

Fuck Trump.

Voting is a must. Always. But in the next two elections it is vital that we reject ignorance and authoritarianism. If you did not do it yet, what are you waiting for?


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8 minutes ago, tassojunior said:

Like me, you're in DC. Almost Zero choices for $200K/yr part-time jobs and no Congresscritter. In 2 years you can help determine whether the Democratic party wins 91% or just 90% of the DC vote counted by machines full of Chinese-controlled chips .  Welcome to US "democracy".

True. But we must vote anyway.



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